News Summary – 15 February 2013 Reply

  1. Pulse Today reports on MPS Survey about accessibility & security of online medical records
  2. RT @markgamsu: Can local #healthwatch bring powerful, constructive, citizen led challenge to health & wellbeing boards? #hwblearn
  3. In hyperconnected world, Mayo Clinic plans to bring expertise to 200m people worldwide by 2020 – Business Insider
  4. Is there a link between mid-life fitness and reduced #dementia risk in later life – observational study – NY Times
  5. Approx 5.8m unpaid carer in England and Wales in 2011 (>10% popln) – ONS Census update
  6. EHI: ‘Near real time data to improve Trust service quality/transparency & adoption of EPRs in 2014/15’ – @nhscb
  7. E-Health Insider: ‘NHS Choices contract & future for NHS Choices, NHS Direct and NHS 111’
  8. @DRROBERTROYCE Just been discussing S Australia D’boards that provide IP, ED, Elective, amb perf – updated every 30m
  9. @jappleby123 If not seen – Health dashboards for IP, elective, ED, amb with near realtime updates from S Australia
  10. ‘Jeremy Hunt’s proposed cap on care costs is disappointing’ – Melanie Henwood via @guardian
  11. #FF @clarkmike my *go to” resource for the latest info on understanding the #NHS reorganisation, digital technology & connected care
  12. Study: Telementoring – using the Kinect and Microsoft Azure to save lives
  13. Mt @clarkmike: S Australia hospital dashboards (IP, Elective, ambulance, ED) Now That is near real time data!
  14. @sib313 @clarkmike @tkelsey1 yes they could, considering most recent data in NHS is 3months old I think they are years ahead of us!
  15. RT @shirleyayres: Hospital dashboard from S Australia – updated every 30 mins for all public hospitals HT @clarkmike #opendata
  16. RT @NHS24: Self-Directed Support is a one-stop-shop for information for service-users & health & social support professionals
  17. Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) concerned about telephone consult services HT @RachCarrell
  18. RT @TunstallHealth: Richmond Council offering free Telecare until 31st March. Residents interested in applying should call 0845 600 7413
  19. ‘#mHealth advocates set their sights on senior services’ | mHIMSS
  20. ‘@shirleyayres thanks for #ff – good to see social care innovation paper getting lots of attention & praise

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