News Summary – 9 February 2013 Reply

  1. ‘@uk_james Thanks for the newsletter mention. Will be giving more coverage to #fallschat & risk Strat at #Otalk in next edition
  2. ‘@shirleyayres Are we likely to see new insurance services pop up if cap set at £75k? Such a high level not in spirit of Dilnot report
  3. @clarkmike I agree & suspect £75k #socialcare funding cap is too high to encourage new insurance services to enter the market #dilnot
  4. ‘@shirleyayres A £75k cap would move us no further forward – will continue to see older people in hospital beds & unsuitable accommodation
  5. ‘@shirleyayres I don’t think a cap of £75k makes integrated/coordinated care accross health, social care & housing any easier
  6. ‘@shirleyayres Consider an integrated care team around hospital bed discussing complexity of caps, hotel costs, what is health/social care?
  7. ‘@GeorgeJulian I’m tending to keep Pinterest boards for my own use as difficult to categorise good quality – can end up a scrapbook
  8. ‘@GeorgeJulian I think Pinterest boards blocked by many orgs as with other social media – do you have any info on access for NHS/LA staff?
  9. ‘@GeorgeJulian A difficulty with Pinterest is pinning articles/links without an image or video unless you capture screen as jpeg & upload
  10. ‘@GeorgeJulian Yes, can be easier for some people visually, but other better resources may be lost as no image/video or cannot Pin a pdf
  11. ‘@Acuity_Design Can you directly Pin a pdf to Pinterest or do you have to use ‘print screen’ on PC and then upload as jpeg? @GeorgeJulian
  12. @clarkmike @claireOT thanks Mike – a very useful link. I don’t think design of public areas helps people w/ #dementia – seen mum struggle
  13. ‘@NHSManchester @GeorgeJulian Yes, saving as a jpeg is OK but takes extra time to prepare. Any concern about pics/logo and copyright?
  14. ‘@dragonmisery @claireOT Will be interesting to see how Dementia-friendly cities eg York look at public areas
  15. RT @trishgreenhalgh: #ACMI13 If you believe that telehealth will solve the messy challenges of medicine today, please read our paper on this…
  16. @markhawker Any luck with your contact(s)? Have you tried any local housing assns?
  17. ‘@NHSSimple How are the current #telehealth numbers looking as we get closer to CCGs taking over?
  18. ‘@markhawker If no progress on Bradford, will need to go to neighbouring areas
  19. @markhawker Also, If I recall, Bradford has some free #telecare – could impact on how used compared with people paying – research issue?
  20. @clarkmike thanks Mike I remember reading this & thinking why not!
    Travelodges make better care homes
  21. ‘@markhawker In WSD Programme, people did not pay for #telecare – an issue when looking at how 90% services actually operate
  22. @clarkmike Ah, I see! That would make a difference when it made it in to the ‘real world’, as it were. Great little fact!
  23. ‘@markhawker Apart from Bradford, Newcastle etc, probably a charge (can depend on whole care cost) apart from any 6wk re-ablement periods
  24. ‘@markhawker If #telecare is provided through housing assn, normally payment is wrapped up in service charges
  25. @clarkmike CCGs taking much keener interest in #telehealth but won’t tolerate the old style hype. By June will have over 60 CCGs.
  26. ‘@shirleyayres @yourcarehome Cruise ship living is viable in the U.S. where costs are much higher –
  27. @clarkmike Looking forward shortly to our 4,000th #telehealth patient invite and can see clinician pull creating scale and pace in 2013.
  28. ‘@markhawker e-mail sent re charging for #telecare survey from couple of years ago
  29. @NHSManchester @GeorgeJulian Thanks for feedback today. Always been impressed with your Twitter coverage and responses – great stuff!
  30. ‘@WoodClaudia ‘..Revolutionary change for social care’ -LA funding reduction, FACS, restrictions on PBs don’t get us out of immediate crisis
  31. ‘Embracing Our Transhuman Future’ – insulin pumps, artificial joints, exoskeletons, implants – impact of tech @Doctor_V
  32. ‘Health and Medicine at the Inflection Point’- #digitalhealth & beyond #quantifiedself – Ray Kurzweil – @Forbes
  33. @clarkmike agree. As I also tweeted: need dual strategy. Immediate firefighting long term plan to ensure we don’t get into this mess again
  34. ‘Watson supercomputer available to aid in cancer evaluation and treatment’ – lung cancer via @imedicalapps
  35. Handling big data (1.5m pt records in secs) & learning as new info added to change recommendations – Watson supercptr
  36. @yourcarehome: I understood that CQC already do a lot of Internet data gathering as part of their risk profiling. @clarkmike.
  37. @shirleyayres @clarkmike Have you known about the American company for long? Looks like it could be an app which would cost a lot less!
  38. @yourcarehome @shirleyayres Yes, I cover these in my mthly newsletter – Saga/Grandcare arrangement announced at CES in Las Vegas, Jan 2013
  39. @yourcarehome @shirleyayres Both companies around for several years in US – plenty of others available/in development
  40. #Socialcare cap for elderly ‘to be set at £75,000’ – BBC News Video
  41. @yourcarehome @shirleyayres Many assisted living facilities in US have had screen facilities for some years to keep in contact with provider
  42. @clarkmike @shirleyayres They will all be pricey, and odly low tech. Stu’s technology is in the app and i’m sure he’s done his homework.
  43. @yourcarehome @shirleyayres ALIP/dallas continues to lead innovation – tech could help address some of these quality issues
  44. @yourcarehome @shirleyayres New business models & large established user communities likely to keep costs down -revenue/risk/outcome models
  45. ‘To fix the NHS politicians must say the unsayable’ via @Telegraph
  46. ‘More figures in article on Monday’s expected #socialcare announcement’ via @Telegraph
  47. @WoodClaudia Sorry, missed further tweet – yes, needs dual strategy – not convinced from today’s news coverage – p’haps clearer on Monday

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