News Summary – 17 November 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    ‘Trial could cut agonising wait for #dementia diagnosis’ – using iPad-based test followed by MRI via @guardian
  2. clarkmike
    ‘Trial could cut agonising wait for #dementia diagnosis’ – using iPad-based test followed by MRI via @guardian
  3. clarkmike
    BBC News: Monthly mobile data consumption reaches 20m GB – is there a future capacity issue?
  4. clarkmike
    Mobile data and potential further changes to TV tuning – fears of a ‘capacity crunch’ via @guardian
  5. shirleyayres
    @MarkOneinFour “#telehealth trebles deaths of elderly patients” interesting comment from @clarkmike about this study
  6. clarkmike
    @MarkOneinFour Good idea to read the full Arch Int Medicine paper on the #telehealth Mayo Clinic study to form a judgement
  7. clarkmike
    ‘Doctors give a cautious welcome to epilepsy patch’ via @Telegraph
  8. RichardatKF
    @uk_james @katiemantell @clarkmike @shirleyayres just catching up, let’s feed all this in to #kfthink
  9. clarkmike
    @drmarkporter Do you have a source for ‘contract before results’ and ‘multimillion pound telehealth’ – press release says tenders next year
  10. clarkmike
    @drmarkporter Press release referring to tenders for pathfinders from @3Milllives – reqmts doc –
  11. drmarkporter
    @clarkmike 5 million pound contract signed over a year ago – six months before WSD results published? Or am I missing something?
  12. drmarkporter
    @clarkmike That deal – and the timing – can’t have been news to you Mike? Or was it? #intrigued
  13. clarkmike
    @drmarkporter Thanks Mark, was wondering which contract you were referring to
  14. clarkmike
    @drmarkporter I am familiar with the Gloucs programme. I was wondering if references were to this week’s announcement – not the case. Thanks
  15. clarkmike
    ‘New Findings Link #Telehealth-Enabled Care Coordination with Reduced Mortality for Patients with HF’ Conf session
  16. drmarkporter
    @clarkmike If it had related to latest announcements THAT would be a story! To any insiders listening – tip offs treated in confidence 🙂
  17. clarkmike
    @drmarkporter Thanks Mark, no insider knowledge sadly – will wait and see what happens next year
  18. clarkmike
    RT @drphilhammond: Why is the NHS still using illegible written records and stamps? How much avoidable harm is caused by not getting a grip on technology?
  19. clarkmike
    interesting UK #telehealth discussions -@Guardian @Telegraph @mgtmccartney
  20. markmccartney59
    @clarkmike @guardian @telegraph @mgtmccartney I don’t understand why this debate has become so polarised and politicised
  21. mgtmccartney
    @markmccartney59 @clarkmike @guardian @Telegraph the discussion about evidence seems to have been demoted. very sad indeed

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