News Summary – 19 February 2013 Reply

  1. New from @HousingLIN ‘It’s the quality of care that determines the benefit of Extra Care Housing’
  2. Difficulty making an appointment the number one reason people might delay seeing GP via @Independent
  3. Event 2: Health Technology: Driving Innovation, Improving Patient Outcomes – 26 Feb London @3MillLives
  4. Event 6: Point of care testing – disruptive innovation – 7 March Glasgow @roysocmed
  5. Event 9: NHS Change Day – 13 March 2013 make a pledge – follow #nhschangeday
  6. Event: 10 Healthcare Innovation Expo 2013 13/14 March London – follow @3MillLives
  7. Event 11: CUHTec:”Assistive technology and #telecare for learning disability services”, Univ York 14 March
  8. Event 12: E-Mental Health – Harnessing Power of Digital for Better Mental Health 18 March Horley follow @S_Amani
  9. Event 13: The International #eHealth, #Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum – Med-e-Tel 10-12 April 2013 Luxembourg
  10. Event 14: Using apps to transform healthcare delivery – 18 April London @roysocmed
  11. Event 16: #Telehealth & #Telecare Learning Network: Transition, integration & innovation @NHS24 E’burgh 29 May
  12. ‘Why one NHS trust is experimenting with social media’ – Leeds & Yorks NHS FT via @guardian
  13. ‘Francis report: creating patient power is the only way forward’ – Peter Beresford via @guardian
  14. BBC News – ‘Decision on NHS North West London A&E closures due’
  15. RT @NHSSimple: Pragmatic NHS view on #telehealth strategy supports “Multi-Matrix Model” in line with the ambitions of 3millionlives…
  16. ‘Impact of non-adherence to meds in UK’ – Aston Medication Adherence Study via @PharmaTimes
  17. Met Office ‘Healthy Outlook’ weather & environmental automated calls available via some GPs to alert people with COPD
  18. Paperless NHS? DH Digital Challenge web-site has the background reading HT to @samathieson
  19. ‘Mortality in MH service users aged 19 & over in England was 3.6 times rate of general popln in 2010/11’ – HSCIC
  20. RT @DGFoord: New Journal of the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth is now open for submissions:… #telehealth
  21. B’ham Childrens Hosp – Did you receive great care poster with feedback app via
  22. Walgreens Named One of Fast Co Mag’s Most Innovative Health Care Co’s for 3rd Time in 4 yrs – tech to benefit pts
  23. MT @clarkmike #EMentalHealth – Harnessing Power of Digital for Better Mental Health 18 March Horley follow @S_Amani
  24. Sacbee – ‘Bosch Healthcare and GreatCall Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Mobile
  25. ‘Fitbit talks fitness tracking, privacy and healthy apps ecosystems’ via @guardian
  26. ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Patient Centric Providers’ – Forbes @chasedave
  27. RT @JonPTLindberg: @tkelsey1 anyone who wants to do business in NHS need to do evaluation & impact assessment w/ Good outcomes & benefits #nhsentrepreneursday
  28. RT @pstamber: Entrepreneur reckons the #NHS buys IT that’s about 15 years behind the curve #nhsentrepreneursday
  29. RT @JonPTLindberg: Share risk and reward with customer & test service/tech, build relationships, then go to procurement. #nhsentrepreneursday
  30. RT @GdnHealthcare: ‘Why is the #NHS still using snail-mail?’ >We’re getting a lot of comments on this one!
  31. ‘Health Survey for England – 2011, health, social care and lifestyles’ via @dhgovuk…
  32. RT @shirleyayres: The smartC4RE EU project are looking for UK public partners (adjacent to the North Sea) @BureauWalburg
  33. Web-based guided self-help for employees with depressive symptoms (Happy@Work): design of RCT
  34. New – OncoAssist app provides oncologists with clinical decision support – CE-mark/classified as med device – pmlive
  35. Apple launches dedicated ‘Apps for Healthcare Professionals’ collection via @imedicalapps #mhealth #digitalhealth
  36. Apple launches dedicated ‘Apps for Healthcare Professionals’ collection via @imedicalapps #mhealth #digitalhealth
  37. ‘Walmart Health Screening Stations Touted As Part Of ‘Self-Service Revolution” @khnews
  38. Global Center for Health Innovation for Cleveland – major players – themed areas – health & home, IT, Pts/caregivers
  39. ‘Why do GPs prescribe too many drugs?’ | Peter Dawson via @guardian
  40. ‘Microsoft to link together Skype and Lync in June along with new mobile apps’ via @verge
  41. UK Study: Implementing video conferencing in mental health practice
  42. overcoming barriers – tracking #telemedicine legislation in U.S. state by state – via @AmericanTelemed #telehealth
  43. RT @eHealthServer: #DOCTORS20 Invites to Attend Open Tweetchat on Diabetes, Insulin, and Social Media
  44. You Tube video of Mike Davidge on ‘Measurement for Improvement’ – @nhsinstituteuk @MikeDavidge
  45. Thank you for helping to raise awareness about the #EMentalHealth conference & hashtag @clarkmike
  46. @S_Amani Hope the event goes well – will catch up on Twitter
  47. ‘Technology helps elderly to stay at home’ – One Housing Group via @guardian cc @HousingLIN #telecare
  48. ‘Technology helps elderly to stay at home’ – One Housing Group via @guardian cc @HousingLIN #telecare
  49. Thanks @mackrobert81 all is going OK this side:) I will make sure I share ideas from the event e.g.… viz @clarkmike
  50. From Scotland, MultiMemoHome – co-design sessions – tech for older/disabled pple using vision, smell, touch #telecare
  51. Patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE) – new system for assessing hospital environment @nhscb
  52. ‘Have your say on the narrative for person-centred, coordinated care’ – last week for responses (28 Feb) – @nhscb
  53. JMIR: Cost-Effectiveness of a New Internet-Based Monitoring Tool for Neonatal Post-Discharge Home Care
  54. RT @DorsetHealth: A Homepod is something that can monitor some readings at home. Find out more at St Ann’s Hospital #telehealth
  55. ‘@richardblogger My working NHS chart from 9 slide series showing transition from current arrangements
  56. In development – ‘Mobile Sensor with alerts to help reduce possibility of diabetic foot amputations’ via @mHealthW
  57. ‘What risks do docs take on prescribing smartphone linked devices for health?’ – discussion at @mobihealthnews
  58. ‘Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Smart Decision?’ via @healthstandards
  59. BBC News – ‘Jt Cttee of PCT Trusts decide thart NHS North West London A&E units become GP-led urgent care centres’

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