News Summary – 24 January 2013 Reply

  1. Whole person care & merging health and social care to address gaps in service – to be covered by @andyburnhammp today
  2. RT @seniorhomes: Remote Monitoring Technology in Senior Living Prompts “Big Brother” Comparisons
  3. ‘The remote care revolution needs a boost’ – Prof James Barlow – free article at @HSJnews #telecare #telehealth
  4. ‘Impact measurement is essential to winning public service contracts’ via @guardian
  5. RT @profchrisham: Labour’s ideas on health and social care similar to Lib Dems pre-election. Where does this take coalition politics?
  6. ‘CMO tells MPs that antibiotic-resistant disease should be added to national risk register’ via @guardian
  7. ‘Local government without the census’ – Govt considers axing 2021 census via @guardian
  8. Looking forward to @andyburnhammp speech at the @TheKingsFund today setting out Labour’s thinking on future of health & care HT @clarkmike
  9. RT @shirleyayres: Looking forward to @andyburnhammp speech at the @TheKingsFund today setting out Labour’s thinking on future of health & care HT @clarkmike
  10. ’67 new clinical commissioning groups given green light to take control of NHS budgets’ – via @NHSCB
  11. Pulse Today looks at the numbers of patients who have registered on the boundary pilots scheme that runs till Sept 2013
  12. Have NHS managers got the right skills? Richard Vize in the Guardian via @guardian
  13. RT @shirleyayres: Still time to book for the Challenge of Measuring Social Impact debate tonight! @hubwestminster #hubmsi
  14. RT @designcouncil: The next 20 yrs will see a 50% rise in >65s, how can we improve products & services to meet their needs? #ageingbetter
  15. @designcouncil @clarkmike What needs will you have? It could be you that you’re talking about here! 😉
  16. RT @HSJnews: Free on Burnham plans £60bn NHS cash handover to councils
  17. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare “I want to open up new possibilities – starting with people want from a 21st century health&social care service”
  18. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare “hospitals today are not equipped to deal with complexity of our patient population”. Nurses struggling to cope with this
  19. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare “exclusion of social care from health means that we are stuck in patient rather than person centred model”
  20. RT @Marina_Soteriou: Labour says #NHS is patient centred not person centred, gaps in three different care services becoming dangerous #GPnews
  21. RT @dwilliamsHSJ: Burnham: separate incentives for nhs and soc care is financial madness. If we don’t do better, DGHs will become warehouses for older ppl.
  22. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare One budget-one service world leads to all kinds of possibilities. From “home to hospital”
  23. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare #NHS would be paid more to keep people at home rather than admitting them. Makes sense
  24. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare We can evolve DGH into an integrated care provider, from home to hospital. (mentions Torbay)
  25. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare on any given day around 30-40% beds occupied by over people, if given better social care facilities, don’t need to be there
  26. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare At the moment we commission health services- challenge is too shift to good-population health
  27. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare The one-person-one-budget approach will ensure we make the most of a single budget.
  28. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare CCGs will be retained. …but #NHS Act will be repealed – “not worthy of the #NHS
  29. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare 2 options for funding social care a) only pay as much as you need too (voluntary approach) b) an all-in system
  30. RT @clarercgp: #wholepersoncare @andyburnhammp suggesting an option all-in payments for social care,i.e.we all pay along the years and free at point of use
  31. RT @EHealthInsider: Latest news on EHI More GPs in Web – More than 1,600 GP practices are live with EMIS Web.
  32. RT @TheKingsFund: Our response to @andyburnhammp‘s speech launching the Labour Party’s health and care policy review:
  33. Study on diabetes self monitoring with mobile phones and NFC shows promise… via @imedicalapps
  34. RT @UKonlinecentres: exploring how older people can be helped to keep using computers if capabilities & circumstances change #socialdigital
  35. ‘Quality in the new health system – maintaining and improving quality from April 2013’ via @nhscb
  36. ‘Supporting People funding boost is a mirage for cash-strapped councils’ via @guardian
  37. RT @TeleServAssoc: New tender opportunity for a #telecare service is now on the @TeleServAssoc website. More info here
  38. RT @telecareaware: #telecare #telehealth Is ‘independence’the key reason people value telecare and telehealth?
  39. ‘Francis report will be biggest leadership challenge the NHS has seen’ – Dean Royles, NHS Employers via @guardian
  40. RT @rjonesplymouth: 96% of Dutch have home Internet connection at home – highest in Europe (vs about 80% in UK)…
  41. ‘New app with chest patch monitors heart rate, respiration’ – HealthcareITNews #mhealth
  42. ‘DH asks GPs to design alternative to #dementia DES’ – News Article | Pulse Today:
  43. Twitter is soft-launching embedded videos within tweets, using a special mobile app called Vine – FastCompany
  44. From the U.S.- ‘More consumers want to make healthcare decisions’ – Health Populi
  45. Study: The social considerations for moving health services into the home: A #telecare perspective
  46. Jonathan Linkous @AmericanTelemed – ‘Pub Policy for #Telehealth in 2013: It’s Time for Govt To Lead or Get Out of Way’
  47. RT @directorhsc: Quantifying Short-Term Dynamics of Parkinson’s Disease Using Self-reported
    Symptom Data From an Internet Social Network
  48. ‘NHS chief: stop playing politics with hospital closures’ via @guardian
  49. Misses the point – my home, my health convince me! RT @clarkmike social considerations for moving health into the home

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