News Summary – 16 February 2013 Reply

  1. RT @nurse_w_glasses: Starting telecare pilot for people with serious mental illness soon. Signed up 2 patients who never touched a computer #telecare #ipad #mhsm
  2. Skype calls now equivalent to one-third of global phone traffic – via @arstechnica
  3. From the U.S.: ‘Doctors Push Back Against Health IT’s Workflow Demands’ – the issue of workflow via @InformationWeek
  4. @clarkmike How long before we use this techhnology for majority of NHS consultancies?
  5. ‘@RoySocMed @LoweCM @OneWimpoleStAV and others – thanks for Twitter coverage today from #medinnov
  6. @NHSWatch Seems to be reluctance to use in UK to date – reasons often stated are security, set-up time, quality of images, lacks F2F insight
  7. @clarkmike Yet a really progressive answer re. Canadian experiment
  8. ‘Jeremy Hunt warns NHS bosses not to block whistleblowing’ via @guardian
  9. RT @markhawker: Wonder if there are any local (~Bradford) carers on @twitter that I could talk to about telecare systems?
  10. @NHSWatch Yes, plenty of good examples of using Skype around World but no scaled adoption for health in any country
  11. RT @LoweCM: @RoySocMed #medinnov – hugely inspiring talk by @jackandraka on finding cheap & better diagnosis for pancreatic cancer using Google etc.
  12. ‘Paying Lipservice to Pt Engagement’ – are pts shut out of the dialogue? via @AfternoonNapper HT to @PracticalWisdom
  13. ‘@RoySocMed and many others – special thanks for Twitter coverage of #medinnov today – excellent
  14. Could artificial intellegence improve health outcomes & lower costs? AI Study of 500 pts with clinical depression
  15. ”10,000 more GPs needed’ for NHS to cope with increasing workload’ via @Telegraph @clarercgp
  16. The social considerations for moving health services into the home: A #telecare perspective HT to @mariawolters
  17. #mhealth infusion by healthcare practitioners in the national health services (NHS) – HT @mariawolters
  18. ‘Hospital readmissions not linked to mortality’ – FierceHealthcare covers JAMA study on Medicare (ht attk/pneumonia)
  19. ‘An Open Letter to Mobile Health App Developers and Their Funders’ – 3 obs that might help by @JessieGruman CFAH
  20. ‘Be a Prepared Patient’ – resources from the Center for Advancing Health (CFAH) @jessiegruman
  21. ‘RT @clarkmike: ‘An Open Letter to Mobile Health App Developers and Their Funders’ – 3 obs that might help by @JessieGruman CFAH…
  22. Passive positioning alarm for #dementia – qualitative intervention study HT to @mariawolters #telecare
  23. ‘Hospital occupancy rates in January during Norovirus – pressure on NHS beds’ via @Telegraph

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