News Summary – 18 January 2013 Reply

  1. NHS Medical director says present ‘fragmented’ system of A&E & walk-in centres is confusing for public via @guardian
  2. ‘Ministers urged to find £2bn to fund ‘moderate’ social care threshold’ – Community Care
  3. Patient engagement – personalised, Interactive care on hosp TV screen – pain mgmt, discharge planning, meds info etc
  4. Interesting features on hosp system for pt engagement – GetWellNetworks -via HealthworksCollective
  5. ‘Interactive simple #telehealth for the management of blood pressure’ – NICE Shared Learning Database via @NHSSimple
  6. RT @RichardatKF: Health & care at home – does our thinking need to be more radical ? My latest thoughts for @insidehousing… #kfthink
  7. #ff to @worcs_telecare @WEL_Being – providing #telecare and related housing, social care & health services round the clock in all weathers
  8. @clarkmike using Skype for friends and familly is the place to start for many, you dont rush up to a horse for same reason, gentle steps.
  9. @clarkmike The person I care for is going on-line soon, just needs to be given time, then GP consultations no problem, his familly r in Oz
  10. @RichardatKF @metoffice Richard, also Met Office Healthy Outlook #telehealth alerts for COPD in parts of the country
  11. ‘@ChiCustard Some concerns remain about web-based video for health in the U.S. where they have to look at HIPAA reqmts
  12. @clarkmike 🙂 Whatever means of connectivity, the ability to have extra benefit like Skype built in might make it a softer start 2 implement
  13. @clarkmike The dual function engages the user, lets them go at their own pace, reduces loneliness, the interface is important, no buttons
  14. @clarkmike Finger print scanner would help secure it, prove ID on #telehealth side etc, work for shared users in a home even
  15. RT @RoyLilley: RT @legalaware: “Cui bono” again – who exactly stands to gain from the NHS IT initiative? << this is VERY good
  16. @clarkmike Can see the compliance issue, thanks, integration always hits the wall with “security” concerns when medical meets social I guess
  17. ‘@ChiCustard Link for NHS Connecting for Health Guidance on Skype for remote consultations
  18. @clarkmike You sir are a true data hound… I was looking for a South East Asian Fish curry recipe, only kidding! thanks as always Mike
  19. Effect of a home telecare program on oral health among adults with tetraplegia: a pilot study #telehealth
  20. Study protocol: Effectiveness/cost-effectiveness of telephone triage of patients requesting same day GP consultations
  21. How Restyling the Mundane Medical Record Could Improve Health Care | Wired Design |…

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