News Summary – 1 December 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    RT @BBCr4today: ‘I just have a sense that the whole regulatory model for the #care sector is not actually yet fit for purpose’ says @normanlamb #r4today
  2. clarkmike
    RT @georgemargelis: Health Care Waste: Is Technology the Answer or Part of the Problem? good insight #Ehealth #telehealth #NBN #hcsmanz
  3. clarkmike
    ‘@shirleyayres PC too complex to get online quick – use tablet/phone with Pay & Go – with tablet in hand its one click, one swipe & one tap
  4. clarkmike
    Department seeks views on new protections if care providers fail – @dhgovuk consultation till 1 March 2013
  5. clarkmike
    RT @trishgreenhalgh: Seriously difficult but ultimately worthwhile theoretical article on socially embedded ICT design in healthcare
  6. clarkmike
    @shirleyayres Interesting discussion at London event today – follow #digidoc12
  7. shirleyayres
    @clarkmike think we need a video to explain how to get online cheaply & simply! #deukcare
  8. clarkmike
    @shirleyayres – needs simple algorithm/flowchart starting with user – future is mostly phones/tablets/TV unless you want to do spreadsheets
  9. clarkmike
    @shirleyayres once you have simple flowchart it can be made into video or other accessible pres to help people find best route online
  10. shirleyayres
    @clarkmike I think people will relate more easily to a video than algorithms & flowcharts!
  11. clarkmike
    @shirleyayres Simple F’chart to provide framework for video eg do you want to use 1 Skype or 2 mobile access – Yes/No – leads to best option
  12. clarkmike
    @shirleyayres If you want to do lots of serious spreadsheets then you follow different route to person who wants, news, online shop, games
  13. clarkmike
    @shirleyayres More options now than 2-3 yrs ago with more to come (Internet of Things’) – needs simple updateable routemap to underpin video
  14. clarkmike
    #digidoc12 e-mail management and filtering discussion – – also coming soon
  15. clarkmike
    ‘@lesleyahpd We run several Twitter accts together to deal with the NHS and local authority SoMe no go at #digidoc12
  16. CfWICEO
    RT @clarkmike:Department seeks views on new protections if care providers fail – @dhgovuk consultation till1 March 2013
  17. clarkmike
    @lesleyahpd I think it is a website widget with an advanced Twitter search that can use addresses/hashtags as listed
  18. clarkmike
    @lesleyahpd You can pull Tweets into Storify and link to or export the Storify to a blog account eg WordPress – can get round access problem
  19. clarkmike
    ‘Care homes watchdog could monitor firms’ financial health’ via @guardian
  20. CarterAngie
    @claireOT yes indeed @clarkmike is one of the most knowledgable people I know, esp re #Telecare #Telehealth and all Assistive technology

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