News Summary – 12 February 2013 Reply

  1. RT @CECOPS: @clarkmike @shirleyayres insurance linked to adaptations and monitoring devices to stay in one’s own home may be part solution in future
  2. Jeremy Hunt: ‘Let’s cut nurses’ paperwork by a third’ via @Telegraph
  3. ‘Three reasons to be fearful about a cap on social care costs’ – Stephen Burke via @guardian
  4. ‘Social workers to do more assessments under £75,000 cap regime’ – via @CommunityCare @mithransamuel
  5. ‘EU budget cuts slash broadband funding by 90 per cent’ via @Telegraph
  6. RT @NuffieldTrust: Should we introduce OFSTED-style ratings for the #NHS & #socialcare? Don’t forget to have your say – 4days left
  7. ‘Want to save NHS money? Start with more effective data’ – James Mucklow & Steve Black via @guardian
  8. ‘Why can we get user reviews of hotel halfway around the world, but not of NHS hospital up the road?’ via @Telegraph
  9. Been trying out Rebelmouse (inspired by @clarkmike) to organise tweets. What do you think?
  10. RT @RachCarrell: Jeremy Hunt: “We need to have a debate about whether we should also create a Chief Inspector of Primary Care” #thenewnhs
  11. RT @madlendavies: Hunt reiterates that there are not enough consequences for failures in care.Need CQC & Monitor to have greater accountability too #thenewnhs
  12. RT @FarrarMike: .@Jeremy_Hunt has asked @nhsconfed to look at bureaucracy – we’re v.keen to invlove as many members as possible in this work
  13. RT @CareQualityComm: We publish our report into #homecare services tomorrow, join the conversation and tweet the hashtag #homecare
  14. ‘Early action saves millions – the government must not delay’ | David Robinson via @guardian
  15. RT @JonPTLindberg: Jeremy Hunt- NHS has loads of data, but not accessible, analysed and acted on #thenewnhs
  16. Study: ‘Can interacting with avatars reduce depression?’ | KurzweilAI via @kurzweilainews
  17. #sitraconf13 Many decision-makers feel vulnerable on social media as open to challenge. Leaders more likely to use it to engage
  18. #sitraconf13 Leaders can legitimise the use of social media in their organisations and communities empowering others
  19. RT @mobilehealth: MobiHealthNews readers weigh in on direct-to-consumer #mHealth #digitalhealth reactions to @nversel‘s column
  20. @shirleyayres @yourcarehome @clarkmike Hi Shirley – figures cover all care homes in UK irrelevant of whether they pay for enhanced listing
  21. #sitraconf13 In absence of leaders & decision-makers using soc media, orgs are closed to innovation – can lead to poor performance & failure
  22. RT @JonPTLindberg: Mark Brtinell KPMG: Providers & commissioners should spend CQUIN innovation money on understd & improve patient experience #thenewnhs yes!
  23. RT @dwilliamsHSJ: Hunt considering a chief insp of primary care, alongside his ch insp hospitals and CQC’s planned ch insp of soc care. #thenewnhs
  24. RT @madlendavies: Charles Alessi says fragmentation of providers is akin to having your starter at one restaurant then moving for the main course #thenewnhs
  25. ‘Seeking patient feedback in the NHS | Top tips’ – Guardian discussion via @guardian
  26. RT @JonPTLindberg: #thenewnhs #Alzheimer‘ssociety CEO thinks H&WB Board real opp for integrated care but need more power & use of tech to improve patient care
  27. ‘NHS rationing should not be driven by cost’ | Zara Aziz via @guardian
  28. RT @paolapierri: “Commissioners keep looking up to NationalCommissioningBoard, while we should be looking down to our community” great point at #thenewnhs
  29. ‘Are social care personal budgets working?’ – Paul Beresford, Julie Stansfield via @guardian
  30. ‘Preventice & VOX Telehealth introduce patient education solution to improve recovery from joint replacement surgery’
  31. RT @drmarknewbold: #thenewnhs Strong pro-integration message from @leicesterliz with call to help inform policy
  32. RT @reformthinktank: Liz Kendall in closing keynote of #thenewnhs: patients actively involved in choosing and managing their own care means better outcomes
  33. RT @rupsdr: @SteveLaitner #thenewnhs agree>>> need to move to outcomes led pathway for patients with similar needs, and outcomes led contracting
  34. ‘2013: Let’s hope it’s a year of evidence for #mHealth‘ – FierceMobileHealthcare
  35. ‘Make Health Last. What will your last 10 years look like?’ – Video from Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation
  36. ‘Would US docs recommend an #mHealth app to patients?’ – recent online survey – FierceMobileHealthcare:
  37. VOX OrthoCare program engages patients w/education, treatment compliance monitoring for improved outcomes RT @clarkmike
  38. From the U.S.: Health IT Cancer Resource Guide – eHealth Initiative – includes social support & lifestyle mgmt
  39. ‘The 10 essential qualities for leadership in the NHS’ – Ruth Carnall via @guardian
  40. ‘Findings and Lessons From the Enabling
    Patient-Centered Care Through Health IT Initiative’ – AHRQ
  41. RT @Qualcomm: It’s amazing how much can happen in just 60 seconds on the #internet
  42. RT @HousingLIN: Bumper Housing LIN enews now out. Full of latest policy & practice news, must read views and case studies. #HLINenews
  43. RT @FASTATUK: Been trying out Rebelmouse (inspired by @clarkmike) to organise tweets. What do you think?
  44. @Neil_MidHeart intro to @clarkmike my *go to* resource for #telehealth #telecare & making sense of the NHS reorganisation!
  45. @shirleyayres Some public council meetings still have very strict protocols eg planning representations
  46. From the U.S.: ‘Patient Portal Explosion Has Major Health Care Implications’ via iHealthBeat
  47. RT @colintwangel: #Dilnot announcement a good start, but not much detail about how it works for people who use #homecare. #UKHCA.

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