News Summary – 20 February 2013 Reply

  1. In development – ‘Mobile Sensor with alerts to help reduce possibility of diabetic foot amputations’ via @mHealthW
  2. ‘What risks do docs take on prescribing smartphone linked devices for health?’ – discussion at @mobihealthnews
  3. ‘Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Smart Decision?’ via @healthstandards
  4. BBC News – ‘Jt Cttee of PCT Trusts decide thart NHS North West London A&E units become GP-led urgent care centres’
  5. E-Health Insider: Airedale Hospital #telehealth – COPD, prison health, video consults, care home links
  6. EHI article on Airedale’s use of #teleconsultation to enhance prison healthcare and reduce admissions… via @clarkmike
  7. ‘4G Ofcom auction raises £2.3bn’ – winners announced – potentially faster broadband for mobile via @Telegraph
  8. EHI: ‘Welsh GPs are sending 50% of outpatient referrals electronically’
  9. RT @LoweCM: The opportunities offered by mHealth continue to grow – now ‘geomedicine’ might help those with asthma
  10. RT @HSJnews: How will leadership change in the NHS? What role will social media and technology play? Tweet us hashtag #hsjchat
  11. Personal health budgets DVD now available to professionals via @dhgovuk
  12. RT @HSJEditor: A digital first for Northumbria?… Northumbria Healthcare creates iPhone app for GPs
  13. Northumbria launches iPhone app for North East GPs – Northumbria Healthcare #mhealth #digitalhealth
  14. Co-production conf in Scotland today – follow #coproduction13 or follow live (need to register) via @JITScotland
  15. BBC News – ‘Pioneering #dementia friendly community in Bruges’
  16. ‘Harvard’s Tablet App May Help Doctors Monitor Concussions and Aging’ via @mashable
  17. Commissioning.GP – ‘Online Medical Records a “Pandora’s Box” #digitalhealth
  18. RT @TeleServAssoc: A new training day run by @TeleServAssoc and Just Checking Ltd on Dementia Awareness has been announced.More info
  19. Post-Francis: New independent review of healthcare & care assts will look at training & support – via @dhgovuk
  20. Inverness practice tries out appts from 5-20 mins decided by patients for pilot study – via @GPonlinenews
  21. BBC News – ‘Google Glass features unveiled in preview video’
  22. RT @NHSImprovement: 340 people are attending our #lung event tomorrow! Follow this event using #lung13
  23. From the U.S.: The challenges of personal health info security and text messages for health via @mobihealthnews
  24. RT @telecareaware: We have a new look (due to a new publishing platform) and a (somewhat) new name…Telehealth & Telecare Aware….
  25. Would U.S. physicians recommend health apps to their patients? Which types? – Health Populi
  26. RT @clarkmike: Apple launches dedicated ‘Apps for Healthcare Professionals’ collection via @imedicalapps #mhealth #dig
  27. Clinical/Economic Impact of Remote Monitoring on Follow-Up of Pts with Implantable Electronic Cardiovascular Devices
  28. ‘Lack of standardization, evidence hinders wireless patient monitoring’ – FierceMobileHealthcare #telehealth
  29. ‘Resource guide points cancer patients to digital coping tools’ – HCSM Monitor
  30. It’s a HI-OPT: Home of Interconnected Older Person’s Things using vision, smell, touch #telecare #mHealth HT @clarkmike
  31. EHI: ‘Plans for new monthly dataset from GP practices as part of programme’

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