News Summary – 28 January 2013 Reply

  1. ‘It will please Mrs Lilley’ from ‏@RoyLilley – A Christmas present, The Boyle Report and using Skype & FaceTime
  2. RT @mellojonny: @RoyLilley Skype has several disadvantages over phone or face to face consultations:…
  3. RT @nhsconfed: Paul Burstow: Now is the time for action if we want to ensure a sustainable #NHS, & social care system @paulburstow
  4. RT @Mental_Elf: New evidence on motivation enhancement therapy and telephone monitoring in NICE summary on alcohol misuse
  5. RT @nhsconfed: HWBs should take advantage of experience & connections of established providers says our new report #Hwblearn
  6. Survey from Pew – 69% U.S. adults track a health indicator for themselves or loved one – mostly informal, some tech
  7. RT @quantifiedself: Pew Internet Research: 21% Self-Track with Technology. Our conversation with…
  8. ‘More Using Electronics to Track Their Health’ – significant industry growth and app development – NY Times
  9. Is there a growing expectation that healthcare will need to provide digital tech comms to Pts? – Beckers Review
  10. RT @clarkmike: ‘More Using Electronics to Track Their Health’ – significant industry growth & app dvlpmnt – NY Times
  11. ‘Should small businesses outsource their social media work?’ via @guardian
  12. E-Health Insider: ‘Paperless NHS a ‘struggle’ to achieve’
  13. ‘How CCGs can commission to support those in poor housing’ via @guardian
  14. RT @clarkmike: ‘More Using Electronics to Track Their Health’ – significant industry growth & app dvlpmnt – NY T…
  15. Remote patient monitoring – not easy to reconcile current estimates, growth projections via @mobilehealth #telehealth
  16. ‘@sarahfraser @shirleyayres #telehealth predictions – Berg say 9.4m by 2017 (with current 2.8m) versus inMedica report
  17. ‘@sarahfraser @shirleyayres We have had all sorts of forecasts/predictions/estimates for many years – different defns and data gathering
  18. @clarkmike thanks Mike you’ve just answered the question I was about to ask about the significant numerical differences! @sarahfraser
  19. Departmental Overview: A summary of the NAO’s work on the Department of Health 2011-12 – Jan 2013
  20. RT @NuffieldTrust: Want to know more about our work looking at new forms of integrated care to improve quality & value in the #NHS?
  21. RT @AdelinaCoHe: The spectre of loneliness in old age: 1 in 3 grandparents don’t see grandchildren regularly…
  22. RT @dragonmisery: Guidance published on “Difficult Conversations in #Dementia” end of life conversations… @DHgovuk
  23. E-Health Insider: Reaction from experts on ‘paperless NHS by 2018’ from Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt
  24. ‘Improving personal budgets for older people’ Phase 1 Review available via @tlap1
  25. RT @Jeremy_Hunt: Just been 2 Airedale hosp & seen some of best tech anywhere in NHS including digital patient records shared with GPs – and gr8 patient care
  26. ‘Many people still technology-adverse when it comes to tracking health issues’ – Pew Research via @CBSNews
  27. RT @pewinternet: 46% who track their health say it has changed their overall approach to maintainig health for themselves or another
  28. ‘Wearables deserve attention, but fitness wearables are overhyped’ – Forrester
  29. Public health surveillance strategy overview published by @dhgovuk
  30. ‘The age of context, our anticaptory and personalised future’ – slideshare from Robert Scoble
  31. The Perfected Self – behaviour modification and smartphone apps – The Atlantic
  32. E-Health Insider :: ‘Scotland builds online mental health platform’
  33. MT @clarkmike: E-Health Insider :: ‘Scotland builds online mental health platform’ #ehealth #hcsmuk
  34. ‘My plan to save the NHS – in the nick of time’ | David Owen introduces Health Bill in the Lords via @guardian

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