News Summary – 31 January 2013 Reply

  1. ‘Spending on health & social care over the next 50 years’ – impacts of ageing, new medical technologies @theKingsFund
  2. ‘Health and social care could account for half of all Govt spending in 50 years’ – @thekingsfund report via @guardian
  3. ‘Health & social care could account for half of all Govt spending in 50 years’ @TheKingsFund HT @clarkmike
  4. RT @shirleyayres: ‘Health & social care could account for half of all Govt spending in 50 years’ @TheKingsFund HT @clarkmike
  5. ‘Tracking Health Indicators: The Role of #mHealth Technologies in Improving Outcomes’ – Healthworks Collective
  6. RT @shirleyayres: ‘Health & social care could account for half of all Govt spending in 50 years’ @TheKingsFund HT @clarkmike
  7. JMIR Study: Correlates of Health-Related Social Media Use Among Adults
  8. RT @AiredaleNHSFT: Our exciting telemedicine project set to help people with Parkinsons Disease has got in iNEWS – read more
  9. ‘Pioneering NHS trust goes paperless’ – St Helen’s & Knowsley online patient records via @guardian
  10. I could not be happier that I stumbled @clarkmike on to your system i’ve already banged 5 girls @StealthMoves07 in 10 days
  11. ‘AHRQ to look at use of health IT in the patient-centred medical home model’ – via GovHealthIT
  12. ‘South London Healthcare NHS Trust: Decision by Secretary of State’ @dhgovuk
  13. ‘Is Andy Burnham eyeing a US import for the NHS?’ – Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) via @guardian
  14. RT @telecarepro: Geonovo’s new complete #telecare / broadband / telephone service designed for telecare users & vulnerable individuals:…
  15. E-Health Insider ‘Dalton leaves NHS CB for BT health job’
  16. @yourcarehome interesting – Care homes with internet access < any thoughts about accuracy of info? HT @clarkmike
  17. @shirleyayres @clarkmike That may be of the care homes who pay them for a listing – there are another 20 ish,000 care homes.
  18. @shirleyayres @clarkmike I will ask NHS to include this as criteria on their new website. But again will only include homes who engage!
  19. @yourcarehome thanks Mark I was trying to recall whether listing was dependent on payment which will affect figures @clarkmike
  20. @clarkmike @shirleyayres not sure I posted thank you as Twitter seemed to go wrong at that point – so thanks again
  21. ‘@shirleyayres @RebelMouse is excellent – the new tabs feature is great. Important to keep tweets current though
  22. @clarkmike @shirleyayres Not sure, there will also be care homes for people with disabilities etc., Ask carehome they do tweet.
  23. ‘How to make sure the Mid Staffs horror never happens again’ by @profchrisham via @Telegraph
  24. RT @AgeingWellCymru: Productive meeting with 12 countries discussing collaborative action on falls prevention and a way to draw down EC funding via EIP group
  25. RT @AgeingWellCymru: Working or interested on falls prevention for elderly – gathering stakeholder repository for EC database . Contact me if interested. Thanks
  26. ‘@shirleyayres @RebelMouse is excellent – the new tab feature is great. Important to keep tweets current
  27. Provider-managed personal budgets ‘could end home care by the minute’ – 1/31/2013 – @CommunityCare @mithransamuel
  28. ‘Housing associations are becoming social investment groups’ via @guardian
  29. RT @TelehealthHull: JAMA Dermatology paper on variability in accuracy of smartphone apps for diagnosing melanoma… via @clarkmike #healthapps
  30. ‘GPs to prescribe self-help books for mental health problems’ via @guardian
  31. RT @MobiHealthNews: In #mHealth2013, Pharma companies are planning big moves into mobile and digital, says @mobilehealth
  32. RT @NEJM: Using health IT to triage decisions may help understaffed ICUs facing aging population, growing critical care demand.
  33. Evaluation of Web-Based Education Program Designed to Enhance Self-management Among Patients Living With Diabetes
  34. Study: Telecare for the elderly-community nurses’ experiences in taiwan

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