News Summary – 22 January 2013 Reply

  1. RT ‏@clarkmike:
    E-Health Insider: ‘The revolution will be digitised’ – @tkelsey1 @nhscb
  2. @clarkmike good research for me that, thanks for the constant flow of information
  3. ‘Patients who self track their data: Curb your enthusiasm’ #quantifiedself via @kevinmd
  4. Data quality may also be issue MT @clarkmike:’Patients who self track their data: Curb your enthusiasm’ #quantifiedself
  5. ‘The 10 things councils can learn from housing associations and Almos’ via @guardian
  6. Wellbeing angle: RT @clarkmike: ‘The 10 things councils can learn from housing associations and Almos’ via @guardian
  7. BBC Inside Out video on #telehealth featuring @kent_cc now available at – the #telehealth section starts at 10 minutes
  8. Short BBC News item – Could #telehealth revolutionise NHS patient care? Longer version (at 10m)
  9. Group developing “gold standard” for cognitive screening apps to detect Alzheimer’s disease – MedCity News: #dementia
  10. Is there a link between staff numbers on hosp wards & complications/infections? – Soton/Imperial Study via @Telegraph
  11. RT @JITScotland: Telehealth in Scotland: Health services now being delivered via video link to police custody suites and prisons.… @NHS24
  12. ‘Hard to reconcile U.S./worldwide #telehealth numbers from different sources’ via @mobilehealth
  13. RT @HSJnews: Do you provide excellent care for patients with diabetes? Enter the Care Integration Awards today #CINTawards
  14. ‘1 Million VA Patients Can Now Access Their Complete Health Record’ via
  15. ‘@uk_james From Canada, webinar on hip protectors in long-term care (tested in Kent) – Feb 20 #fallschat
  16. @uk_james Use of #Telecare within Approaches to Improve Prevention and Management of Falls & Fractures #fallschat
  17. ‘Patients must be involved in decisions to change their medication’ – impact of shape/colour changes via @guardian
  18. E-Health Insider: ‘Scotland gets GP info service’
  19. ‘What Physicians need to know about the mobile health/fitness app products presented at 2013 CES’ via @imedicalapps
  20. RT @TheKingsFund: Is reconfiguration necessary to deliver care in the future? We hear from @FarrarMike in our #kfthink vox pop
  21. RT @tkelsey1: Great meeting @rcplondon on shaping future of #NHS through #open data and better use of tech. Clinicians have to lead this revolution @nhscb
  22. ‘Turning Information Into Impact: Digital Health’s Long Road Ahead’ – Forbes #digitalhealth #telehealth
  23. RT @JITScotland: We have embraced video conferencing as a way of reaching remote patients in the Highlands and Islands –… @scotgovhealth
  24. RT @KT_Equal: Do you work with older people with sight loss? Join our workshop event with @rnib @TPTgeneral 7 Feb, Leeds.
  25. ‘Senior housing sensor adoption – more work needed’ – Laurie Orlov’s Blog
    @AgingTech #telecare #digitalhealth
  26. ‘@uk_james – falls prevention articles for your upcoming #fallschat by Laurie Orlov at @AgingTech #telecare
  27. ‘@UK_james Falls among the elderly: key is prevention, not detection – Audrey Kinsella in JAT #fallschat
  28. ‘@uk_james Gill Ward’s work at Coventry & West Midlands on falls monitors #fallschat
  29. @clarkmike @uk_james Tai Chi has much to offer, valid research in US confirms fall reduction.
  30. ‘@uk_james – DHHS Aging Services Technology Study – Report to Congress (June 2012) – Chap 1 on falls #fallschat
  31. @clarkmike biggest barrier has to be the #perception that #mHealth is a gimmick because not everyone has one or knows how to use it…
  32. @clarkmike @uk_james My teacher does short sessions in care homes with both residents and staff getting involved, benefits not just balance
  33. ‘#Telemedicine for all’ – Eric Wicklund at HealthcareITNews – newer business models developing in #telehealth
  34. ‘@ChiCustard @uk_james Yes, other examples in UK/U.S. – balance, gait easier to measure on functional assessment
  35. NHS defends £1.8m #telehealth system – York Press covers North Yorks discussions as CCGs prepare to take over from PCT
  36. E-Health Insider: @NHSCB appoints Ming Tang as Director of Data & Info Mgmt Systems supporting new CSUs
  37. RT @BAOTCOT: Read about COT’s response to the draft care and support bill here:
  38. RT @VISION2020UK: Excellent meeting of our Technology for Life group today talking about Smart ticketing, interactive maps and #Surface #accessibility
  39. From the U.S. – web-based #telemedicine platform for video consults and #telepsychiatry from CloudVisit – via IBTimes
  40. ‘Do patient portals increase patient engagement?’ – study references via @kevinmd
  41. New Mayo Study – Skin ailments, joint disorders, back pain are most common reasons for visits to U.S. healthcare
  42. ‘The loneliness epidemic’ – disability, ill health, living alone for older people can lead to isolation via @guardian
  43. RT @tkelsey1: In March at #nhsexpo we’ll be launching world’s best directory of online tools for patients – some amazing ones – well done @mr_indisingh!
  44. ‘Blood screening that is preventing heart attacks – but not in England’ via @guardian
  45. Business models of #digitalhealth technologies: Implications of ROI | mHIMSS
  46. ‘Barnet’s ‘easyCouncil’ faces judicial review over outsourcing’ via @guardian
  47. ‘Text Messages Could Encourage Teens To Adopt Healthy Habits’ – iHealthBeat – #mheaoth #telehealth #digitalhealth
  48. ‘Cornwall council’s privatisation compromise’ – latest references to #telecare and #telehealth centre via @guardian
  49. ‘New HIPAA rule & mobile patient information’ – security of health info on smartphones in U.S. FierceMobileHealthcare
  50. RT @dsgold: Data point of the day: 80% of patient data is unstructured | Infographic via @hitconsultant #digitalhealth
  51. “@clarkmike: Follow @colintwangel – Good to see more tweets on #socialcare and #homecare in the UK” <– You are very kind, Mike. Thanks.
  52. RT @directorhsc: Home care across Europe: current structure and future challenges
  53. From @eHealthNews: ‘How IT Can Drive Integrated Health and Social Care’ – Harris Healthcare at June Commissioning Show
  54. ‘@shirleyayres @colintwangel CCGs will also have AQP (Any Qualified Provider) directories – need more integrated approach for care choices
  55. @clarkmike good point Mike I’m wondering how the links will be made with CCGs & #socialcare services @colintwangel
  56. ‘@shirleyayres @colintwangel@tkelsey1 talks about ‘seamless, integrated customer service platform’ in EHI article

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