News Summary – 11 December 2012 Reply

  1. shirleyayres
    @WhoseShoes @QSBen think I must persuade @clarkmike to share his wisdom about online engagement at conferences!
  2. clarkmike
    ‘Why healthcare should embrace the digital revolution’ – EC’s Neelie Kroes & eHealth Action plan on You Tube
  3. clarkmike
    RT @NHSCB: NHS CB authorises first wave of clinical commissioning groups serving ten million people #ccgauthorised
  4. WhoseShoes
    What @ClarkMike DOESN’T know about things digital could be written… in 140 chars 🙂 @shirleyayres @QSBen #telecare #telehealth #deukcare
  5. clarkmike
    #PALevent in London – looking at personal and social communication services for health & lifestyle monitoring
  6. clarkmike
    #PALevent Current technology trends – context, Internet of things and user experience – connected networks and devices
  7. clarkmike
    #PALevent – ALIP event in London looking at personal and social communication service for health and lifestyle monitoring
  8. clarkmike
    #PALevent – Showing You Tube videos covering Google Glasses and Microsoft Health Future
  9. clarkmike
    #PALevent How do key people get the right data in the right place at the right time. Managing vast amounts of data. How PAL project helps
  10. clarkmike
    #PALevent Challenges of monitoring minor changes over time and providing support and analysis – larger costs for health from late diagnosis
  11. clarkmike
    #PALevent ‘its all about the data’ – from health data capture to analysis and visualisation – areas that PAL project has been addressing
  12. clarkmike
    #PALevent – Hearing about AIRS platform via Android phone, app and various linked devices – use cases from the PAL project
  13. clarkmike
    #PALevent PAL use cases using different types of data visualisation – location, storyboard and other interfaces
  14. clarkmike
    #PALevent Further use case for people with Parkinson’s Disease – A&E admissions, identifying changes, providing reminders, reducing anxiety
  15. clarkmike
    #PALevent Interesting links between location ID and carer/specialist team contacts in Parkinsons use case. Aspects of gaming and Siri use
  16. clarkmike
    #PALevent Data analysis tools described in PAL use case. Relevant data for clinicians – looking at how can be shared by consent with others
  17. clarkmike
    #PALevent A big challenge is location within a property eg own home or care home. How can behaviour and interactions be monitored?
  18. clarkmike
    #PALevent PAL = Personal and social communication service for Health and lifestyle
    Monitoring – a TSB/ALIP project being presented
  19. clarkmike
    #PALevent Universities of Essex and Cambridge have developed systems which allow data access only when emergency eg to home care provider
  20. clarkmike
    RT @MarieCuriePA: Dr Martin Bardsley of @nuffieldtrust: social care costs rise only slightly at eol. Hospital costs go through the roof #bac12
  21. clarkmike
    #PALevent PAL team showing tech demonstrations on Parkinson’s, location, access controls for data – looking for feedback from delegates
  22. hCareMobile
    RT @clarkmike: ‘AT&T develops sensor to warn asthma patients of triggers’ – mobihealthnews #mhealth
  23. clarkmike
    #PALevent Large group from Age UK looking at tech demonstrators – discussing use cases – eg showing use of a tablet to see personal data
  24. clarkmike
    RT @NVTweeting: @BSC_CCG Coming soon – a Narrative for coordinated care for you to test and refine – will it help you commission for integration?
  25. clarkmike
    #PALevent Important for tech experts to have common language about providing health & care services eg understanding of ”carer’
  26. clarkmike
    #PALevent Tech demonstrator discussing how can you make phone/tablet interfaces accessible for capturing & accessing health/social care data
  27. clarkmike
    #PALevent Use case demonstrator turning complex data eg heart rate info into accessible stories that make sense – data visualisation
  28. Paul_Tyreman
    @clarkmike Could you contact me to discuss the following event that will feature telehealth content…
  29. lmsergio
    RT @clarkmike: ‘AT&T develops sensor to warn asthma patients of triggers’ – mobihealthnews #mhealth

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