News Summary – 12 December 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    RT @ContactConsult: We will be @HousingLIN conference today. Sees launch of planning toolkit for #laterlifehousing that we developed with @McCarthyStone et al.
  2. clarkmike
    RT @juliaunwin: At #ECH2012 to launch a lot of important and new @jrf_uk research about the housing we want as we age.
  3. clarkmike
    RT @NVTweeting: Plse RT: help us develop a common understanding of what patient-centred coordinated care means: #Integratedcare.
  4. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 ALIP Medilink event in Coventry looking at current/future markets for #assistedliving technologies with @dallas_connect
  5. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 Economic and business models for #assistedliving #telecare #telehealth – looking forwards to 2015 – event in Coventry today
  6. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 Graham Worsley examining changes in service structures in UK for health and social care – how do you join up systems
  7. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 Graham Worsley – interoperability of devices, services will be important – outlining priorities – use of personal devices, PHRs
  8. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 Business and structural models are not aligned with new structures and technology advances – Graham Worsley at Coventry event
  9. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 Hearing from @AlisonMlot on @dallas_connect programme at Coventry event – dallas programme linked with @3MillLives
  10. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 AM covers 4 dalllas communities who will be progressing in 2013 – wider scope for assisted living lifestyles at scale
  11. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 AM covering some of the community engagement initiatives in dalllas programme across 4 communities. Interoperability issues
  12. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 AM looking at how consumer devices are interoperable and link to personal health records/medical records where appropriate
  13. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 AM covering person centred approach being employed across dallas communities eg Feel Good Factory in L’pool
  14. clarkmike
    RT @GHowellArch: #ECH2012 @HousingLIN Sarah Pickup of Hertfordshire CC giving great examples of intregrated care/housing models…ideas for New Market Towns
  15. clarkmike
    RT @HousingLIN: Minister announces extra £40m for DFGs for tailored support for aids & adaptations. It pays back to invest in prevention. #ECH2012
  16. clarkmike
    RT @helenshields2: @normanlamb says housing plays a massive part in loneliness & isolation at #ECH2012 conference
  17. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Maggie Ellis challenges how dallas and other tech/assisted living programmes relate to real world context in UK
  18. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 AM questioned on how ROI and evaluation will show sustainability of programmes. dallas programme also has community investment
  19. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Rupert Hipwell from Philips providing background to @3MillLives – looking at how the business model could change in future
  20. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Rupert Hipwell covering key requirements document for @3MillLives – moving onto managed service & other #telehealth options
  21. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 RH at Coventry event covering the @3MillLives business case – analysis of hospital data etc to support the case
  22. KDMPremierCare
    RT @clarkmike: #ALIPMed12 RH at Coventry event covering the @3MillLives business case – analysis of hospital data etc to support the case
  23. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 RH looking at change management issues for @3MillLives as well as procurement and payment models
  24. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Discussions at Coventry event on managed service procurement & cost models for @3MillLives #telecare #telehealth #assistedliving
  25. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Lizzie Coates from University of Sheffield on MALT project on mainstreaming assisted living technologies – looking at cost models
  26. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Univ Sheffield looking at financial models based on severity with complex monitoring through to simple app approaches #telehealth
  27. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Univ of Sheffield – financial models – factoring psychological and social aspects of home monitoring
  28. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Prof Feng Li from CASS presenting on sustainable business models for assisted living technologies and services – SALT
  29. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Feng Li – could digital tech be used to address societal challenges – social objectives but need business principles
  30. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 – Feng Li – potential for product & service innovations – size of market is huge but self purchase market fragmented & small
  31. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Feng Li talking about sustainability and scalability of assisted living technologies and services – few successes from research
  32. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Feng Li – too many tech progs for Health and social care are not sustainable – working at hobby level – but there is potential
  33. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Feng Li talking about difficulties for SMEs breaking into the health and social care marketplace – payment by results? Outcomes?
  34. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Simon Fielden and Gerry Urwin from HDTI, Coventry Univ looking at consumer market for assisted living COMODAL
  35. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 SF looking at understanding users and barriers/enablers in consumer market for digital/assistive living – design, functionality
  36. clarkmike
    #ALIPMed12 Gerry Unwin from HDTI – businesses finding too much risk in the marketplace to invest – consumers unable to see what is available
  37. clarkmike
    RT @JamieTKP: Fascinating debate on funding of care and housing for older people #ECH2012 liked the bit on the importance of entrepreneurial LAs
  38. clarkmike
    RT @HousingLIN: Panel Debate: not a shortage of equity, need to package ECH better to attract investment from both public and private sectors #ECH2012
  39. clarkmike
    RT @DementiaStudies: Norman Lamb emphasises the importance of integrating housing with health and social care #ECH2012
  40. clarkmike
    RT @DHgovuk: Norman Lamb at Housing LIN Conf announces extra £40m for people 2 remain independent in own homes for longer #ech2012
  41. clarkmike
    RT @sarahval21: Sarah Pickup says system change outlined in Dilnot won’t deliver more money for care. We need honest appraisal of costs of care #ECH2012
  42. clarkmike
    RT @HousingLIN: Julia Unwin: leadership in care matters to help people thrive, meet their health and wellbeing, and live in vibrant communities. #ECH2012
  43. clarkmike
    RT @HousingLIN: Mel Knight launches ‘Get Smart’ guide by Housing LIN. Collection of papers on Innovative funding & delivery options in extra care. #ECH2012
  44. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 Richard Foggie from HOIP – people have not picked up the implications of health and social care changes – impact measurement
  45. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 Andrew Macintosh from @tunstallhealth and Adam Steventon from @nuffieldtrust – MOST model on scalable telehealthcare- #telehealth
  46. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 AM looking at how case management, disease management and self care can contribute to #telehealth scaling by 2015
  47. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 AM – the MOST toolkit being developed to support development of new #telehealth services
  48. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 AM looking at enhancements to current services eg diabetes #telehealth services, extension of services to nursing homes
  49. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 AM – possibly by 2015 – 80% of #telehealth could be through smartphones – part of today’s programme on business models
  50. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 Adam Steventon from @nuffieldtrust looking at #telehealth evaluation – looking at matched controls to handle regn to mean issues
  51. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 AS talking about continuous evaluation based on North Yorks #telehealth programme
  52. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 Graham Worsley – what does it take to make assistedliving products and services desirable – social and psychological issues
  53. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 GW – ALIP work also taking place on social and behavioural issues. RF – ‘People don’t care until it is something they care about’
  54. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 GW workshop session at Coventry ALIP event on business models for #assistedliving #telecare #telehealth & other digital tech
  55. clarkmike
    #alipmed12 GW – need to understand segmentation, issues of human behaviour, managing ageing for getting the most out of life
  56. clarkmike
    RT @AgencyNurse: An estimated three million people are affected by COPD annually, tomorrow #WeNurses chat COPD at 8pm
  57. clarkmike
    RT @trishgreenhalgh: TV should do a series about tenacious older people with chronic conditions who have adapted their homes / technologies to live independently
  58. clarkmike
    Do personal health budgets improve quality of life for patients? – new blog @TheKings Fund
  59. clarkmike
    Do personal health budgets improve quality of life for patients? – new blog @TheKings Fund
  60. clarkmike
    ‘New apps bring stroke guideline to palm of your hand’ – Royal College of Physicians
  61. clarkmike
    RT @RoySocMed: Get an in-depth overview on assistive technology at our one-day seminar on #Telehealth, #Telemedicine & #Telecare
  62. clarkmike
    RT @paulricenhs: Impressive passionate leadership re connected health/ #telehealth at ECHAlliance in Belfast 2 day. Minister Poots even popped in to endorse!
  63. clarkmike
    ‘The future of #telehealth‘ – panel of GP’s and experts – @pulsetoday in association with @3MillLives

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