News Summary – 13 February 2013 Reply

  1. ‘CQC: Most home care good but missed visits blight some services’ via @CommunityCare
  2. RT @CareQualityComm: You can read about our #homecare findings, download the report in alternative formats or see our infographic at
  3. BBC News – ‘Thousands of carers could lose benefits as personal independence payment commences’
  4. ‘How do we fix the NHS? Ask frontline staff’ @RoyLilley in the Guardian via @guardian
  5. RT @HarvardHSPH: Berwick’s 5 core leadership values: Boundarylessness; speed & agility; unconditional teamwork; innovation; & customer focus #Voices
  6. @shirleyayres Shorter visit times can be OK in housing schemes with on site carers (eg meds) but HC too fixated on time rather than outcomes
  7. @shirleyayres Too many 30 minute homecare slots reduced to 15-20 minutes contact times as often no allowance for travel between visits
  8. ‘Apple patent points to platform for wearable sensors, internet of things’ via @gigaom
  9. From the US: ‘Mobile Health Unlikely to Face Much Regulatory Scrutiny’ – unless link to medical device? via @WSJ
  10. ‘The Internet and Health’ – Pew Internet Infographic
  11. RT @telehealth_news: A #telehealth patient became healthy enough to go on holiday this year and still could be monitored by our Specialist Nurses @3MillLives
  12. ‘UK supermarket plans expansion of GP practices’ – Pulse Today
  13. Jeremy Hunt presentation to Reform on 12 Feb – ‘An NHS that treats people as individuals’ – via @dhgovuk
  14. ‘Quarter of 250 homecare services inspected not meeting all CQC standards’ – @CQC report in Guardian via @guardian
  15. BBC News – ‘Why the elderly care crisis is here to stay’ – Nick Triggle looks at @CQC report
  16. @DonnaNewcross @shirleyayres Worst situation is where HC staff have to use up slot time to travel eg user time reduced from 30 to 20 minutes
  17. @DonnaNewcross @shirleyayres A full 15 minutes contact time may end no different from a 30 min slot reduced to 20 min to accommodate travel
  18. BBC News – ‘Global mobile phone sales fell in 2012’ – Gartner study
  19. @DonnaNewcross @shirleyayres Some home care providers also charge at higher than 25% or 50% of hourly rate for shorter 15/30min visits
  20. @colintwangel @shirleyayres If user is paying LA homecare charge against a one hour a day care plan & only gets 45mins, how monitored?
  21. @DonnaNewcross @shirleyayres Variations in pricing for part hours, complexity of care plans, skills/training reqd (eg dementia, re-ablement)
  22. @DonnaNewcross @shirleyayres Variations in pricing may also depend on overall number of hours in the contract with provider
  23. @DonnaNewcross @shirleyayres Council HC rates are generally confidential. Poor commissioning and user/contract monitoring
    are issues
  24. ‘Five Ways of Achieving Patient Engagement: Part 2: WITH Technology’ – good points from @dlschermd
  25. Study: From mobile mental health to mobile wellbeing: opportunities and challenges #mhealth
  26. Study: Why mobile health app overload drives us crazy, and how to restore the sanity #mhealth
  27. ‘Managing the abundance of #mHealth apps in the urban flea market’ – Health Populi
  28. RT @mellojonny: The art of listening to patients and the impact of payment according to data collection…
  29. ‘@shirleyayres Interesting idea – each week a different member of staff tweets about their role at @NHSHWhoWeAre
  30. ‘@riverluss @Ermintrude2 @shirleyayres Good leaders work extensively with the comms channels digital or otherwise for staff/user engagement
  31. @riverluss @Ermintrude2 @shirleyayres Good use of digital/social media does not necessarily make people a good leader to improve quality
  32. @markhawker Is there an indication that research in this area is more difficult than other housing/soc care research?
  33. @markhawker No equivalent of London Telecare in North – but try Y&H HIEC as previously mentioned
  34. @Ermintrude2 Yes, much of what is termed ‘leadership’ is not actually leadership. Too many people in wrong postns @riverluss @shirleyayres
  35. @Ermintrude2 @riverluss @shirleyayres Too many layers of hierarchy blocking innovation and change in many orgs – frontline unsupported
  36. RT @goodwin_nick: Major European research project on integrated care – website launched today – INTEGRATE – @IFICinfo integratedcarefoundation.or…
  37. Digital Healthcare Master’s Programme for 2013 – University of Warwick @IDHwarwick
  38. ‘In Case of Emergency’ app that sits on top of smartphone lock screen – Healthworks Collective #mhealth
  39. From the U.S.: ‘Six Misperceptions about the Telemedicine Market’ – Jon Linkous from
  40. RT @NuffieldTrust: Watch our Health Policy #ntsummit on 7-8 March via free live stream, including Robert #Francis QC
  41. RT @goodwin_nick: Viewed ICT system Health Fabric today – integrated care via iPAD – really neat – Worcs 3ML pathfinder at
  42. RT @shirleyayres: #techforgood requires much more connected thinking & collaboration across social services, health, housing, education & employment sectors
  43. ‘@shirleyayres Typically health innovation can take up to 15 years before widely adopted #techforgood
  44. ‘@shirleyayres Most current health/care apps are not integrated with personal health/care records – see #techforgood
  45. ‘Care Choices commences in April alongside NHS Choices’ – @dhgovuk
  46. Final grant allocations for adults’ personal social services in England – via @dhgovuk
  47. @kenclemens Yes, well-being apps on increase & there is interest but most apps are single use and not well connected eg pers health records
  48. @shirleyayres @markhawker Lot of ‘me-too’ going on now but needs interoperability/connectivity to get serious adoption #techforgood
  49. @kevingeddes7 Looking forwards to seeing outcomes – any date yet for announcement?
  50. @DGFoord @AgencyNurse Yes, I think this is where @tkelsey1 may well be heading – need big numbers to deal with potential bias/false alerts
  51. @AgencyNurse @DGFoord @tkelsey1 Yes, agreed – just part of the picture – quant/qual data, Friends & Family Test etc
  52. @clarkmike this is what I used the tool to do > looked at the social data re nursing and social media
  53. @clarkmike @nhsvaleroyalccg moving ahead via @DrJonGriffiths “We are excited to be involved with such an innovative #telehealth project”
  54. @AgencyNurse #nhssm Interesting hospital dashboard from S Australia – updated every 30 mins for all public hospitals
  55. ‘MacMillan Cancer Support rolling out 23 mobile learning courses for 500 staff’ – Healthcare Global
  56. RT @DrJonGriffiths: With @NHSValeRoyalCCG GPs looking at Florence system with @NHSSimple Using telehealth to improve outcomes for patients
  57. RT @NHSSimple: Looking forward to tomorrow’s AIM #telehealth workshop. GPs from Staffordshire, Cheshire and Stoke attending plus many other localities.
  58. Interesting hospital dashboard from S Australia – updated every 30 mins for all public hospitals #nhssm
  59. RT @HousingLIN: Interesting programme at London LIN tomorrow. Focus on ECH & planning, community hubs in ECH, & pooling personal budgets. #extracare

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