News Summary – 20 November 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    RT @AlanRosenbach: Do elderly people really want to choose and manage their own care budgets? via @guardian the 16 comments worth reading
  2. clarkmike
    ‘Bridging the gap between local government and the NHS’ via @guardian
  3. clarkmike
    Mayo and Arizona Univ studies -smartphone/tablet as #telemedicine workstation #telehealth
  4. clarkmike
    ‘Tech to help us manage our health’ – 93% would rather remain in own home as get older – by @rosaltmann #telehealth
  5. shirleyayres
    ‘Tech to help us manage our health’ 93% want to remain at home as they get older @rosaltmann HT @clarkmike #deukcare
  6. brumLINk
    RT @shirleyayres: ‘Tech to help us manage our health’ 93% want to remain at home as they get older @rosaltmann HT @clarkmike #deukcare
  7. shirleyayres
    Bridging the gap between local gov & the NHS @guardian < crucial role for Health & Wellbeing Boards HT @clarkmike
  8. clarkmike
    RT @JonPTLindberg: @3MillLives board mtg discussing @Jeremy_Hunt announcement on 100k patients on telehealth. @IntellectUK will run industry briefing on 29/11.
  9. clarkmike
    RT @uk_james: Only about 50% of #longtermconditions #selfcare conf attendees here in #Kent today think assistive technologies work! #telehealth #telecare
  10. clarkmike
    RT @uk_james: Bosch Healthcare say involve clinicians and social services in systems change before implementing #telehealth and #telecare
  11. clarkmike
    RT @DonnaAntara: #P4Digital2012 Scottish Assisted Living Programme Board has brought new funding to Scotland to support delivery of assisted living agenda.
  12. clarkmike
    RT @TapCare: At West Midlands Councils #telecare meeting to chat abt #tapcare. Talking abt user driven personalisation coupled with consumer tech works
  13. clarkmike
    RT @paulricenhs: At surgery with EE, Care in Motion, Ascribe Consulting. Blackpool mobile working strategy delivering real sustainable benefits #telehealth.
  14. clarkmike
    US Study: e-visits (sinusitis, UTIs) – Pts no more likely to need follow-up, more likely to receive ABs & less testing
  15. clarkmike
    Clinical Impact of Home Telemonitoring on Patients with COPD – Danish study in Telemed & eHealth Journal #telehealth
  16. uk_james
    @shirleyayres @guardian @clarkmike agree, I see this happening before my eyes. There’s something Councillors and GPs have in common
  17. LoweCM
    @clarkmike Wonder if this positive, supportive, paper will get the same degree of publicity that more negative ones have recently!
  18. clarkmike
    Great shortlist for #HSJAwards tonight – Improving care with technology, managing long term conditions – good luck –
  19. clarkmike
    RT @Jeremy_Hunt: Busy morning to flesh out our long term vision for a paperless NHS. Can we have a health and care system that is digital by default?
  20. clarkmike
    ‘@LoweCM I doubt if it will get much coverage – a number of recent papers are fairly positive
  21. clarkmike
    Predictors of Attrition in Older Users of a Home-Based Monitoring & Health Information Delivery System – VA #telehealth

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