News Summary – 19 January 2013 Reply

  1. ‘@uk_james Falls as part of Pt engagement & personalised, Interactive care on hosp TV/cptr with web access – EMR link
  2. @clarkmike @TheKingsFund @shirleyayres @uk_james thanks Mike – this is great,another for the website refresh. I appreciate your help.
  3. ‘@dragonmisery CCG List was updated in Jan 2013 – – only 8 currently fully authorised without conditions ready for Apr
  4. ‘Elderly care cost cap could be announced next week – limit of £65 to £75k now expected’ via @Telegraph
  5. @uk_james @clarkmike james we can explore this if we feel it would be helpful. I will ask our team what they think.
  6. @julie_pearce1 @uk_james System seems to join up some interesting features – more info on company website
  7. @clarkmike @julie_pearce1 might be worth looking at, don’t know what fall rate like at @EKHUFT – Debbie J is coming to…
  8. @clarkmike cheers Mike, another fab link for the website. Thanks for your help – it’s much appreciated
  9. Prescribed self-help books on NHS can be effective treatment for depression, study suggests

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