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RT @PatientsAssoc: Patients value face to face interactions with health professionals, new technology must add not reduce choice @age_uk

Event: The King’s Fund Annual Conference 2012 – 28 Nov, London @thekingsfund

RT @mgtmccartney: Loneliness and telehealth. Jeremy Hunt, proceed at your peril.…

RT @ManeeshJuneja: Canadian technology allows you to monitor your elderly relatives… #healthIT #aging2#health

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Event: RAatE 2012 – latest innovations and developments in assistive technology – 26 Nov in Warwick

Event: 2nd International Conference on Global#Telehealth – Sydney, Australia – 26-28 Follow @gt2012_news #gt2012

Event at @RoySocMed – #Telemedicine & #eHealth2012 on 26-27 Nov, London #telehealth

Event: mHealth Summit – Washington DC – 3-5 December #mhs12 #mhealth#telehealth

‘Self-tracking: the people turning their bodies into medical labs’ via @guardian

Meet the Amazings! Keeping knowledge alive – Independent… via@Independent

RT @trishgreenhalgh: Immersed in data from study of assistive technology use in elders. Conclude: the complex suffering of multi-morbidity is under-researched

At @RoySocMed for #Telemedicine & #eHealth 2012 on 26-27 November, London – follow for updates #telehealth

2nd international Conference on Global #Telehealth – Sydney, Australia – 26-28 Nov Follow@gt2012_news #gt2012

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RT @HealthITUK: RT @clarkmike: ‘How the internet & digital technology cn combat isolation’ – new blog from@shirleyayres #hitsm #hit

RT @clarkmike: ‘How the internet & digital technology cn combat isolation’ – new blog from #hitsm #hit

Roundup of the partnerships in #socialcare live debate@guardian HT @clarkmike #deukcare

Which chronic obstructive pulmonary disease care recommendations have low implementation and why? A pilot study

NHS CCG News is out!… ▸ Top stories today via @NHSBradford @clarkmike@rachaelveronica

‘How the internet and digital technology can combat isolation’ – new blog from @shirleyayres

‘@shirleyayres – see ‘Roundup: partnerships in social care’ – summary of Guardian panel @guardian

Mobile Phone-Based Interventions for Smoking Cessation – Cochrane Review #telehealth

Teleconcussion Case Study – Mayo Clinic – You Tube video #telehealth#telemedicine

‘@cpeanose info @telecareaware only part of picture-tenders, purchases < EU limits, non-pub sector, consumer, other frameworks not included

‘@cpeanose #Telehealth QALY – please see my comment on your linked article which explains current situation

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‘Access To Online Health Information And Use Of Clinical Services Linked’ – Kaiser Study (2005-2010) via @mnt_it

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Lots of WSD Whole System Demonstrator articles, papers and links via…

RT@clarkmike: Online disease management of diabetes: Engaging and motivating patients

NIHR invention for innovation (“i4i”) programme – Up to £6.25m to develop new devices & tech for patient care via BMJ

‘Without patient participation, there is no patient engagement’ – via KevinMD

Online disease management of diabetes: Engaging and Motivating Patients Online With Enhanced Resources via JAMIA/BMJ

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Priorities of 1st Wave CCGs incl reducing unplanned admissions & A&E visits, dementia services, mental health via MHP

@clarkmike Could be read as …emergency physicians no better than GPs. 🙂

Glasgow programme that offered patients over 65 a pedometer and walking plan led to increased activity levels

Pulse Today: ‘Between April & July, A&E visits increased by 5% & emergency admissions by 3.7% compared to previous year

Cochrane Review of effectiveness of GPs in A&E wards via Pulse Today

The virtual doctor who is always on call – emergency#telehealth in Western Australia via@Y7News

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#FF @StuartBerry1 and the East Lancs Patient Info Exchange eg – Diabetes info & local support –

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@ajpcarr Andy, many thanks for the #ff

Prof of Diabetes. One of tomorrow’s jobs. RT@shirleyayres: Virtual #diabetes clinic@EHealthInsider HT @clarkmike

#FF @KarenCHPO @DavidDPara @NHSSCR@jkfillingham @Pam007Nelmes @EPSPharmacist@clarkmike @HealthITUK @YH_Programme_IT@liveyers @3MillLives

#Telemedicine & eHealth 2012 – 3m and rising: Integrating care, mainstreaming technology 26/27 Nov – London #telehealth

Virtual #diabetes clinic going live across Scottish Highlands from January 2013 HT @clarkmike

RT @shirleyayres: Delighted to see almost 1500 views of the Disruptive #SocialCare podcast Thanks for all the support! #deukcare

‘NHSCB procurement project for secure email and collaboration services for health & care sector’ via Govt Computing

RT @mrutter0502: Interesting webinar on Monday to check out… #telehealth

E-Health Insider: ‘Virtual diabetes clinic going live across Scottish Highlands from January 2013’ #telehealth

‘Tough times 2012 – Councils’ responses to a challenging financial climate’ via Audit Commission

CQC: ‘Pressures on health & care services are increasing the risks of poor care according to our latest report’

Special #ff @claireOT for recent Leeds meeting – great ideas, innovation and inspiration for the future of UK health and care

It was lovely to meet @clarkmike today. Really great opportunity to share our passion for digitally enabled health and social care. #ff

RT @katebfnp: “@Paul_Corrigan: RT @shirleyayres:@clarkmike debate about who should lead on social prescribing & care planning.”Community nursing?@TheQNI

@katebfnp @Paul_Corrigan @shirleyayres @clarkmikeIt would beef up the role of community nurses a lot if they did lead on this.

New code of practice to minimise privacy risks in anonymised data via @guardian

RT @DeanFathers1: Jeremy Taylor – stop talking about “integration”, its a “technocratic” word, National Voice talk about “co-ordinated care” #nhsalliance2012

RT @nhsalliance: How can we be joined up with so many statutory bodies? What does good care look like?@JeremyTaylorNV #nhsalliance2012

RT @bacigalupe: When physicians are patients, they definitely go to the internet but then they forget that their patients also do. #epatient #ideagoras

#interopconf Gus Desbarats at Leeds interoperability conf – how does info move around system – links with Caldicott, DH Info Toolkit

CCGs ‘will not delegate mandate responsibilities to practices’ | Pulse Today:…

#interopconf Panel at Leeds conference now looking at ‘Digital Me’ – interoperability between personal life & health records, stat sector

Sec State for Health in England @Jeremy_Huntspeaking at #NHSAlliance2012 this afternoon

RT @HomeCareUK: Measures to tackle loneliness and improve care for older people, announced by health secretary:… #loneliness

RT @kingsfund_lib: Policy alert: What about end of life care? Mapping England’s health and wellbeing boards…

#interopconf PS – links with informal & formal care networks – challenges of linking personal health & socialcare with online health records

#interopconf The challenge of joining up information from social networking to the NHS spine – Phil Stradling from Microsoft & i-Focus

#interopconf panel session on identity & care consent – how can citizens use digital identities to access asstd living services & share info

#interopconf @clarkmike is it good mike? #NHSAllianceis fab!!!!

‘How one CCG is using Facebook to improve communication’ via @guardian

#interopconf In the US, the FDA looking at issues of health data via phones/tablets with apps

#interopconf Graham DeAth covering the medical device directive issues on handling health data on a smartphone – discussions with MHRA

#interopconf Graham DeAth from ADI – covering the use of Consumers’ Existing devices – dallas applications via TVs, cptrs, phones, tablets

#interopconf David Harson from ADI covering Warm Neighbourhoods project – includes smart metering options

#interopconf Coverage of Year Zero project -capturing health data, photos etc from birth – using smartphones/SMS etc – letting users choose

#interopconf bring healthcare tech into user style – Liverpool 1 card, football clubs have TV channels/apps, housing TV – use what is there

#interopconf David Horsfield explains how users will come first in Liverpool’s Feel Good Factory programme – online & actual smarthouse

#interopconf Thomas Buchendorfer from @NHS24covering Living it Up project Scotland using web/portals, TV, phones, tablets @dallas_connect

#interopconf interoperability considerations across existing data systems and devices including TV, web portals, tablets, phones/apps etc

#interopconf Panel session covering dallas communities – Living it Up, Feel Good Factory, Year Zero, Warm Neighbourhoods with i-Focus

#interopconf Interested in dallas programme? Follow@dallas_connect and…

Improving health and care: the role of the outcomes frameworks via…

#interopconf SZ explains clinical and patient portals as part of patient journey in Northern Ireland #telehealthprog- currently 1000+ users

#interopconf Syymon Zysko from S3 group in Northern Ireland on remote telemonitoring in Northern Ireland – more integrated H & SC services

#interopconf DT – Importance of service and pathway design. Need for person-centred approach linked to portals, apps. Need to see info flow

#interopconf DT – #telehealth and #telecare systems moving to TV, tablets, phones as broadband and other services become available

#interopconf DT how will nurses see social care data. important to put person/patient at the centre. open systems that are integrated

#interopconf DT linked systems for digital tech important for the future, how will interoperability question will be addressed?

#interopconf DT covers TV based system for#telehealth in Newham – supported self care, reduces Paper etc

#interopconf Dave Tyas from Cornwall covers some lessons learnt from #WSD, silo systems, ineffective paper info systems, links with GP recs

#interopconf Dave Tyas – different health & social care systems, don’t share info, not joined up, interop issues, Dallas eval important

With @clarkmike and many others at the dallas#interopconf to try and see how everything can work together to #InnovateForAge

#interopconf Dave Tyas from Cornwall – covers some#WSD issues – moved on so far since 2008 and tech is much cheaper, restrictions of RCTs

# GB – next step for @dallas_connect – technical solutions based on what the stakeholder wants

#interopconf GD – concept of ‘Digital Me’ – who owns data, who holds data? – provenance. Dallas prog includes Year Zero – starts from birth

#interopconf Gus Desbarats covering experience-led design approach to interoperability and stakeholder mapping in dallas programme – complex

#interopconf John Eaglesham outlines the Dallas projects and list of interoperability issues to be addressed

Department publishes Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework 2013-14…

#interopconf NHS Mandate covers access to online health records incl care, stds, integrated working – looking for seamless data movement

#interopconf John Eaglesham from ADI and i-focus component of @dallas_connect programme explains 6cs design approach – broad goals

RT @katebfnp: “@Paul_Corrigan: RT @shirleyayres:@clarkmike debate about who should lead on social prescribing & care planning.”Community nursing?@TheQNI

#interopconf – second day of conference at Leeds on interoperability in the context of @dallas_connectprogramme

RT @cyberdoyle#digitalinclusion #da12bb#digitalbritain RT @clarkmike: ‘Five million elderly only have TV for company’ –

@claireOT @clarkmike Ooh! How nice! And thanks for#Storify advice Mike. Will take a look. SO much to learn 🙂 #socialmedia

Very ouchy this morning, and off out- looking forward to meeting @clarkmike later today #highlight

@katebfnp interesting thought which prompts me to consider skillset required from #socialwork perspective@Paul_Corrigan @clarkmike @TheQNI

Follow #nhsalliance2012 for conference updates –@jeremy_hunt due to speak after lunch today

“@Paul_Corrigan: RT @shirleyayres@clarkmikedebate about who should lead on social prescribing & care planning.”Community nursing?@TheQNI

#interopconf2012 continues in Leeds today – looking at progress on interoperability within @dallas_connectprogramme #telecare #telehealth

#digitalinclusion #da12bb #digitalbritain RT@clarkmike: ‘Five million elderly only have TV for company’ –

‘Google: Britain must embrace the web’s innovators’ via@Telegraph

Colorado #Telehealth Network to offer statewide image archive and exchange via HealthcareITNews

‘Five million elderly only have TV for company’ – Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt via

RT @3MillLives#NAHPIST #3millionlives workshop reached 22,000 twitter interactions! Not bad for a small event! AHP’s are keen #nhssm users!

RT @InHealthComms: Son of #NHSChoices to include much more on social care and follow TripAdvisor approach to patient feedback.

@claireOT Lunch is 1pm – Can meet up in main entrance to Aspire if you are around, let me know. Prog finishes at 4pm

Reliability of Real-Time Video Smartphone for Assessing Health Stroke Scale Scores in Acute Stroke Patients #telehealth

@claireOT Hi Claire been at Aspire (Infirmary St) for#interopconf today, continues on Thursday all day till 4pm, returning on 5pm train

@shirleyayres Articles – In Leeds for a couple of days, will check databases on return #nhssm

JMIR–Increasing Physical Activity With Mobile Devices: A Meta-Analysis via@JMedInternetRes

@clarkmike hoping you will be able to share some links about journal articles exploring peer support in health 🙂#nhssm

@clarkmike @shirleyayres @patientopinion Dec 11 Journal of Medical Internet research edition focuses on mental health (from memory!)

‘@shirleyayres @patientopinion @VictoriaBetton – peer support in health – yes, there are some journal articles#nhssm

RT @shirleyayres@patientopinion@VictoriaBetton is there emerging body of research about online peer support in health? let’s ask @clarkmike#nhssm

@patientopinion@VictoriaBetton is there emerging body of research about online peer support in health? let’s ask @clarkmike#nhssm

Why there is such a Frenzy about Medical Apps’ – interesting article via @medappjournal

@Paul_Corrigan I believe system redesign requires engagement of health with care, housing, education & economic regeneration

@clarkmikeRT @shirleyayres@clarkmike interesting debate about who should lead on social prescribing & care planning @Paul_Corrigan

@clarkmike interesting debate about who should lead on social prescribing & care planning #deukcare

@shirleyayres interesting slides from #NHS Alliance

RT @John_Rooke: 111 workshop GP Out of Hours produces 6% A&E attendances from all of its activities. 111 produces 7.3%. 22% growth. #nhsalliance2012

RT @KarimS3D: Telestroke! Much to learn & apply to all long term conditions. #telehealth #telemedicine#stroke #prevention #NHS

@telehealth_news @clarkmike Oh most definitely! Both public and professionals. But it will change relationships & organisational systems

RT @telehealth_news: The technology is available- it is peoples mindsets that need to be updated#telehealth#NAHPIST

RT @ajpcarr: TY4 #NAHPIST RT @jkfillingham@Pam007Nelmes @clarkmike @HealthITUK@liveyers @3MillLives @andywilliams78@telehealth_news @sylviahkauffman

RT @GPonlinenews: Achieving healthy ageing is pressing challenge for commissioners: by Dr Michael Dixon #nhsalliance2012 #GPNews

RT @telehealth_news: Scotland wants to deliver#telehealth to scale #NAHPIST to help to deliver quality care

RT @ajpcarr: Angela Lindsay #Telehealth AHP Advisor now starting her talk at #NAHPIST with a You Tube video. Will be giving the Scottish AHP experience

@clarkmike @Gemma_Finnegan thanks Mike! Storify of #SCTTEdin12 Scottish #telecare & #telehealthconference #deukcare

interopconf within Dallas_Connect will need to look at interoperability across sectors, across nation states – John Eaglesham at Leeds Conf

Guardian discussion: ‘how can we work together to save social care?’ via @guardian

RT @EnableSolihull: Telecare Focus Group for disabled people & carers TOMORROW… Please join us if you are interested in assistive technology

RT @profchrisham#nhsalliance2012 DO shows wide unwarranted variations in use of services by older ppl. Evidence shows benefits of comp geriatric assessment

RT @profchrisham#nhsalliance2012 urgent care redesign in Dorset: single point of access, rapid assessment and care packages help avoid admissions

RT @profchrisham#nhsalliance2012 amit bhargava of Crawley CCG on work to help older ppl with dementia. Focus on vulnerable and silent

RT @clarkmike@Gemma_Finnegan @shirleyayres – storify of Scottish Conference – ref to George Crooks socmed at the end…

@shirleyayres @dominiccampbell @patchworkHQ – interop & stds discussions continue today/tomorrow linked to dallas and @3MillLives

@Gemma_Finnegan – hope you got storify link, video prob available still (see storify) met with GC recently – thinks achievable @shirleyayres

@dominiccampbell I think the experiences of@PatchworkHQ would be a useful case study abut the issues for integrated working! @clarkmike

@dominiccampbell interesting debate at #interopconfvia @clarkmike about barriers to integrated working & no #socialcare equivalent of HL7

@Gemma_Finnegan @shirleyayres – storify of Scottish Conference – ref to George Crooks socmed at the…

@clarkmike if you have a link would be most appreciated – thanks

@Gemma_Finnegan George Crooks announced socmed challenge at end of recent #telecare & #telehealth conf based on TW coverage – was streamed

RT @NHSlocal: Remote delivery of expert clinical services is vital – 52% of people surveyed by NHS local would Skype their GP if they could. #idhconf12

RT @profchrisham#nhsalliance2012 david oliver arguing for new approach to prevention and care for older ppl. GPs in Knosall doing 1 hour appts with over 70s

RT @NHSlocal: Technology alone won’t result in benefits. Technology should be integrated into new care models to enhance the health experience #idhconf12

RT @GdnLocalGov: Who should be working together in social care? How can we improve services and save money? Join us live now:

@shirleyayres Prof Crooks challenge on soc med in NHS Scotland was at recent #telecare and #telehealth conf based on Twitter coverage

@clarkmike I think @dominiccampbell &@PatchworkHQ would be able to tell you about challenges of sharing info across health & #socialcare!

RT @NHSlocal@Robin_Vickers is talking about “The challenges in delivering telehealth and digital services at scale” #idhconf12

#interopconf AM – work on PHMR – personal medical health record – could it be extended to #socialcare ?

#interopconf Andrew Michaelson – challenges of putting info into #socialcare system – no equivalent of HL7 – barriers to integrated working?

RT @GdnLocalGov: Our live discussion today is about partnerships in social care and we’ve got a cracking panel joining us. Take a peek:

RT @KarenCHPO#NAHPIST Fantastic endorsement of AHPs from minister Norman Lamb-‘AHPs are crucial to taking forward 3m lives’

‘NHS staff need to be creative to hit #Qipp targets’ via @guardian

RT @ManeeshJuneja: I believe we need a data driven revolution in UK healthcare to tackle the problems we will face in decades to come #idhconf12 #bigdata

RT @3MillLives@normanlamb amazing that the NHS has not looked at wellness before, incentives to be looked at. #telehealth #nahpist

RT @TunstallHealth: Tunstall is a lead partner in EU CommonWell project in Andalusia [blog]

RT @GillHitchcock#Telehealth hampered by lack of evidence and ‘wafer-thin’ #NHS budgets

RT @TeleServAssoc: Breakout Session presentations from #teleconf2012 are now available via the@TeleServAssoc website

RT @andywilliams78#interopconf #QIPP Factsheet on#telehealth and @ITKISCF available here;…

#interopconf Andrew Michaelson from @Tunstallhealthspeaking at interoperability conference – scaling challenges for info handling etc

#interopconf Richard Trusson – early adopters for personal health monitoring records – links to GP records

RT @DHgovuk: Today AHPs are getting together to talk about getting more patients on #telecare at#nahpist & @3millionlives workshop #telehealth


#interopconf Richard Trusson – problems with Heath info silos – developed system for controlled data movement from #telehealth to GP record

#interopconf At Leeds interoperability conf – Richard Trusson talking about #telecare #telehealth – as systems expand interop becomes issue

#healthapps & #telehealth appear in the shortlist of 3 (from 200) for ‘NHS Innovator of the Year’ htt… via @clarkmike

RT @TapCare: Coordinating #health, adult #socialcare#digitalinclusion projects cld create right ecosystem for user-driven #telecare#idhconf12

RT @jkfillingham@normanlamb need to change incentives to enable investment in prevention – stop the crisis from happening #NAHPIST

#interopconf Panel question – how does @3MillLiveswork with open standards – not to create a closed market. @NHSCB to be onestop shop

#interopconf Panel addressing interoperability issues for@3MillLives – how to get different organisations to work together

RT @3MillLives@normanlamb banging the#telehealth and #telecare drum again. pleased to talk to the #nahpist

#interopconf Pathfinders for @3MillLives could take different approaches in procurement – are there integrated service providers?

RT @liveyers: data flow a huge challenge around#telehealth #NAHPIST

RT @thomasllewis: Interesting-5 times as many cases of CHF in Birmingham compared to Israel. No of Pts will affect #telehealth mngnnt #IDHConf12 @IDHwarwick

#interopconf MR – @3MillLives addressing different popln group cf dallas_connect programme. all requires system change

Revolutionary road @EHealthInsider < how will @3millLives gain momentum for public use of#telecare? HT @clarkmike

RT @paulricenhs: Telehealth = Usual Care – touches everything about the system and everyone in the system #3millionlives programme derisk S3 at#interopconf

#interopconf MR- looking at standards for @3MillLives– devices, information,

#interopconf Malachy Rice covering barriers to@3MillLives eg change management. Does NHS have capacity for change? De-risk to get scale

RT @clarkmike#interopconf Ben Ramsey looking at@3millLives options incl ‘managed services’, using patient populations@CareInnovations

#interopconf Ben Ramsey looking at @3millLivesoptions incl ‘managed services’, using patient populations and sub-groups, moves on from #WSD

E-Health Insider :: Revolutionary… #telehealth

RT @robdykedotcom@clarkmike #interopconf@ITKISCF support for ITK and open source projects very welcome. (I’m not at conf though)

#interopconf Discussions on @3MillLives today – also at#NAHPIST – Leeds looking at standards and interoperability issues in health/soc care

RT @liveyers: RT @clarkmike#interopconf Ben Ramsey and Malachy Rice providing an overview of@3MillLives from industry. Same time as angela#nahpist!

@clarkmike #interopconf @ITKISCF support for ITK and open source projects very welcome. (I’m not at conf though)

RT @clarkmike#interopconf Ben Ramsey and Malachy Rice providing an overview of @3MillLives from industry. Same time as angela #nahpist!

RT @clarkmike#interopconf Ben Ramsey and Malachy Rice providing an overview of @3MillLives from industry. Same time as angela #nahpist!

#interopconf Ben Ramsey and Malachy Rice providing an overview of @3MillLives from industry group – Leeds interoperability conference

#interopconf Melvin Reynolds – Heath and social care not good at adopting standards, not good at joining up services

RT @telehealth_news: By 2050 no. of over 65s with 1 or more Long Term Condition will have risen by 252% follow us to see how #telehealth can help meet this need

RT @KarenCHPO#NAHPIST 3m lives can extend coaching role of AHPs-Claire Medd

RT @shirleyayres: Tracking all the health conferences taking place today #nhsalliance2012 #interopconf#idhconf12 & #NAHPIST thanks @clarkmike!

RT @DavidDPara#NAHPIST workshop, Angela Single up now as chair of #3millionlives @3MillLives industry group

#interopconf Dallas communities working through i-Focus design led process – Melvin Reynolds speaking in Leeds explains I-Focus priorities

@clarkmike & one more! #NHSfrail

RT @shirleyayres: Tracking all the health conferences taking place today #nhsalliance2012 #interopconf#idhconf12 & #NAHPIST thanks @clarkmike!

RT @shirleyayres: Tracking all the health conferences taking place today #nhsalliance2012 #interopconf#idhconf12 & #NAHPIST thanks @clarkmike!

#interopconf Dallas programme with total of £37m budget – target population of 169,000 but could scale much higher – Melvin Reynolds

Tracking all the health conferences taking place today#nhsalliance2012 #interopconf #idhconf12 &#NAHPIST thanks @clarkmike!

#interopconf MR explains care Eco-system in England for health and social care – poor information integration across services, PBs etc

RT @jkfillingham#NAHPIST @KarenCHPO reports assistive technology is not new for #AHPs #telecare#telehealth is another step on this journey

#interopconf Melvin Reynolds – Must allow processes to join up – system to system & links with devices

RT @KarenCHPO#NAHPIST Claure Medd describing how clinicians can Wxtend. Their influence through technology to help people live healthy lives

RT @TelehealthHull: Melvin Reynolds at #interopconfdiscusses scope of dallas programme – moving from illness to wellness, technical to social

#interopconf In Leeds at interoperability conference, also following #idhconf12 from Warwick and #NAHPISTallied health profs & @3millloves

#interopconf dallas_connect programme – 2 task forces – interoperability issues and lifestyles – interop steering group linked with I-Focus

#interopconf In Leeds at health interoperability conference – also following #NHSAlliance2012 with@3MillLives

RT @shirleyayres: Following @clarkmike reporting from #interopconf important messages about how digital technology can join up health & #socialcareservices

Following @clarkmike reporting from #interopconfimportant messages about how digital technology can join up health & #socialcare services

#interopconf Melvin Reynolds (MR) speaking about ALIP projects, moving from R&D to market making and scaled deployment

#interopconf Melvin Reynolds now speaking – works with TSB on dallas_connect programme on interoperability, standards

#interopconf Keith Naylor talking standards/interoperability at 2 day Leeds Conference. momentum increasing because of NHS Act & Mandate

#interopconf Keith Naylor talking about adoption of NHS interoperability toolkit. small fund has enabled some increase in adoption

“@clarkmike: #interopconf KN – August 2012 funded challenge to help…stimulate NHS to use standards based products – incentive” @ITKISCF

#interopconf Projects include some #teleheath, Health & social care, clinical correspondence, clinical dashboards, admission/discharge

#interopconf KN – August 2012 funded challenge to help move the market. Intent to stimulate NHS to use standards based products – incentive

#interopconf Keith Naylor – NHS & social care act stresses importance and can mandate standards for health systems/interoperability

#interopconf Keith Naylor from DH Informatics speaking in Leeds on health system interoperability, gaining benefits from standards

#interopconf systems developed in different parts of country need to be interoperable – information must flow – NHS Forum @nhscb and SoS

RT @dallas_connect: Interoperability Conference organised by TSB, dallas & ITK is a sell-out! If you haven’t got a ticket follow the discussion at#InteropConf

RT @RichardatKF: new Audit Commission report report says adult #socialcare budgets no longer protected from cuts in 2012/13… @acgov

RT @johnpopham: Digital Technologies, Older People, Trust, & Isolation #dtlater…

RT @KarimS3D: What happens to ppl w/ dementia in general hospital? – (6 different outcomes & their costs) @warwickuni

RT @profchrisham: wiil Norman Lamb be the Minister to make intergated care happen at scale and pace? My new blog…

RT @Paul_Corrigan: How CCGs can stick to their mandate and develop patient-led value for the

RT @DHgovuk: Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies publishes 1st annual report giving comprehensive picture of England’s health

RT @georgemargelis: Care Innovations Collaboration Yields 75% Reduction in Rehospitalizations – Senior Housing News…#telehealth #ehealth

RT @ChiTribHealth: Cell phone messages may help smokers quit #cancer #lungcancer

RT @HarvardBiz: Big Data “Eurekas!” Don’t Just Happen

Colorado KP study: People using online records came into doc office for more appts & used ED more often – Reuters

Predictors of Attrition in Older Users of a Home-Based Monitoring & Health Information Delivery System – #telehealth

‘@LoweCM I doubt if it will get much coverage – a number of recent papers are fairly positive

RT @Jeremy_Hunt: Busy morning to flesh out our long term vision for a paperless NHS. Can we have a health and care system that is digital by default?

Great shortlist for #HSJAwards tonight – Improving care with technology, managing long term conditions – good luck –

@clarkmike Wonder if this positive, supportive, paper will get the same degree of publicity that more negative ones have recently!

@shirleyayres @guardian @clarkmike agree, I see this happening before my eyes. There’s something Councillors and GPs have in common

From the US: ‘Five Disruptive #Telehealth Startups to Watch’ via @hitconsultant

Clinical Impact of Home Telemonitoring on Patients with COPD – Danish study in Telemed & eHealth Journal #telehealth

US Study: e-visits (sinusitis, UTIs) – Pts no more likely to need follow-up, more likely to receive ABs & less testing

RT @paulricenhs: At surgery with EE, Care in Motion, Ascribe Consulting. Blackpool mobile working strategy delivering real sustainable benefits #telehealth.


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