News Summary – 4 December 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    ‘@helen_kara @shirleyayres Yes, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Yoono can monitor hashtags in columns. Can Storify from 2 hashtags and sort ascending
  2. clarkmike
    ‘@helen_kara @shirleyayres Can export consolidated tweets (2 hashtags) from Storify into some blogs eg WordPress
  3. clarkmike
    ‘Nurses will be formally rated for their compassion’ – Nursing Strategy, 6C’s #CNO12 via @Telegraph
  4. clarkmike
    RT @TelehealthHull: Journal of Clinical Nursing: #telemonitoring can support development of self-care ability in people with heart failure.…
  5. clarkmike
    ‘@helen_kara @shirleyayres You can use advanced search in Tweetdeck, Yoono etc so that all in one column – type in #A OR #B
  6. clarkmike
    ‘Why the NHS reforms sow seeds of confusion’ – is it integration or choice and competition or both? via @guardian
  7. clarkmike
    Today’s events: Follow Chief Nursing Officers at #CNO12 Patient engagement/empowerment at #NHSengage and Mobile Health Summit at #mhs12
  8. clarkmike
    BBC News: ‘Nurses in drive for ‘compassionate care’ – 6C’s #CNO12
  9. clarkmike
    ‘For Second Opinion, Consult a Computer?’ – interesting discussion on diagnosis from @NYTimes
  10. clarkmike
    RT @3MillLives: Health Service Journal supplement on #telehealth with range of UK examples
  11. clarkmike
    ‘Scientific Statement Examines Role Of Social Media In Fighting Childhood Obesity’ – Forbes –
  12. clarkmike
    Following Chief Nursing Officer’s event at #CNO2012 and Patient engagement event at @NHSEngage
  13. clarkmike
    E-Health Insider :: ‘E-portal for youth mental health’ – due to go live in Spring 2014 – funded by @dhgovuk…
  14. clarkmike
    RT @PeterWeaving: Long term conditions account for 50% GP consultations, 64% OPD appointments and 70% In-Patient admissions #NHSCumbria #nhsengage
  15. clarkmike
    RT @amirhannan: #NHSengage 1) Risk profile pts with LTCs 2) Supported integrated local health/social care team and c pts as a whole 3) maximise pt self care
  16. RT @amirhannan: #NHSengage 10% reduction in self care leads to 50% increase in professional care cost
  17. clarkmike
    RT @amirhannan: #NHSengage 5% increase in self care leads to 25% reduction in professional care cost
  18. RT @amirhannan: #NHSengage GPs and CCGs are not doing enough to help patients to self care more.
  19. clarkmike
    ‘Silverline apps help seniors enjoy iPhones’ – Silverline programme in Singapore
  20. clarkmike
    RT @AgencyNurse: Digital professionalism about applying what we already do in a digital space #CNO2012
  21. clarkmike
    RT @Sarah_Holling: #cno2012 @UniOfSurrey new era of digital professionalism in nursing – blog for reflection, twittering in health promotion, sharing knowledge
  22. clarkmike
    RT @AgencyNurse: #6Cs have been disseminated hugely through social media #CNO2012
  23. clarkmike
    RT @spanx73: #cno2012 @anniecoops talks about digital professionalism and opportunities for new relationships with public in digital spaces
  24. clarkmike
    Some great Twitter coverage and enthusiasm from #CNO2012 and #caremakers – Tweets reaching over 28,000 via
  25. clarkmike
    ‘Top nurses launch new drive to build culture of compassionate care in NHS’ – 3yr vision via @janemcummings #CNO2012
  26. RT @VivJBennett: #cno2012 dementia strategy help us develop nursing contrib 2 dementia challenge
  27. clarkmike
    ‘@shirleyayres Hope you are keeping an eye on #CNO2012#caremakers supporting conf delegates to get online with Twitter – great messages
  28. clarkmike
    RT @DHgovuk: @JaneMCummings & @VivJBennett set out compassionate care vision for nursing at #CNO2012 conference in Manchester #6Cs
  29. clarkmike
    RT @epilkington: Healthcare innovation will be consumer driven, thru devices that enable collection of data/empower patients to ask better questions. #mhs12
  30. clarkmike
    ‘Genomics revolution: UK could miss the boat, scientists warn’ via @guardian
  31. clarkmike
    RT @H_I_N: What are the top 5 health technologies used in PCMHs? Find out in this new chart
  32. clarkmike
    RT @S_Amani: Our youth mental health app: ‘My Journey’ mobile app featured in Surrey News:… @loujp75 @Sharonsnapee #handihealth
  33. clarkmike
    ‘Ministers to stop claiming NHS spending increased after Stats Auth found health £ had fallen’ via @Telegraph
  34. clarkmike
    ‘@amcunningham @mellojonny DoctoDoc #telehealth examples – contact George Crooks/James Ferguson at
  35. clarkmike
    ‘@amcunningham @mellojonny – DoctoDoc #telehealth – outside UK, contact Adam Darkins at VA – he was at RSM last week
  36. clarkmike
    ‘Development of smartphone enabled mag resonance for cancer diagnostics – potentially faster, more accurate’ #mhs12
  37. clarkmike
    ‘NHS will have to make better use of social care solutions’ via @careuk
  38. clarkmike
    RT @RosabethKanter: #Innovation lesson: Instead of spending all your time with elites, connect with the streets.
  39. clarkmike
    ‘Remote monitoring to reduce readmissions, pre-empt admission in first place’ – mobihealthnews reporting from #mhs12
  40. clarkmike
    RT @LoweCM: Intriguing LTC patient engagement tool Worth watching.
  41. clarkmike
    ‘3/4 patients are going home with wrong prescriptions or don’t understand their meds Yale-New Haven Hospital study’
  42. clarkmike
    ‘Vinod Khosla questions again extent to which tech could replace docs in future’ via CNN money
  43. clarkmike
    @claireOT Glad to see you are back around and feeling much better

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