News Summary – 10 December 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    ‘Preventative care for elderly under threat’ ComRes survey on local authority #socialcare services via @guardian
  2. clarkmike
    ‘People with diabetes more likely to have heart attack and other conditions’ National Diabetes Audit via @guardian
  3. clarkmike
    ‘New data tools allow housing staff to understand social trends’ via @guardian
  4. clarkmike
    ‘Expert round up: flexible commissioning in public services’ – Guardian panel summary via @guardian
  5. clarkmike
    Action plan to address barriers to full use of digital solutions in Europe’s healthcare systems – European Commission
  6. clarkmike
    RT @JeremyLaurance: NHS needs10-fold inc in productivity (0.4% avg of last 15 yrs to 4%) to survive. Never achievd before. Grim.…
  7. clarkmike
    RT @WoodcoteEwan: @SirJohnOldham Evidence in general and RCTs in particular often just an excuse not to change ask for RCTs that show current approach works
  8. clarkmike
    ‘Can innovation really be the raison d’etre of every NHS employee as David Nicholson hopes’? Dick Vinegar via @guardian
  9. clarkmike
    RT @NVTweeting: Going online later this week with the #Narrative for #coordinatedcare — seeking your feedback & help to disseminate.
  10. clarkmike
    Follow #tweetwell this week for live A&E updates from NHS trusts around the country
  11. clarkmike
    ‘Docs use bone fractures to help unmask dementia in elderly patients’ – Southampton Hospital via @MailOnline
  12. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: Present your research at our third annual #telehealth and #telecare conference – call for papers is open now
  13. clarkmike
    RT @TeleServAssoc: Inspections for accreditation to the @TeleServAssoc #telehealth Code of Practice available from Spring 2013 #standards
  14. clarkmike
    RT @TelehealthHull: New App available providing guidance and support on alcohol intake for young people with type 1 diabetes…
  15. clarkmike
    RT @shirleyayres: So much potential for online engagement at conferences & amazed at event organisers who think a Twitter hashtag = a #socialmedia strategy!
  16. clarkmike
    ‘Star ratings: Families need reliable information about care home performance’ via @guardian
  17. clarkmike
    Evaluation of housing direct payments – part of Universal Credit from October 2013 –
  18. clarkmike
    Directory of online tools to help improve health, care & wellbeing planned – via @nhscb @Bob_Gann #mhealth #telehealth
  19. clarkmike
    RT @TobyOSmith: PhD opportunity with Dr Fiona Poland @uniofeastanglia within School of AHP on assisted technology and telecare:…
  20. clarkmike
    ‘A good death: the role of local government social care at the end of life’ via @guardian
  21. clarkmike
    ‘The Doctor Will Tweet You Now’ – 12 reasons to consider – The Healthcare Blog HT @BrianSMcGowan
  22. clarkmike
    RT @DHgovuk: Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb talks about the government’s final report on #Winterbourne View Hospital
  23. clarkmike
    RT @DHgovuk: Government publishes final report on Winterbourne View Hospital –…
  24. clarkmike
    ‘Smartphones can help patients, but adoption of apps for healthcare still lagging’ – Healthcare IT News
  25. dansutch
    @shirleyayres @clarkmike too broad isn’t it? Is applied well beyond care-givers – tho perhaps usefully moves beyond ‘sector’?
  26. BuddyappUK
    @shirleyayres @clarkmike MT Think we need new word to encompass assistive tech, digital tech & #telecare etc I’m going with #soctech
  27. clarkmike
    ‘@shirleyayres @BuddyappUK @dansutch – terminology discussions been going for years – ultimately tele- digi- assistive tech- will disappear
  28. shirleyayres
    @clarkmike @BuddyappUK @dansutch in the meantime I’m opting for social technology as a more inclusive term! #soctech
  29. Acuity_Design
    @dansutch @shirleyayres @clarkmike cld always pull in ‘augmentation’ from high tech consumer goods & disability tech research
  30. shirleyayres
    @Acuity_Design @dansutch @clarkmike ‘augmentation’ too many characters & not convinced public understands what it means! #soctech
  31. Acuity_Design
    @shirleyayres @dansutch @clarkmike in which case, stuff I buy to live happily (with discount from govt) is best.
  32. shirleyayres
    @Acuity_Design @dansutch @clarkmike @BuddyappUK I think a term that the public understand & makes sense will be interesting to crowdsource!
  33. clarkmike
    ‘@shirleyayres @BuddyappUK @dansutch When people Google social technology they get
  34. shirleyayres
    @clarkmike @BuddyappUK @dansutch obviously needs more relevant & engaging posts about the potential of social technology!
  35. clarkmike
    ‘Fueled by holidays, record 362M mobile devices expected to ship in Q4’ – smartphones and tablets Gigaom
  36. clarkmike
    RT @HousingLIN: HousingLIN signs up to aid sector learning & improvement from Winterbourne View Review. Get networked to improve independent living choices
  37. clarkmike
    EC Action Plan and barriers to digital health – Gigaom – and #telehealth
  38. shirleyayres
    @JohnW_Bromford thanks John as a #nontechie I feel the need to redefine the benefits of social technology! @clarkmike @dansutch @BuddyappUK
  39. clarkmike
    Video from #NHSLRA – Finalists for Innovator of the Year incl apps at Southampton Hosp and Florence #telehealth
  40. clarkmike
    RT @NHSLeadership: The NHS Innovator of the Year – Winner 2012 … Philip O’Connell, Stoke-on-Trent CCG –…#NHSLRA
  41. clarkmike
    Congratulations to Phil O’Connell @NHSSimple (Florence #telehealth) for Innovator of the Year award at #NHSLRA NHS Leadership Academy
  42. clarkmike
    RT @ehealthnews: Putting Patients in the Driving Seat: A Digital Future for Healthcare
  43. clarkmike
    ‘AT&T develops sensor to warn asthma patients of triggers’ – mobihealthnews #mhealth #telehealth
  44. clarkmike
    ‘Most mobile apps for children failing on privacy, FTC finds’ via @guardian

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