News summary – 7 February 2013 Reply

  1. ‘Patient Engagement With Device Connectivity to Patient Portals’ – Beckers Hospital Review
  2. ‘@patientopinion Maybe we need to look at real time interaction/engagement at hosp bedside – US example of use of tech
  3. ‘@bill_russell3 US example of patient engagement/interaction at the hosp bedside linked to care plan, record, meds
  4. ‘@tkelsey1 Post-Francis, US tech example for pt engagement/interaction at hosp bedside with care plan, record, meds
  5. .@clarkmike much experience suggests feedback after discharge is more complete and considered than feedback while still in hospital bed
  6. ‘@patientopinion Post discharge is important but does not change poor care for that individual patient during time in hosp – may help others
  7. @clarkmike fair point – some doubts about what online has to offer here but keen to learn more 🙂
  8. ‘@patientopinion Needs patient engagement, interaction and feedback at all parts of care episode, journey, treatment plan
  9. ‘@patientopinion Whether you use tech or otherwise, patient perception of quality & how treated is affected by every contact with services
  10. ‘@patientopinion Your service and others are online – the issue is whether you build quality into services or track success/failure after
  11. ‘@mithransamuel Interesting, If LAs not reqd to keep record of unmet need, what would value of JNSA & HWB Strategy be?
  12. RT @HousingLIN: Prof Steve Field & Adam Steventon kick of York Assisted Living conf on changing values. Need patient-centric services #telecare #housing
  13. ‘Francis report highlights need for transparency in all public bodies’ via @guardian
  14. ‘CQC ‘can’t guarantee’ it would spot another Mid Staffs’ via @Telegraph
  15. @clarkmike I guess it would be seen as good practice to assess unmet need through JSNA and develop strategies to address, but no duty to.
  16. @clarkmike @Telegraph Defensive position adopted so soon after Francis does not inspire confidence.
  17. ‘@mithransamuel Just re-reading – could LA’s define more under ‘unmet’ needs & therefore not ‘relevant’ for JSNA?
  18. ‘@mithransamuel Presumably Healthwatch (rep on HWB Boards) could challenge non-inclusion of unmet needs in JSNA/HWB strategy
  19. ‘Francis report: culture change in the NHS will take years’ Richard Vize in the Guardian via @guardian
  20. @clarkmike Yes, not sure. Other issue is how data is gathered on unmet need – from individual assessments or broad population studies
  21. ‘@patientopinion Interested to know if any correlation between patientopinion data & additional 5 hosp investigation
  22. @mithransamuel Individual & Popln both important you would think. Some HWB Boards could be at risk if define ‘relevant need’ too narrowly
  23. @clarkmike you’ll have to read the stories and decide for yourself – they’re all public
  24. ‘Mobile internet devices ‘will outnumber humans this year” – Cisco via @guardian
  25. RT @nosmotHSJ: Final part of @HSJnews look ahead to 2030, and how technology is affecting the NHS working environment
  26. ‘E-Health Insider: National feedback system needed’ – Post-Francis options
  27. EHI:@paulhodgkin at @PatientOpinion, argues public feedback not pub inquiries are way to get compassion back into NHS
  28. @clarkmike @mithransamuel interesting, but would negate point & effectiveness of JSNA?
  29. ‘Using data to predict meds non-adherence with options for follow-up action’ – via @medcitynews
  30. @clarkmike @paulhodgkin @patientopinion Agree & can supply great examples from healthtalkonline @healthtalktweet. Anyone who wants, DM me.
  31. The ‘blue button’, MyHealtheVet and personal health records at the VA #digitalhealth
  32. E-Health Insider :: NHS CB tries to spot further Mid Staffs’…
  33. RT @EHIPrimaryCare: Telehealth hub at Airedale hospital is really impressive shows what can be done w mobile technology #ehi
  34. ‘7 Lessons From Early Adopters of Telehealth Programs’ – Becker’s Hospital Review
  35. RT @ClinicalTechnol: Telehealth booth being trialled in Britains most remote village
  36. RT @HousingLIN: Great day @NHConsortium conf. Tour de force to close on dallas and living well at home from @AlisonMlot & Sue Adams. #housing #telecare
  37. ‘AHRQ offers lessons and models from patient-centered IT pilots’ | Government Health IT #telehealth #digitalhealth
  38. RT @mobilehealth: .@nversel doesn’t believe that direct-to-consumer health tools stand a chance. #mHealth #digitalhealth
  39. ‘@patientopinion Difficult to make any links from stories themselves. Do you do any analysis & feedback to organisations mentioned?
  40. ‘Scottish doctors & nurses to train on robot patients at new clinical simulation centre’ – Scottish Government
  41. @clarkmike we alert organisations, advise on responding, and provide reporting. We don’t analyse all the stories ourselves.
  42. Is case management effective in reducing risk of unplanned hosp admissions for older people? Sys review/meta-analysis
  43. Pulse Today looks at whether the recent review of case management evidence supports a direct enhanced service proposal
  44. ‘InTouch Health Launches ControlStation Telemedicine App for iPad’ via @medgadget
  45. 33 days until Healthcare Innovation Expo, London -250 innovative orgs, 150 seminars, #dementia community #digitalhealth
  46. ‘Award-winning smartphone app helps prevent potentially fatal blood clots’ – Oxford Univ Hospitals – HT @MandyHollis3
  47. ‘@patientopinion Many thanks for getting back with extra information
  48. ‘MIT sets sights on open-source #mHealth during 11 day innovation hackathon event’ –
  49. @clarkmike no problem. Wish we could analyse all – but analysis depends on the question, which depends on the context…
  50. Study of 40,000 virtual healthcare consults using 24/7 online clinic #telehealth #digitalhealth
  51. @shirleyayres interesting blog from e-patient Dave deBronkart on requests etc
  52. @clarkmike Thanks for re-tweeting, much appreciated. Isn’t it great to see nurses leading on such innovation!
  53. ‘@MandyHollis3 Yes, great to see nurses involved in innovation, potentially saving lives with the app and receiving recognition as well
  54. RT @b_reginatto: Delighted with the publication of my article on barriers to #Telehealth adoption among #OlderPeople on IARIA journal
  55. ‘Massachusetts #Telehealth initiative to assist victims of sexual assault’ – FierceHealthIT
  56. ‘Five Ways of Achieving Patient Engagement: Part 1: WITHOUT Technology’ via @dlschermd
  57. ‘NHS enemies will declare the service broken. But it is not’ – Polly Toynbee via @guardian
  58. case management @clarkmike see @TheKingsFund at… reduce e.admissions unlikely but yes to lower LOS & bed days
  59. Last week to get papers in for 3rd Annual International Congress on #Telehealth and #Telecare@thekingsfund – London
  60. ‘@dragonmisery Lee, are you involved in the #dementia zone at the London Expo in March?
  61. RT @goodwin_nick: case management @clarkmike see @TheKingsFund at… reduce e.admissions unlikely but yes to lower LOS & bed days

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