News Summary – 11 February 2013 Reply

  1. @andy_headspace my pleasure. Lk 2 c DoH & new Health & Wellbeing boards adopt in rehab n home care reablement #socialcare #NHS @clarkmike
  2. RT @clarkmike: benefits of “well engaged patients” are akin to those from blockbuster drug, say experts – BMJ(£)
  3. BBC News – ‘Many cancer patients are struggling alone’ – MacMillan Cancer Support Survey
  4. RT @thecarephone: Over 90% of our sales of our #telecare products don’t take up monitoring to start with, they prefer friends and family to be involved.
  5. ‘Social care announcement may only benefit one person in five’ via @Telegraph
  6. @GeorgeJulian Also Rebelmouse if you are exploring visuals like Pinterest – now with tabs
  7. RT @Dewsbury: he latest update to the telecare blog on the issues of interoperability is available from
  8. ‘@GeorgeJulian Not as visual but you can add contact or use storypad to capture sites. Good for events/confs
  9. Follow #SitraConf13 for Sitra Conference and AGM 2013 – ‘Innovating for Efficiency’ – 12 Feb, London
  10. RT @shirleyayres: Thoughts on innovation, digital engagement & social housing for #sitraconf13
  11. ‘The 5 Laws of Innovation Adoption for Health Startups’ – via @Saif_Abed
  12. ‘Mobile Health Around the Globe: Russia Uses #mHealth to Help High Risk Patients’ – HealthWorks Collective
  13. ‘Francis report: we cannot miss the chance to deliver better care’ – form @mikefarrar @nhsconfed via @guardian
  14. ‘We must spend more on improving healthy behaviour’ – David Halpern, Behav Insights Unit – Health Service Journal
  15. RT @clarkmike: ‘Francis report: we cannot miss the chance to deliver better care’ – form @mikefarrar @nhsconfed via…
  16. ‘Doctors mHealth: learning to swim when you’re in at the deep end’ – mHealth Insight
  17. ‘101 Social Media Hacks: Magic Tips for Social Media Tools and Technology‘ via @iancleary HT to @liamgooding
  18. RT @NuffieldTrust: We’ve pulled together updates & reactions from Twitter on the health & #socialcare #ratingsreview in this Storify:
  19. @clarkmike thanks for your falls tips last week- I updated my blog with some of your tips!…
  20. ‘@claireOT Great stuff Claire – anything that can help avoid the pain & misery of falls that could have been prevented is a good thing
  21. ‘Broadband campaigners criticise EU over billion-euro budget cuts’ via @guardian
  22. BBC News – ‘Probe into ‘high death rate’ hospitals extended’ post Francis Report – total now 14 hospitals
  23. Guardian following the @jeremy_hunt #socialcare announcement in Parliament – plenty of other comment too
  24. ‘NYC Celebrates Improved Health Through Technology’ – Storify of recent event
  25. @scottishhealth Do you have any more info or source? Always new projects coming up – – Recent video on Wilts #telecare
  26. Dept of Health: ‘New funding reforms announced for care and support’ – coverage at @dhgovuk
  27. ‘A virtual office visit for your cold is not a good idea’ via @kevinmd
  28. ‘New text messaging program to help those with prostate cancer’ | mHIMSS #mhealth
  29. ‘The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Health Care’ via @FastCompany
  30. ‘Reforming social care funding: a step in the right direction?’ a first look from @RichardatKF @TheKingsFund
  31. Effect of Psychosocial Interventions on Quality of Life in Pts With Chronic Heart Failure: Meta-analysis of RCTs
  32. ‘Jeremy Hunt says austerity to blame for higher cap in social care costs’ via @guardian
  33. ‘Jeremy Hunt’s smoke and mirrors will not solve the care crisis’ – Polly Toynbee via @guardian
  34. From the U.S.: ‘No one fix to slow hospital readmission epidemic’ – progress as Medicare fines bite #telehealth

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