News Summary – 19 November 2012 Reply

  1. WhoseShoes
    RT @VODGHQ: Every £1 spent by the Government on home adaptations, saves £2 in #health & #socialcare savings… @clarkmike
  2. clarkmike
    ‘@TapCare There will be 5 papers on #WSD programme in all – it is just that the latest paper was on organisation @telecareaware
  3. TapCare
    Useful clarification from @clarkmike ‘There will be 5 papers on #WSD programme in all. it is just that the latest paper was on organisation’
  4. clarkmike
    ‘@TapCare Second #WSD paper covered some user issues – WSD protocol explains 5 themes
  5. clarkmike
    The challenge of whole system change/ service integration when carrying out a rigid RCT process #telecare #telehealth
  6. clarkmike
    Third #WSD paper brings together some of the issues mentioned by sites at WSD events (2009-11) #telecare #telehealth
  7. clarkmike
    @MandyHall64 If you need links to #WSD papers to date – Paper 3 (of 5) covers issues sites raised at events in 2009/11
  8. clarkmike
    @MandyHall64 The #WSD trial protocol covered the 5 themes to be evaluated – latest paper (No 3) is on organisation
  9. markhawker
    @clarkmike What’s the conversation around the new WSD paper? Been away for a week and just spotted a few tweets!
  10. clarkmike
    ‘@markhawker Provisional paper/abst published Friday for Paper 3 – LinkedIn page has all 3 papers listed to date – more to come
  11. clarkmike
    ‘@markhawker LinkedIn list of WSD papers to date, protocol etc
  12. clarkmike
    ‘@markhawker Paper 3 (provisional) covers many of issues raised by sites in the regional events during 2009-2011 – impact of RCT on org
  13. markhawker
    @clarkmike Ah, so an organisational perspective? Interesting. There have been a few offshoot papers in that area, I think.
  14. clarkmike
    ‘@markhawker Researchers on WSD Paper 3 also looked at sites not in RCT and there were further sites in WSDAN paper
  15. clarkmike
    People reading #WSD Paper 3 may also be interested in WSDAN paper – sites not affected by RCT – #telecare #telehealth
  16. ArtyElk
    RT @WhoseShoes: RT @VODGHQ: Every £1 spent by the Government on home adaptations, saves £2 in #health & #socialcare savings… @clarkmike
  17. clarkmike
    @markhawker 5 themes to WSD (see protocol), also WSDAN coverage (see link) – did you go to any of the events – sites reported most of issues
  18. clarkmike
    @markhawker Some of Paper 3 researchers also looked at sites not affected by RCT as well as WSDAN paper covering the network
  19. clarkmike
    IFS study looks at NHS patients being treated by private firms via @guardian
  20. clarkmike
    Advances in Healthcare through Digital Consultations & @3MillLives: What needs to be done? Warwick, 21 Nov #IDHConf12
  21. clarkmike
    Evt 3: Interoperability Conf – dallas Networking & Events 21-22 Nov 2012 Leeds @dallas_connect #telecare #telehealth
  22. clarkmike
    Evt 5: eHealth & Telemedicine: Integrating care, mainstreaming tech (RSM) 26 – 27 Nov London #telehealth @3MillLives
  23. MandyHall64
    @clarkmike Thanks for the info – but these next two weeks are impossible 😦 I’m hoping to return to PG research in this area soon
  24. clarkmike
    Event may be of interest – Lord Earl Howe, #WSD researchers, @3MillLives, Adam Darkins from VA – #telehealth #telecare
  25. MandyHall64
    @clarkmike Thanks – without access to ejournals atm so anything will be of a help!
  26. clarkmike
    @MandyHall64 you may find monthly newsletter of help or DM if looking for something
  27. clarkmike
    RT @andywilliams78: New #QIPP Digital @ITKISCF Factsheets available on our website for #telehealth and Care Co-ordination Interoperability
  28. clarkmike
    ‘Letter from Doctor Boosts Cholesterol Medication Use’: Study | Medindia
  29. clarkmike
    ‘PM announces end to Equality Impact Assessments, cut in judicial reviews & streamlined consultation’ via @guardian
  30. clarkmike
    Choosing the place of care: The effect of patient choice on treatment location in England, 2003-2011 @NuffieldTrust IFS
  31. clarkmike
    RT @claireOT: Tomorrow: #occhat Tweetchat 8-9pm. We’ll be looking at how equipment can help or hinder your efforts to do the things important to you.
  32. clarkmike
    ‘Home improvement: why the adaptations system needs an overhaul’ – VODG – HT to @claireOT
  33. clarkmike
    RT @RichardatKF: the value of personal health budgets, helpful blog by @ZoeCPorter evaluation of pilots awaited with great interest
  34. clarkmike
    RT @LearnTelehealth: Telehealth useful for treating concussions in rural patients in Arizona, Mayo Clinic study says.
  35. markhawker
    @clarkmike Thanks for these, Mike. I haven’t been to any of the events so will have to be proactive this year!
  36. clarkmike
    @markhawker I storified last week’s B’ham Conference and will probably do Leeds this week & London next week
  37. clarkmike
    RT @aarongow: “The smartphone will do more to change healthcare than any other innovation in history” – Sir Bruce Keogh… #nhssm
  38. clarkmike
    ‘Incentives and penalties for physicians in the US around use of health technologies – EHR’s e-prescribing etc’
  39. RT @EHICCIOCampaign: Join us tomorrow night for our #CCIO chat 7-8pm! We’ll be joined by @TheDigiDoc focusing on digital technologies
  40. clarkmike
    RT @Tynetec: Not sure who your account manager is? Watch our ‘Meet the Team’ video over on facebook…
    #telecare #telehealth
  41. clarkmike
    Feasibility of evidence-based diagnosis & management of heart failure in older people in care: a pilot RCT (UK)
  42. clarkmike
    ‘Personalisation – a rough guide’ via @SCIE_socialcare – new online version #socialcare
  43. clarkmike
    RT @nhsalliance: Don’t miss Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt addressing our annual conference #nhsalliance2012
  44. clarkmike
    BMJ: ‘Experts urge commissioners to invest in self mgmt courses for patients with chronic disease’
  45. clarkmike
    RT @iHealthBeat: Telehealth Program Did Not Increase Abortions in Iowa, Study Finds –
  46. clarkmike
    Study: ‘People Using Twitter To Find, Post Information About Cardiac Arrest’ via iHealthBeat
  47. clarkmike
    RT @paulricenhs: What will be first scale innovation in NHS to benefit from crowdsource funding to incubate. Might AHSNs identify #telehealth or #telecare?
  48. clarkmike
    ‘Misfit Adds Shine To Wearable Health’ – Forbes

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