News Summary – 8 February 2013 Reply

  1. RT @shirleyayres: Can online innovations enhance social care?I explore the challenges in a new @nominettrust provocation paper #deukcare
  2. SEHTA/Medilink UK regional business awards – congratulations to @DocoboUK
    Innovation and #telehealth @SEHTA_UK
  3. ‘@telehealth_news I will be at the Healthcare Expo – interested to hear about recent developments #telehealth
  4. @clarkmike It will be great to catch up with you – have you seen our android solution yet? On the tablet or phone? #telehealth
  5. ‘Jeremy Hunt: care home staff must report failures’ via @Telegraph
  6. ‘@telehealth_news Always interested in developments, so send through any links and will catch up at the Expo #telehealth #mhealth
  7. JTT Study from Australia: Safety for home care: the use of Internet video calls to double-check interventions
  8. JTT: A pilot study of the effectiveness of home teleconsultations in paediatric palliative care #telehealth
  9. JTT: Effects of type 2 diabetes behavioural telehealth interventions on glycaemic control and adherence: a syst review
  10. Web versus App – compliance of pts in a #telehealth diabetes management programme using two different technologies
  11. E-Health Insider: ‘Cardiff trusts gets staff mobile’ – remote access to health records by community staff
  12. @clarkmike thanks Mike I’m interested in your thoughts on the recommendations & how we can move forward @nominettrust #deukcare
  13. Study on ‘Passive positioning alarm used by persons with #dementia and their spouses’ #telecare
  14. @TelehealthHull @clarkmike :”Home blood pressure #telemonitoring improves BP control (but increases costs)” Use lower cost solution?
  15. “@markmccartney59: @telehealthhull @clarkmike does it improve outcomes?” All tech needs to show clear link on how it improves outcomes.
  16. @leicesterliz agree. Integrated stuff eg falls monitors etc work well 4some people. #ff @clarkmike he will keep you uptodate with stuff 🙂
  17. RT @NHSSimple: “@markmccartney59: @telehealthhull @clarkmike does it improve outcomes?” All tech needs to show clear link on how it improves outcomes.
  18. ‘@leicesterliz @anniecoops Good news on the meeting with a constituent with COPD. Sheltered/extra care housing can make such a difference
  19. ‘@anniecoops Anne, thanks for the #ff. U.S. example of patient/staff hospital dashboard with pt engagement/interaction
  20. ‘@leicesterliz Thanks for following. There’s a summary of tweets from the last few days on #telehealth #telecare at
  21. ‘Smartphones & tablets are transforming the future of health care. Can we really trust them to save lives’ @fastcompany
  22. From the U.S. – Baby Boomers: Not the ‘Healthiest Generation’ JAMA study covered in @TIMEHealthland
  23. Providing options for doctors based on data, evidence, case studies – article on IBM’s Watson in @Forbes
  24. For those tracking steps, weight & cals, there is a new smartphone device/app for metabolism via @Forbes @JohnNosta
  25. From the U.S. ‘eClinicalWorks to spend $25M on patient engagement, including new app’ via @mobihealthnews
  26. US health tech investment for Jan higher than prev year – top of list – #bigdata, #mhealth #telehealth #telemedicine
  27. New website preparing to catalogue, categorise and grade #mhealth evidence
  28. From the U.S. – ‘A National Action Plan To Support Consumer Engagement Via E-Health’
  29. ‘@claireOT @clarercgp Tips for falls prevention – refs to NICE Guidance/Map of Medicine??
  30. It’s the future! RT @clarkmike US health tech investment for Jan higher than prev year – top of list #telehealth
  31. ‘@claireOT Falls tip – check out local handyperson, care & repair & other schemes to help make home safer
  32. ‘@claireOT Falls tip -make sure any daily living equipment is well-maintained and meets your needs – secondhand could be poor quality/unsafe
  33. @claireOT Falls tip – #telecare can turn on lights when you get out of bed or raise the alarm if you fall or don’t return to bed
  34. @clarkmike Thanks for the RT Mike, my initial thoughts are that it’s not ordered enough to be of use, but will see what others think
  35. RT @LSE_SCEIP: New blog post on the role of economists in social care and how they contribute to the decision-making process.
  36. Proposal From U.S. – Health Care Innovation and Marketplace Technologies Act – possible FDA Office of Wireless Health

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