News Summary – 17 December 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    ‘Mind over matter helps paralysed woman control robotic arm’ via @guardian
  2. clarkmike
    ‘In pictures: 12 ways the iPad Is changing healthcare’ – ARN #telehealth
  3. clarkmike
    RT @Alzheimersworld: Worries about dementia: How hospitalization affects the elderly – Medical Xpress
  4. clarkmike
    ‘40% staff time wasted on emails’ – @nickatkin_hht at Halton HT looks at alternatives incl social media via @guardian
  5. clarkmike
    ‘How actors play a role in stroke rehabilitation’ via @guardian
  6. clarkmike
    ‘Integrated planning is vital to improving neurological care’ – estimated 10m people in UK affected via @guardian
  7. clarkmike
    Study in BMJ Open: Are elderly study participants more non-representative?
  8. clarkmike
    ‘Services must evolve & revolve around changing needs of patients – community services key’ – Rob Webster – NHS Voices
  9. clarkmike
    ‘NEPO Awards Framework for the Provision of Social Care eMarketplaces’ and
  10. clarkmike
    Improving adherence & management of symptoms for patients prescribed oral chemo agents – uses automated voice response
  11. clarkmike
    RT @TechCrunch: A List Of The Best Annual Tech Startup Events In Europe In 2013 by @mikebutcher
  12. clarkmike
    Part-time Clinical Informatics Director/CCIO sought by @NHSCB – more details –
  13. clarkmike
    Retailers and Twitter – 2 stories – reputation and sentiment and
  14. clarkmike
    RT @GdnHealthcare: #Socialcare, #NHS & #housing services must work together to make care more personalised, says Paul Woodward
  15. clarkmike
    Additional healthcare technology cooperatives announced from 1 Jan 13 by NIHR – 8 new HTCs – £6.4m funding over 4 years
  16. clarkmike
    Falls, meds adherence, chronic disease and self-mgmt – ‘US Healthy Ageing Programs: Secrets to Success’ – NCOA
  17. clarkmike
    BBC News: Video conf for Powys patients – Digital Wales scheme – also apps & PH messages via social media #telehealth
  18. clarkmike
    RT @paintoolkit2: Keep a look out for a Pain Toolkit ( web based app next year
  19. clarkmike
    RT @TheKingsFund: Just launched, our new conference will explore how health outcomes for local populations can be improved. Find out more
  20. clarkmike
    RT @FASTATUK: EU developing new KIC in 2014 for active and healthy ageing. TSB/Health KTN want to support UK orgs. Interested?
  21. clarkmike
    RT @iMedicalApps: iPod Touch being used during surgery to improve accuracy
  22. clarkmike
    ‘The doctor’s in, on Twitter’ – using social media to cover a new procedure or find study applicants – LA Times
  23. clarkmike
    Increased Use of Twitter at a UK Medical Conference: A Report and a Review of the Educational Opportunities – JMIR
  24. clarkmike
    Frost & Sullivan – GrandCare is 2012 Best Practices Award Winner – Elderly Health & Wellness Customer Value Enhancement
  25. nickatkin_hht
    @clarkmike Thanks for sharing Mike. Watch this space for more details!
  26. clarkmike
    Review of interventions to enhance access to best practice primary healthcare for chronic disease mgmt HT @directorhsc
  27. clarkmike
    RT @EIFonline: In Sweden 89% of population is online, however one million citizens are still offline there, says Jan Gulliksen Swedish #DigitalChampions
  28. clarkmike
    US Study: Telestroke Networks Can be Cost-Effective for Hospitals – Healthcare Informatics #telehealth
  29. clarkmike
    Video trailer for LeadingAge/CAST – tech to help older people remain at home #telehealth #innovateforage #telecare
  30. uk_james
    .@shirleyayres @gdnhealthcare @clarkmike this is exactly sort of thing we’re doing in #Kent-been this pm with colleagues from #NHS & housing
  31. clarkmike
    ‘Interventions for preventing falls in older people in care facilities and hospitals’ – Cochrane Updated
  32. clarkmike
    ‘Britons living longer than previously thought’ via @Telegraph
  33. clarkmike
    RT @tkelsey1: @nhscb tomorrow 8.10 on BBC 4 Today show – David Nicholson unveils patient manifesto.
  34. clarkmike
    RT @ehealthnews: eHealth Action Plan 2012 – 2020: Frequently Asked Questions
  35. uk_james
    @shirleyayres @gdnhealthcare @clarkmike we’d be happy to oblige I’m sure,one of first local (as opposed to county) HWBBs with cross org plan
  36. claireOT
    @uk_james it would be great if we could get them to report on a round-table discussion! With us!! @shirleyayres @gdnhealthcare @clarkmike
  37. uk_james
    @claireOT @shirleyayres @gdnhealthcare @clarkmike round table, telepathy!Was sitting round a table in well of Dover District Council chamber

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