News Summary – 18 November 2012 Reply

  1. markmccartney59
    @mgtmccartney @clarkmike no need
    For evidence when following political dogma and steam rollering strategy
  2. clarkmike
    US report: ‘Plenty of uncertainty on tech & ACOs – CIOs more optimistic about health IT than docs’ via FierceHealthIT
  3. clarkmike
    BBC News: ‘Fears over health and loneliness of elderly this winter’ – survey by @age_uk
  4. clarkmike
    ‘Increased Mortality – Telemonitoring in Frail Elderly Patients:Look Before You Leap!’ – Questioning study conclusions
  5. clarkmike
    ‘Medical vital-sign monitoring reduced to size of postage stamp’ – clinical trials ahead for Oregon Univ development
  6. clarkmike
    Bill Clinton turns to home/remote patient monitoring – Clinton Health Matters Initiative via mobihealthnews #telehealth
  7. clarkmike
    Prov Abst: An organisational analysis of the implementation of #telecare & #telehealth: the whole systems demonstrator
  8. clarkmike
    The challenge of whole system change, service integration when carrying out a rigid RCT process #telecare #telehealth
  9. clarkmike
    Study: ‘Navigating airport security with an insulin pump and/or sensor’ – impact on devices of various image scanners
  10. clarkmike
    ‘TechnolAGE study – 20 best practices of ICT solutions for ageing well in Europe’ #innovateforage
  11. clarkmike
    Telemonitoring of Medication Adherence in Patients with Major Mental Illness: Watching the Patient as well as the Pills
  12. AliceGPresenter
    @clarkmike Fav. Had 4 hyperglycemic pts today, abnormally high. Coincidently one saying ‘if the bm was on my phone Id care more’. So great x
  13. clarkmike
    Telemonitoring NI – Northern Ireland #telehealth programme – 1000 patients and rising – video – (Crystal Award Winner)
  14. clarkmike
    Technology to allow connection between patients, clinicians (Australia) #telehealth
  15. clarkmike
    PQ #telehealth (England) – no national implementation – robust business case varies on local circumstances @3MillLives
  16. clarkmike
    Parliamentary statement on NHS Mandate (13 Nov 2012) – online records, e-mails, Rx #telehealth #telecare references
  17. clarkmike
    ‘Home #telehealth scheme – impact on Hypertension’ – UK Study – Pulse Today
  18. RachCarrell
    Any diabetics with an opinion on this? “@clarkmike: ‘Diabetics can check sugar on smartphone’ –
  19. MandyHall64
    @RachCarrell @clarkmike oh interesting …. possibilities but again not inclusive – not available for androids.
  20. RachCarrell
    RT @MandyHall64: @RachCarrell @clarkmike oh interesting …. possibilities but again not inclusive – not available for androids.
  21. MandyHall64
    @RachCarrell @clarkmike But it could be cost effective – no tests strips to prescribe, would allow ‘arms length consultations’

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