News Summary – 4 February 2013 Reply

  1. ‘Use of Health IT for Higher-Value Critical Care’ — NEJM
  2. Follow @KentSocialCare @uk_james at #fallschat today – how can a health & social care economy help reduce falls – saving injuries and £?
  3. #fallschat can you post links to JSNA data, falls prev strategy, current reduction targets, cost to local economy & any other data. Thanks
  4. #fallschat Do you have any info on national data and which part of the country most effective at reducing falls?
  5. @clarkmike we have started to collate resources shared and will be adding as the day progresses.…
  6. @clarkmike you are my *go to* resource for #telehealth #telecare & understanding the complexity of NHS reorganisation! @HSJnews #hsjlist
  7. ‘@OTalk_Occhat Did you pick up all the references I sent through a few days ago? #fallschat
  8. RT @OTalk_Occhat: @clarkmike we have started to collate resources shared and will be adding as the day progresses.…
  9. ‘@OTalk_Occhat No, I can’t see all of the references sent through to @uk_james in your Storify
  10. RT @shirleyayres: @Crouchendtiger7 I just hope #MidStaffs #Francis does not lead to a deluge of #socialcare reports – we need action not more words!
  11. ‘From Dull Existence to a Life Worth Living – How Technology Can Transform Old People’s Lives’ via @HuffPostUKTech
  12. RT @whocareswalsall: Basic equipment package is key safe pendant alarm and 24 hour response service available to any frail or vulnerable person #whocareswalsall
  13. From Dull Existence to a Life Worth Living – How Tech Transforms Old People’s Lives @HuffPostUKTech HT @clarkmike
  14. #fallschat On average, how many older people will fall in Kent & Medway today requiring medical attention? How many fractures? Cost?
  15. #fallschat Are there any programmes in care homes, hospitals, sheltered housing etc to prevent/reduce falls? Any examples with reductions?
  16. #fallschat Kent and Medway total popln of 1.6m suggests there could be 80,000 falls a year based on DH figs – would that be about right?
  17. ‘@HANDIhealth #fallschat I sent through several references including Scotland – not in current Storify list
  18. RT @clarkmike: #fallschat Kent and Medway total popln of 1.6m suggests there could be 80,000 falls a year based on DH figs – would that…
  19. #fallschat How will 8 new CCGs coordinate falls services with Kent & Medway Councils & providers to prevent/reduce falls by x% in 13/14?
  20. @clarkmike that’s why we’re all here today, good to be starting the conversation #fallschat
  21. #fallschat Are any local handyperson, housing, fire safety & #socialcare schemes available to help reduce falls at home?
  22. #fallschat Difficulty finding falls prevention materials on council/NHS websites for Kent & Medway apart from East Kent Service – directory?
  23. ‘@OTalk_Occhat @uk_james Have you got these #fallschat references – 8 listed through my daily log at
  24. @clarkmike @uk_james #fallschat 8 CCGs in one area?? We have one for the whole of Cumbria!
  25. ‘@gingermarm @uk_james #fallschat Previously 3 PCTs & 2 councils for Kent & Medway – now 8 CCGs – challenge for integration/coordination
  26. RT @innovate_uk: New competition: Technology Inspired Innovation, opens 18 Feb
  27. ‘@KentSocialCare #fallschat Is there a reference for the fractures cost? Is this solely from falls or all causes? Is it whole UK or England?
  28. #Telemedicine allows US pathologists & specialists to boost revenue by consulting with internt’l partners – DarkDaily
  29. #fallschat How many exercise classes in K&M set up specifically for falls prevention? How many people benefit each year?
  30. ‘Data from apps help athletes raise the bar’ – Boston Globe
  31. RT @ProFaNE2: One of our most popular resources Ten Steps to a Successful Exercise Pathway within Falls Services… #fallschat
  32. ‘NHS trusts should be more open about board performance’, says report via @guardian
  33. Falls prev through community intervention: Swedish example also work done in Scan countries on better eqpt #fallschat
  34. RT @Unlock_ability: If you are an independent OT put your FREE entry on our GFI Directory. directory.goingforindepende…
    Register with GFI today
  35. Seattle’s Carena Launches CareSimple: On-Demand 24/7 Webcam/Phone Visits with Doctors & Nurse Practitioners #telehealth
  36. RT @KentSocialCare: Hazel “Lots of examples where telecare has helped people to live independently in their own homes of longer” #fallschat
  37. ‘Can Govt afford to lose NHS leader, Sir David Nicholson?’ – Patrick Butler in the Guardian via @guardian
  38. From the U.S.: ‘F.T.C. Suggests Privacy Guidelines for Mobile Apps’ – NYTimes
  39. Hattie Llewelyn-Davies: ‘how can patients become more involved in care?’ via @TheKingsFund
  40. @clarkmike thy – I am writing in an Austrian Magazine abt the nhs trial do you hv any new updates/Papers? statements?
  41. ‘@KentSocialCare #fallschat Difficult to follow on Twitter what current position is in K&M & how it will be different in 2013/14 with 8 CCGs
  42. E-Health Reporter: Bill Gates Says that mHealth’s Time Has Come #mhealth
  43. RT @shirleyayres: Can social networking support disruptive care? < thanks to @iamwill & @richardatkf for the quotes!
  44. @wissit Sent through links and contact details. Hopefully will help with your article
  45. RT @RichardatKF: how voluntary sector can influence local commissioners/HWBs: useful guide… #hwblearn
  46. ‘How ‘light-touch’ direct payments can deliver for clients & taxpayers’ – self-assess adaptations via @communitycare
  47. More and more U.S. states introducing bills to break barriers to #telehealth HealthcareITNews
  48. ‘Mobile Technology Is Restrengthening the Health Industry’ – Healthcare Global #mhealth #telehealth #healthapps
  49. RT @TheKingsFund: How can organisations achieve the right culture of care? Our key analysis ahead of the #francis Inquiry report
  50. ‘Patients Still Tend to Mistrust Computerised Healthcare Diagnosis Tools’ – Study – via Atelier
  51. Establishing, Managing & Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians & Medical Practices
  52. ‘New Lippincott iPad app gives nurses offline access to nursing procedures’ via HealthcareITNews
  53. Study: Use of a Web-based Risk Appraisal Tool for Assessing Family History and Lifestyle Factors in Primary Care
  54. E-Health Insider: @NHSCB seeks ‘exemplar of interoperability’ – @tkelsey1
  55. ‘The ethics of EMR: How unproven technology affects patients’ via @kevinmd
  56. @sharonlecorre Hey, Sharon. I was given your @twitter details by @clarkmike. Could I email you about some research I’m doing on telecare?
  57. #fallschat Is there a simple audit tool to find out what services are available in a given area? Local service directories are poor
  58. #fallschat In Kent & Medway tomorrow – how many people will be spending 50% or 100% of their time on falls prevention? How coordinated?
  59. #fallschat If you use other names for ‘falls prevention’ services make sure they can be found at top of Google search list
  60. @clarkmike conclusion from today was not #coordinatedcare
    A lot of work to be done. Costly to treat people who have falled #fallschat
  61. #fallschat Some #telecare services can assist with home falls with appropriate training/eqpt – may not always need ambulance -protocols reqd
  62. ‘@uk_james #fallschat – unless priority with Health/Wellbeing Board how will K&M get 8 CCGs on board for coordinated health & #socialcare?
  63. RT @clarkmike: unless priority with Health/Wellbeing Board how will K&M get 8 CCGs on board for coordinated health & #socialcare? #fallschat
  64. @clarkmike agree – part of today was about building awareness and exposing some of the issues – an urgent call to action #fallschat
  65. @uk_james @clarkmike it’s a driver but work on the ground can also ensure it happens!
  66. #fallschat Need clear leadership & HWB/JSNA priority for falls prevention with good data and trained frontline staff incl housing, C/homes
  67. Good Q! @clarkmike unless Health/Wellbeing Board priority how will K&M get 8 CCGs on board for coordinated health & #socialcare? #fallschat
  68. @uk_james #fallschat – yes, needs urgent call to action – by end of week a number of older people with have fallen & had their lives changed
  69. @shirleyayres @clarkmike ? Admission Avoidance / improved patient outcomes / Invest to Save – possible starting points #fallschat
  70. #fallschat With small CCGs of 100k popln in Kent – may hit financial difficulties if they don’t risk stratify potential fallers – high £
  71. @shirleyayres @clarkmike there is a problem here in that everybody wants HWBs to give everything priority and they can’t
  72. @RichardatKF critical question here Richard how will Health & Wellbeing Boards determine priorities & avoid cost shunting? @clarkmike
  73. @shirleyayres @RichardatKF @clarkmike Check out massive variation in quality of JSNAs and HWBB plans on smoking cessation, a key priority.
  74. @HenryBurkitt I know that attending to falls costs the health service a lot of money – cost benefit analysis? @RichardatKF @clarkmike
  75. @shirleyayres @RichardatKF @clarkmike Preventing falls-related fractures is better served through bone density treatments in middle age.
  76. @HenryBurkitt it’s not my area of expertise but there were very practical & cost efficient ideas on #fallschat @richardatkf @clarkmike
  77. @clarkmike recommend any risk stratification tools for potential fallers
  78. RT @commonwealthfnd: The promise of #telehealth; reducing #readmissions through care provider collaboration & more in the new Connection
  79. ‘New Android app connects to wearable devices for biofeedback’ via @mobihealthnews
  80. ‘Docs avoid drug errors with mobile apps’ – HealthcareITNews #mhealth
  81. #fallschat From NPSF in U.S. – one-third of adults over 65 fall each year. 500k falls in hospitals
  82. ‘Beware the hype, hope and crowd testing of health tech’ – Laurie Orlov’s Blog #mhealth #telehealth
  83. ‘@RichardatKF @shirleyayres Big challenge for HWBs. If not priority then fragmented/uncoordinated care possible with so many small pop CCGs
  84. @RichardatKF @shirleyayres For HWBs, interested to see how large LA/1 CCG (eg Cumbria) compares to Large LA: multiple CCGs (Kent, Surrey)

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