News Summary – 7 December 2012 Reply

  1. rjonesplymouth
    RT @clarkmike: Is RCT too slow for mobile health?
    << for specific apps, yes, but still useful for careplans using app
  2. clarkmike
    ‘Richard Vize | Government wilfully ignoring councils’ role in recovery’ via @guardian
  3. clarkmike
    ‘#Telehealth Services Provide Remote Patients Link to Doctors’… via @mashable
  4. clarkmike
    ‘Sensor Network to Protect the Elderly’ – new systems being developed in Colombia, Missouri #telecare #telehealth
  5. clarkmike
    BBC News: ‘Never mind the patient, tick the box’ – Prof Sue Bailey President, Royal College of Psychiatrists
  6. clarkmike
    RT @HealthCollectiv: Person-Centered HealthCare; FDA Approves EarlySense Bedside System by @Erin_E_Palmer
  7. clarkmike
    RT @uk_james: Who’s out there with an interest in #falls prevention? Planning #tweetchat 4th Feb off back of a local falls unconference in #Kent
  8. clarkmike
    @uk_james James, many thanks for the #ff – glad you find the curated info helpful
  9. clarkmike
    The Impact of #Telehealth Technology and Social Innovation in Healthcare via @ciscohealth
  10. clarkmike
    RT @TelehealthHull: Journal of #Telemedicine and #Telecare – analysis of the terminology used identifies lack of clarity in definitions…
  11. clarkmike
    ‘Windows 8 is a Friend to Seniors…’ – Getting online with the new version – Senior Care Corner
  12. clarkmike
    RT @EditorJRSM: Want to know how to implement a large scale telehealth project? Adam Darkins explains (£ for non-members): RSM Videos…
  13. clarkmike
    RT @MarkRaganCEO: Infographic: Do you make the patient experience a priority? #patients #hcsm
  14. clarkmike
    ’12 week consultation starts on new GP incentive arrangements in England’ via @Telegraph
  15. clarkmike
    ‘What does George Osborne’s autumn statement mean for disabled people?’ via @guardian
  16. clarkmike
    ‘@shirleyayres – social media in the NHS this December – follow hashtags – #NHSXmas and #tweetwell
  17. clarkmike
    RT @CLAHRC_SY: The Voice of #Dementia – short film about groups (no carers allowed!) – articulate & autonomous people. @SHSC @age_uk
  18. shirleyayres
    Social media in the NHS this December – follow hashtags: #NHSXmas & #tweetwell HT @clarkmike
  19. clarkmike
    ‘Using tech for long-term conditions & improving online access to services’ – GP contract consultations #telehealth
  20. clarkmike
    Summary of responses to the draft Care and Support Bill consultation published @dhgovuk
  21. clarkmike
    RT @JonPTLindberg: Telehealth business opportunity via @UKTI_Denmark: Denmark (north region) rolling out telehealth to 1,400 patients…
  22. clarkmike
    ‘GP contract proposals outlined’ at @dhgovuk – references to dementia, long term conditions, technology, online access
  23. clarkmike
    Durham’s #telecare alarm scheme serving 22,000 people achieves @teleservassoc platinum status
  24. clarkmike
    E-Health Insider: ‘New GP data set to assess quality’ – liberating the data – @tkelsey1
  25. clarkmike
    RT @dominiccampbell: Carolyn reinforcing the point that #localgov is being reduced to an adults and social care delivery mechanism. And that’s it #allchange12
  26. clarkmike
    RT @GPonlinenews: Telehealth DES plans ‘political interference’, warns GPC: #GPNews
  27. clarkmike
    Study: Adults who receive automated phone /mail reminders for statins more likely to pick up from pharmacy – AmedNews
  28. clarkmike
    @rjonesplymouth Useful comments. Interesting to see how future evals/trials can sit alongside newer business models & very fast iteration
  29. clarkmike
    ‘#mHealth Trials Are Happening, Without the Clinic’ #telehealth
  30. clarkmike
    Pilot evaluation of the text4baby mobile health program
  31. clarkmike
    Patient satisfaction with electronic medical/health record: a systematic review
  32. clarkmike
    ‘It’s time healthcare embraced the digital revolution’ Neelie KROES VP of the European Commission #telehealth
  33. shirleyayres
    It’s time healthcare embraced the digital revolution @NeelieKroesEU @DigitalAgendaEU < a leadership gap? HT @clarkmike
  34. Hughffy
    RT @shirleyayres: It’s time healthcare embraced the digital revolution @NeelieKroesEU @DigitalAgendaEU < a leadership gap? HT @clarkmike
  35. wispame
    RT @shirleyayres: It’s time healthcare embraced the digital revolution @NeelieKroesEU @DigitalAgendaEU < a leadership gap? HT @clarkmike
  36. _ALLc_
    RT @shirleyayres: It’s time healthcare embraced the digital revolution @NeelieKroesEU @DigitalAgendaEU < a leadership gap? HT @clarkmike
  37. clarkmike
    ‘Prototype of a device for measuring glucose levels in saliva’ – Univ of Tehran – @medgadget
  38. BarbaraFicarra
    MT @clarkmike Putting patients in the driving seat Digital future 4 healthcare EU eHealth.. #telehealth #telemedicine
  39. clarkmike
    RT @WhoseShoes: Interested in #dementia? Our “in my shoes” series offers 70 perspectives. Fab insights! #dementiachallengers
  40. wnbatey
    RT @shirleyayres: It’s time healthcare embraced the digital revolution @NeelieKroesEU @DigitalAgendaEU < a leadership gap? HT @clarkmike

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