News Summary – 14 January 2013 Reply

  1. ‘Society’s problems risk overwhelming the NHS’ – hospitals caring for those who cannot live independently via @guardian
  2. RCGP: ‘Personal Health Budgets will help People with Long Term Health Problems’ – guidance Commissioning GP
  3. RT @DMAILhealth: Nintendo Wii: Playing on games console could help children who struggle to co-ordinate their movements
  4. Irish Govt reverses personal alarm cuts decision for older people – budget reinstated via @rtenews and @telecareaware
  5. RT @NuffieldTrust: Download our new iPhone/iPad app, Health Talks, from the iTunes store, for exclusive video interviews w/ health experts
  6. RT @clarkmike: Irish Govt reverses personal alarm cuts decision 4 older ppl – budget reinstated via @rtenews #ageing
  7. ‘Mobile Health Around the Globe: Health Tech in the 21st Century’ – growing involvement of Telcos #mhealth #telehealth
  8. @ChiCustard Thanks for video link reminder – have had contact with Norfolk over recent years
  9. @clarkmike love to do more work in this area, am creative problem solver, keep coming up with telecare ideas but have no place 2 take them
  10. RT @AidisTrust: New ‘leap’ in computer interaction? Mouseless computer access. #2013CES #BBC #technology
  11. Mayo Study: Successful implementation of #telemedicine-based counseling program for breast cancer patients #telehealth
  12. Online Social Networking for HIV Education and Prevention: A Mixed-Methods Analysis – study using Facebook
  13. Can a Website Computer-Tailored Physical Activity Intervention Be Acceptable, Usable, and Effective for Older People?
  14. VIDEOCARE: Decentralised psychiatric emergency care through videoconferencing
  15. Study: Effect of Patient Activation on Self-Management in Patients With Heart Failure
  16. Social Networking for HIV Education and Prevention:Mixed-Methods Analysis – study using Facebook v @clarkmike #nhssm
  17. iMA Journal Club: Study on using mobile technology to supplement weight loss via @imedicalapps
  18. Monthly news on #telehealth #telecare #digitalhealth via ALIP/KTN and TelecareLIN – 1000 news links last month
  19. RT @TelehealthHull: Article and audio interview discussing the readmission risk associated with ‘post-hospital syndrome’… via @NEJM
  20. ‘Council staff lack skills to commission public services, survey finds’ via @guardian
  21. RT @JDementiaCare: Alive to new possibilities! Tim Lloyd-Yeates in latest Jnl of Dementia Care on using i-Pads with people with dementia
  22. From U.S., Walgreens Pharmacy involved in 3 accountable care orgs – lump sum to care for group of seniors – Wash Post
  23. Despite Potential Benefits, Medicare Is Slow to Connect With #Telehealth – Medicare News Group
  24. ‘The doc will see you now’ – on the Internet -‘Pts like convenience, but diagnoses can go awry’ – USAToday #telehealth
  25. RT @katiemantell: Looking for our first Digital Comms Intern – a great opp to get (paid) experience in a leading health thinktank/charity
  26. Paul Glasziou (BMJ):Most innovations are not advances – innovation evaluation=progress – new is not necessarily better
  27. ‘Touch Surgery app allows surgeons to practice operations on virtual patients’ via @imedicalapps

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