News Summary – 15 December 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    US Study – hospital alarm systems to prevent/reduce falls – no difference when compared to control group – NY Times –
  2. claireOT
    Great question by DM- what’s the best Journal to publicise health/ #socialmedia interventions in? @clarkmike @VictoriaBetton @dramirhassan?
  3. clarkmike
    ‘@claireOT @VictoriaBetton @dramirhassan – Depends on type/size of study, peer review, opinion piece/general article, online v print etc
  4. clarkmike
    ‘@claireOT @VictoriaBetton @dramirhassan – articles popping up in different journals, example of open peer review at JMIR
  5. clarkmike
    ‘@claireOT @VictoriaBetton @dramirhassan – wait times still long for many journals and easy for study/article to get out of date
  6. clarkmike
    ‘@claireOT @VictoriaBetton @dramirhassan – some jnls/newspapers have supplements on Health IT/Tech (Times, HSJ), also conf calls for papers
  7. lesleyahpd
    @clarkmike @claireOT @VictoriaBetton @dramirhassan agree in principle, bt these generic messages would value credence in these prof groups
  8. claireOT
    @clarkmike @victoriabetton @lesleyahpd @dramirhassan could use Gdn healthcare network, EHI, HSJ? They’re my go-to publications.
  9. clarkmike
    @lesleyahpd @claireOT @VictoriaBetton If relevant to particular group eg nurses, OTs, docs then look at prof journals in UK
  10. clarkmike
    @claireOT @victoriabetton @lesleyahpd @dramirhassan – be aware that if already published elsewhere, many journals will not accept it
  11. clarkmike
    RT @BrianSMcGowan: What r the 5 skills u need to be ‘digitally’ empowered in your healthcare? #socialQI #hcsm

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