News Summary – 7 January 2013 Reply

  1. RT @DyingMatters: Study: email alerts may encourage cancer doctors to talk with terminally ill patients about their end-of-life wishes –
  2. RT @DyingMatters: Ace US initiative: launch of @prepareforcare, website encouraging people to plan medical care they may want in future
  3. Will The Quantified Self and self-tracking be one of the features of #2013CES? – Forbes
  4. Will NHS services be more integrated in a year’s time? @Paul_Corrigan blog
  5. RT @ManeeshJuneja: First of it’s kind in England, new OurHealth website launches today ourhealth.southeastcoast.nh…
  6. @clarkmike @Paul_Corrigan If the integration is focussed on patient experience,not structure or management then a chance for improvement.
  7. RT @TelehealthHull: DH launches competition to develop technologies that support people with mental health problems or those at end of life…
  8. @ManeeshJuneja Maneesh, Is there a hashtag for your care home tech event?
  9. @ManeeshJuneja Thanks for hashtag – hope event goes well – will follow at #health2eu
  10. Care homes: How can data and technology impact the lives of vulnerable patients? Event this evening – follow #health2eu
  11. RT @clarkmike Care homes: How data & tech impact the lives of vulnerable patients Event this eve – follow #health2eu
  12. RT @GdnHealthcare: Have you heard about our new campaign? We want to celebrate #healthcare innovators! Find out more here:
  13. BBC Click – ‘Internet of Things’ – video – connected and enabled devices
  14. QoF consultation for 2014/15 incl #dementia, hypertension, CHD, diabetes, periph arterial disease, stroke – GPOnline

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