News Summary – 6 December 2012 Reply

  1. AudreyBirt
    so true“@NHS24: RT @clarkmike: ‘The Empowered Patient: 5 Ways Social Media Makes Patients Stronger’ ParkerWhite Blog
  2. clarkmike
    ‘The ROI of digital channels in mobile health’ – use of five digital channels by Pharma
  3. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: Making person-centred integrated care a reality – our event with @NVtweeting and @Bupa is about to begin! Follow #integratedcare for more
  4. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: Don Redding @NVtweeting up next to talk about how we can use a person-centred narrative to drive co-ordinated care #integratedcare
  5. clarkmike
    RT @goodwin_nick: @NVTweeting revealing narrative on what integrated care means to patients and services users to embed as policy at NCB #integratedcare
  6. clarkmike
    CQC survey of patients on A&E – waiting times etc
  7. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: Integration means person-centred, joined-up care – users want their relatives & carers involved in their care – Don Redding #integratedcare
  8. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: Michelle Mello: @NHSCB & its national partners are developing statement of common purpose around what #integratedcare means to service users
  9. clarkmike
    RT @davecockayne: Minister Edwin Poots visiting TF3s scale telehealthcare pgm in Belfast – supporting Transforming Your Care – 1250 patients and growing fast
  10. clarkmike
    RT @goodwin_nick: #integratedcare Elizabeth Fradd – lack of good communication professionals & patients leads to poor care decisions @TheKingsFund
  11. clarkmike
    #integratedcare – need for coordination & collaborative working with consistent language & records -person-centred with timely interventions
  12. clarkmike
    RT @spiderslips: GM: The majority of over 65s have 2 or more conditions and by the time you get to 75 you have 3 or 4 or more #integratedcare
  13. clarkmike
    NHS medical director (Sir Bruce Keogh) wants surgeon league tables
  14. harrylongman
    @clarkmike Daft idea. Will have all surgeons living in fear. There are better ways to spot the very rare wrong ‘uns, like listen to staff.
  15. debbieleven
    League tables? This is disturbing – RT @clarkmike NHS medical director (Sir Bruce Keogh) wants surgeon league tables
  16. clarkmike
    RT @NVTweeting: Help staff see care through patient’s eyes by shadowing patients, structured observation, experience based design #integratedcare J Cornwell
  17. clarkmike
    ‘Patient data in the NHS’ – live discussion at the Guardian via @guardian
  18. clarkmike
    Forbes: ‘My 2012 Digital Health Awards: Company, Person, Book Of The Year’ by @DShaywitz
  19. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: Need to focus on right type of #integratedcare – pops rather than single diseases, be ambitious rather than small scale pilots @profchrisham
  20. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: Patients don’t want to be moved around like a parcel – they want joined-up, safe, effective care and someone in charge – LP #integratedcare
  21. clarkmike
    ‘Samsung provides specialized Galaxy smartphone for Preventice remote patient monitoring system’ #telehealth
  22. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: People over 85 account for 25% of bed days – increase of 22% over past 10 years – but still same system – Linda Patterson #integratedcare
  23. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: What role should patients play in their own care? @mellojonny gives his perspective in our new video viewpoint #kfthink
  24. clarkmike
    RT @shirleyayres: The power of peer support instead of professional brokerage @simonjduffy < digital community hubs have a role here!
  25. clarkmike
    ‘@shirleyayres @rhidianhughes#integratedcare tweets appear health focused – perhaps live event had better coverage of socialcare/housing?
  26. clarkmike
    ‘Commissioning services for frail older people’ – short video on recent @nhsconfed event
  27. clarkmike
    ‘Chronic Disease and Social Networks’ – HIMSS Blog by @healthythinker
  28. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: We need to stop obsessing about structures and focus on cultures – involving families and patients in own care – Liz Kendall #integratedcare
  29. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: If NHS funding remains flat – will be gap of £40billion between what NHS needs by 2022 – Liz Kendall #integratedcare
  30. clarkmike
    EHI: ‘New NHS patient platform – transactional services to book appts, order prescriptions & access GP records online’
  31. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: Need to think big & differently about one budget, inc housing. Incentives on councils to invest in good quality care – LK #integratedcare
  32. clarkmike
    ‘US Bill Aims To Advance Innovation in Mobile Health Technology’ – iHealthBeat #telehealth
  33. tommyNtour
    @clarkmike My wee mum had dementia this is our film shown parliament with carers speaking about life tommy-on-tour-2011.blogspot… #rememberjoan
  34. clarkmike
    ’45 Digital Health Statistics and Trends’ via HealthcareITNews
  35. clarkmike
    ‘This $200 iPhone Case Is An FDA-Approved EKG Machine’ – HuffPost Tech/Fast Company
  36. clarkmike
    RT @maggiemahar: If we raised the eligibility age for Medicare to 67, how much would we save? Less than zero.We wld just shift costs.…
  37. Thego12
    RT @clarkmike: ‘The Empowered Patient: 5 Ways Social Media Makes Patients Stronger’ ParkerWhite Blog #socialmedia #seo
  38. clarkmike
    ‘Huge Experiment Aims To Save On Care For Poorest, Sickest Patients’ – California – Kaiser Health News
  39. clarkmike
    ‘Digital by default requires a concerted culture change in government’ Rachel Neaman @dhgovuk via @guardian
  40. clarkmike
    RT @MilesAyling: Is your innovation up to the challenge? Enter your submissions now for the Innovators’ Den at EXPO 2013
  41. clarkmike
    RT @anniecoops: More detail about new nursing vision – please read the more detailed plans: Compassion in practice #6Cs… @vivjbennett
  42. clarkmike
    RT @SuffolkCareline: “Just Checking” Now available for short-term installation & usage FREE-OF-CHARGE. See how it helps :
  43. clarkmike
    ‘#Telehealth medicine: the future or another technological disaster waiting to happen?’ via
  44. clarkmike
    Looking forwards to hearing from @PaulBurstow on the next #deukcare podcast – questions to @shirleyayres by 13 Dec
  45. shirleyayres
    @clarkmike thanks Mike the questions have already started coming in for our #deukcare interview with @PaulBurstow
  46. clarkmike
    ‘Technology can revolutionise way in which h’care is delivered in NI’ – Edwin Poots via @tunstallhealth #telehealth
  47. clarkmike
    ‘Myth and Reality of Doctors Getting Overwhelmed by Emails’ – @chasedave at Forbes
  48. clarkmike
    ‘#Telemedicine’s Effect in Delivering Healthcare to the Underserved’ – Ecuador #telehealth
  49. clarkmike
    ‘#Telestroke: Minutes than can save your life ‘IVCI – #telehealth
  50. clarkmike
    Is the RCT too slow for mobile health? – mobihealthnews – #mhealth #telehealth
  51. clarkmike
    ‘Using Health Data to Develop Better Treatments’ – Policy Exchange UK video with @tkelsey1

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