News Summary – 25 January 2013 Reply

  1. RT @directorhsc: Quantifying Short-Term Dynamics of Parkinson’s Disease Using Self-reported
    Symptom Data From an Internet Social Network
  2. ‘NHS chief: stop playing politics with hospital closures’ via @guardian
  3. Misses the point – my home, my health convince me! RT @clarkmike social considerations for moving health into the home
  4. ‘Handing healthcare funding to local government would be a shakeup too far’ – Richard Vize at Guardian via @guardian
  5. BBC News: Researchers claim NHS drug decisions ‘are flawed’ – discussions over using Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALY)
  6. ‘@UK_James #socialbydesign – Kent Dir – link to Google Map locations? CQC reports? Contributions updated? Speed of locating anything useful?
  7. #socialbydesign – Kent Dir – if people wanted to find care home – they would Google ‘care home in Canterbury’ – no mention of KCC in results
  8. @uk_james @clarkmike raises interesting Q about the role of councils in providing #care info, advice & support! #socialbydesign
  9. #socialbydesign If people want ‘disability equipment in Kent’ – they are most likely to Google it – no mention of KCC in results
  10. #socialbydesign Kent Dir – if people want ‘Telecare in Kent’, KCC comes up in results but no service info – will go elsewhere for info
  11. #socialbydesign – Kent Dir – need to be top of list on Google (£) or at least in top 5 – people unlikely to click more than 3-5 times
  12. #socialbydesign – Kent Dir – if you want to engage people on social media then use #kentcarehome #kentassistedliving so that they can search
  13. #socialbydesign – Unclear in Kent soc media who is speaking ‘officially’ – people have ‘own views’ disclaimers on profiles yet refer to orgs
  14. @clarkmike That can be dealt with by simple naming conventions. Their bigger issue is nervousness of allowing people to speak “officially”.
  15. @clarkmike (re prev tweet) On social media that is. Strange. They use e-mail, phone etc “officially” already, of course.
  16. ‘@uk_james @shirleyayres #socialbydesign CCGs need to be mindful of responsibilities, governance, authorisation level
  17. RT @HealthFdn: Less than two weeks to go to get in your entry for the Care Integration Awards 2013 – find out more abt the awards
  18. ‘Topol goes prime time with his message about smartphones, smart monitors’ via @mobilehealth #digitalhealth #telehealth
  19. ‘@Mark_Outhwaite #hii2 – more ppl in world have access to mob phone than electricity/water – hub for health & care is in our hands #21CCare
  20. @Mark_Outhwaite #hii2 Africa, India, China etc moving on quickly with mobile health – UK infrastructure/inertia a big barrier #21CCare
  21. ‘@Mark_Outhwaite #hii2 Although CCGs have innovation responsibility – unlikely to see much in short term. HWBs not in good position either
  22. @clarkmike my bet is on longitudinal monitoring of four vital signs using mobile device with algorithms doing prediction and feedback #hii2
  23. ‘@Mark_Outhwaite #hii2 Need to get balance right – some quant self activities will not be picked up by health profs
  24. ‘@Mark_Outhwaite #hii2 Also need some better evidence particularly around apps. Focus on FDA approved devices
  25. @clarkmike taking clinician out of the loop is part of the intention. Refocus them on interventions where prediction indicates
  26. E-Health Insider: ‘Leadership key to paperless NHS’ from @MBirty
  27. ‘@Mark_Outhwaite Yes, but need to understand a lot more about what data is telling us & refine algorithms to avoid false alarms etc
  28. ‘Nine Rules for Stifling Innovation’ from @RosabethKanter on HBR Blog – Innovation stiflers and promoters
  29. RT @NuffieldTrust: We are delighted to confirm @normanlamb will be speaking @ our Health Policy Summit, view the programme here: #ntsummit
  30. ‘Boyle review calls for more choice in public services’ – Cabinet Office
  31. ‘NHS Kent and Medway rolls out Personal Health Budgets for NHS Continuing Healthcare patients’ – This is Kent
  32. @clarkmike its already out there. Good example is simple wearable tech and algorithms that can spot and predict.
  33. RT @CommunityCare: Scrap preferred provider lists for social care, urges government review: Restrictions on how service… #socialwork
  34. @ClarkMike RT #telehealth to grow six-fold by 2017 – U.S hospitals looking to reduce readmission
  35. #FF @clarkmike my *go to* resource for updates on digital technology #telehealth #telecare & making sense of the #NHS reorganisation!
  36. RT @shirleyayres: #FF @clarkmike my *go to* resource for updates on digital technology #telehealth #telecare & making sense of the #NHS reorganisation!
  37. ‘Agile Health adds Facebook integration to text message-based smoking cessation’ via @mobilehealth
  38. ‘Robodocs’? ‘Tricorders’? How telemedicine will shape the future of health… via @gigaom
  39. ‘Is IT isolated in your organisation? Here are ten telltale signs in your IT strategy’ – Mark McDonald Blog at Gartner
  40. RT @RWW: If you’re not hearing a lot about ‘social enterprise’ these days, it may be because no one can figure out what it is.
  41. RT @shirleyayres: #FF @clarkmike my *go to* resource for updates on digital technology #telehealth #telecare & making sense of the #NHS reorganisation!
  42. ‘Video of AliveCor Heart Monitor in iPhone case featured on Fox News Housecall’ – currently physician use only #mhealth
  43. From Deloitte in the U.S.: 6 consumer segments navigate healthcare system in very different ways – implications
  44. RT @shirleyayres: #FF @clarkmike my *go to* resource for updates on digital technology #telehealth #telecare & making sense of the #NHS reorganisation!
  45. RT @medcitynews: What if your electronic medical record looked like it was created by a graphic desginer?

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