News Summary – 6 January 2012 Reply

  1. clarkmike
    CES 2013: Guardian previews this week’s show in Las Vegas #2012CES via @guardian
  2. clarkmike
    RT @ManeeshJuneja: Looking to launch your #digitalhealth product in UK, Health 2.0 London can help you engage with the UK ecosystem
  3. clarkmike
    ‘Getting Connecting with Emerging Fitness Technologies’ – CEA survey in advance of #2013CES & Digital Health Summit
  4. clarkmike
    ’50 Hottest Health And Fitness Apps, Gadgets And Startups Of 2012′ via @techcrunch
  5. clarkmike
    ‘How the Internet Changed Science Research and Academic Publishing – the New Research Economy’ via @HuffPostScience
  6. clarkmike
    ‘NHS being ‘atomised’ by expansion of private sector role, say docs’ 105 healthcare firms with AQP status via @guardian
  7. clarkmike
    ‘Top Five Areas for #Telehealth Growth’ – looking at Frost & Sullivan predictions via @hitconsultant
  8. clarkmike
    ‘M-health & health promotion: The digital cyborg and surveillance society’ – Deborah Lupton in Social Theory and Health
  9. clarkmike
    RT @ForbesTech: Will Your Next Computer Be In Your Car, On Your Face, On You Wrist Or In Your Ear?
  10. clarkmike
    RT @ManeeshJuneja: Providing exercise info to your doctor. Kaiser doctors prescribe exercise first, instead of medication… #obesity

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