News Summary – 26 to 31 December 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    Care of the elderly: it’s not too late to make Britain a good place in which to grow old | Will Hutton via @guardian
  2. clarkmike
    ‘Prescribe cheaper drugs, GPs told’ – analysis of statin prescribing via @Independent
  3. paintoolkit2
    Pete Moore Daily ▸ today’s top stories via @AnnNursingTimes @fentonaw… and thanks for your Birthday wishes
  4. clarkmike
    App converts hearing person’s voice into text & deaf user’s text response to voice over phone call
  5. clarkmike
    ‘Head of @nhsconfed @FarrarMike calls for new deal with public on #NHS and urges people not to fear change’
  6. clarkmike
    RT @nhsemployers: Will social media become more important to the #NHS in 2013? – Read Dean Royle’s blog for his predictions #NHSSM
  7. clarkmike
    ‘Thousands of elderly needlessly in hospital’ – delayed discharges, less community support? via @Telegraph
  8. clarkmike
    ‘One in three have online medical record in England – estimated 22m summary care records’ via @Telegraph
  9. clarkmike
    JMIR: The Smartphone in Medicine: Review of Current & Potential Use Among Physicians & Students #telehealth #mhealth
  10. clarkmike
    JMIR: Improving #Diabetes Management With a Patient Portal: Qualitative Study of a Diabetes Self-Management Portal
  11. clarkmike
    JMIR: Increasing Physical Activity With Mobile Devices: A Meta-Analysis
  12. clarkmike
    JMIR: The Impact of Electronic Patient Portals on Patient Care: A Systematic Review of Controlled Trials
  13. clarkmike
    Is technology linked to obesity in industrailised countries? Could it also be a solution? Huff Post via @HealthyLiving
  14. clarkmike
    ‘Sure, Big Data Is Great. But So Is Intuition’ –
    Steve Lohr in the New York Times –
  15. clarkmike
    Will accountable care organisations be able to reduce Medicare readmissions? exploring #telehealth use – GovHealthIT
  16. clarkmike
    ‘Online patient portals: Unveiling the doctor’s note’ – Availability of ‘open notes’ – AmedNews –
  17. clarkmike
    RT @kenclemens: “@AARPIntl: Meet Roboy – possibly the blueprint for service robots in support of seniors,”, future assistive tech?
  18. clarkmike
    RT @trishgreenhalgh Writing conclusion to a paper. “The current generation of so-called assisted living technologies does not assist people

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