News Summary – 13 January 2013 Reply

  1. ‘Is this the loneliest generation? Govt trying to quantify social isolation amid health fears’ via @Independent
  2. ‘Computers are meaningless in health care without computable data’ via @kevinmd
  3. Implementation factors & their effect on e-Health service adoption in rural communities: a systematic literature review
  4. From the U.S.: Mobile Health App Lets Users Set Price For Medical Treatments – searchable providers & Request for Quote
  5. ‘Fitbug Launches New Suite of Health Trackers’ – activity, weight, BP… via @mashable
  6. How good are #healthapps for HIV/STD?
    JMIR study suggests important features are lacking #mhealth #digitalhealth
  7. From the U.S.: Security compliance of mobile health devices – practical steps for HIPAA – JDSupra #mhealth
  8. Via @clarkmike: JMIR: The Impact of Electronic Patient Portals on #Patient Care: Systematic Review of Trials #ECR #NHS
  9. Open311 – What is it, and why is it good news for both governments and citizens? – MySociety
  10. @clarkmike @kevinmd You might add ‘accurate data’. Check out the HES A E data for a start
  11. ‘Surveillance Swoops Into Health Care’ – Good Samaritan’s LivingWell@Home – AARP Blog via @AARP #telecare #telehealth
  12. ‘Ambio Health Debuts Remote Health Monitoring System at 2013 CES’ – FortMillTimes #telecare #telehealth
  13. ‘Touchscreen Monitor Lets Doctors Monitor Patients Remotely’ – Sotera Wireless – via Gajitz #telehealth #digitalhealth
  14. Critical care transport team use iPad & FaceTime to check Pts on the move – Delaware U.S. #telehealth #digitalhealth
  15. Dutch HF study (JMIR): ‘Clear goals, protocols required for effective telemonitoring’ #telehealth
  16. ‘Staffing levels, skill mix and possibility of bonus payments for not sending an ambulance at LAS’ via @Telegraph
  17. FDA gives green light to remote monitoring using physician crowdsourcing for clinical trial – via AmedNews #telehealth
  18. ‘Could private NHS providers be in line for corporation tax exemption?’ via @guardian
  19. RT @profchrisham: why we need a wider range of housing options appropriate to needs of older people. Join the debate… #kfthink

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