News Summary – 23 January 2013 Reply

  1. ‘DH to investigate rationing of #diabetes test strips’ – via Pulse Today
  2. Second wave of CCGs authorised | Pulse Today – further 67 added to 34 in Wave 1 (211 is target by April 2013)
  3. ‘Change in the law needed to protect vulnerable people’ – new bill on corporate neglect from @paulburstow via @guardian
  4. ‘@dragonmisery Video at 1m42s covers smarpthone care plan app for early #dementia – calendar, everyday tasks, find me
  5. RT @Crouchendtiger7: Alarm at rise in UK suicide rate via @guardian behind every stat is a story – this is my brother’s…
  6. RT @NuffieldTrust: Learn more about the health & #socialcare #ratingsreview scope, purpose and timescales through this background Q&A
  7. Study: Reliability of #Telemedicine in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea Syndrome
  8. Study: A Low-Cost Mobile Adaptive Tracking System for COPD Patients in Home Environment #mhealth #telehealth
  9. Study: Conceptual Framework for Development of Comprehensive e-Health Evaluation Tool
  10. @NHSSimple @jhardingNHS Are there any updates on the latest numbers of people and organisations benefiting?
  11. @clarkmike Thanks Mike – a fascinating piece of film, and I’m so grateful to you for sharing. I wonder what #carers would make of this?
  12. @clarkmike @jhardingnhs 1k pts actually used Flo in Dec. Expecting large increase in coming months as projects start to mature.
  13. @dragonmisery Lee always worth looking at what they are doing in Scandinavian countries – lots of ideas and innovation
  14. @clarkmike thanks for the tip, I’ve sort of lost the thread of what they’re doing but you’ve given me the motivation to have a look 🙂
  15. JMIR: Evaluating Internet-Based Self-Help Intervention for Prevention of Depression: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
  16. RT @NHSSimple: @clarkmike @jhardingnhs 1k pts actually used Flo in Dec. Expecting large increase in coming months as projects start to mature.
  17. ‘Social Media Changes Healthcare Landscape’ – book on social media for nurses via @InformationWeek
  18. RT @COPDdoc: Our paper on locally enhanced servce for COPD – effect on current and projected diagnostic rates… @PCRSUK @ImpressLung
  19. ‘Growth of #telehealth, Parkinson’s treatment pipeline propels Great Lakes NeuroTech into new markets’ – MedCity News
  20. RT @clarercgp: Tomorrow @andyburnhammp launching Health & Care Policy Review:Whole-Person Care: New approach for 21st century.Looking forward to hearing it
  21. #telehealth monitoring – U.S hospitals looking to reduce readmissions/avoid penalties – InMedica/Information Week
  22. Andy Burnham on Labour’s health & care policy review – whole person care via @Telegraph & follow @thekingsfund on Thurs
  23. ‘Transplant patient receives bionic hand with electronic fingers’ via @Telegraph

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