News Summary – 9 December 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    RT @MMI_SGI: Me, Myself & I – user led support planning app for iPad/iPhone only £9.99 until end of Dec 2012. watch this video…
  2. clarkmike
    ‘The success of smartphones comes at a price’ – some possible implications of mobile internet access via @guardian
  3. clarkmike
    RT @dragonmisery: Caring for a relative with #dementia ? Have you seen my new site which signposts you to loads of info & resources?
  4. clarkmike
    ‘Plans under consideration to reduce hospital beds in England – possible more care in community’ via @MailOnline
  5. clarkmike
    ‘Social Media, mHealth and Medicine: 2012 in Review and Hopes for the Future’ – @HealthCollectiv #telehealth
  6. clarkmike
    RT @ProfRHarris: Producing a 10 year strategic vision for NHSCB.Very happy to hear from people who want to seriously contribute.We need to crowd source views
  7. clarkmike
    RT @ctorgan: Tracking the trackers: Resource of 200 sensors / activity tracking devices – past, present, and future #mhs12 #mhealth
  8. clarkmike
    Use of social media for searching/contributing med info – oncologist & primary care physician survey – Science Daily
  9. clarkmike
    ‘Housing crisis is destroying family life and communities’ – IPPR Study via @guardian
  10. clarkmike
    Amer Heart Assn Statement – Prevention & Mgmt of Childhood Obesity: Role of Social Networks, Social Media, Technologies
  11. clarkmike
    RT @profchrisham: unintended consequence of autumn statement: will the proposed changes to pensions cause GPs in 50s to retire and create manpower shortages?
  12. clarkmike
    RT @DeloitteHealth: Mobile devices could help transform #healthcare into a more efficient, #patient-centered system of care. #mHealth
  13. clarkmike
    ‘Co-existence — not connection — at the 2012 #mHealth Summit Bazaar’ – Laurie Orlov from AgeinPlaceTech

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