News Summary – 21 February 2013 Reply

  1. ‘Northern Ireland study looks at prescriptions for antipschotic drugs for people in care homes’ via @guardian
  2. ‘Cuts won’t save healthcare – staff will’ Andrew Hine, Guardian via @guardian
  3. 62 new CCGs authorised to take control of NHS budgets (56 with conditions) – total now 163 (of 211) @nhscb
  4. RT @shirleyayres: Available now! The Click Guide to Digital Technology for Adult Social Care #deukcare
  5. BBC News – ‘App gives paralysed man his voice back’
  6. Audit Scotland Report looks at treatment waiting list targets and patient classification via @Telegraph
  7. @clarkmike thanks for the RT Mike your support for new ways of thinking about care delivery is really appreciated #deukcare
  8. EHI: ‘majority of UK GPs in survey believe email consultations not an appropriate means of communicating with pts’ ‘
  9. E-Health Insider: Survey – will GPs be ready to give patients electronic access to records by 2015?…
  10. RT @mHealthInsight: Can mHealth change the “Pandora’s Box” perception of patient accessible Electronic Health Records?
  11. ‘Unlocking nursing’s potential’ – Guest Blog from Baroness Sally Greengross at @2020health
  12. RT @tkelsey1: “@RoyLilley: Make it a rule put all NHS data in the public domain Let all comers slice and dice it – like Dr Foster did” that’s the plan!
  13. ‘Leicester #telehealth pilot shows significant reduction in admissions’ Thanks to @wendywoomather
  14. ‘Monitor sets out its guidance on costing to get the right price for NHS services’ via @MonitorUpdate
  15. Over 63,000 pledges so far – NHS Change Day – 13 March 2013 #nhschangeday
  16. ‘Patient Engagement Key To Better Health: AHRQ Report’ via @InformationWeek
  17. From the U.S. ‘VA greenlights massive real-time, location tracking safety project’ via @mobihealthcare @tkelsey1
  18. Potential of #telemedicine to provide acute medical care for adults in senior living communities HT @mariawolters
  19. Potential of #telemedicine to provide acute medical care for adults in senior living communities HT @mariawolters
  20. @markhawker Interested to know if your research ethics covered just a Facebook ad for recruitment for your #telecare project? Unusual
  21. @clarkmike Not specifically, no; local organisations and other media.
  22. @clarkmike Wondering whether it’s any more ‘invasive’ than sending requests via mail or otherwise? Not sure.
  23. @markhawker Interested to hear of any previous study recruitment programmes on FB that have been successful in UK – any good references?
  24. @clarkmike Will have to explore it myself! It has the potential to be very successful, though may depend on what research you’re conducting.
  25. @clarkmike It was just something that I thought may be more specific than a blanket mail campaign as age-related data is ‘known’.
  26. @clarkmike The advertisement then linked to a web page that duplicated the information I’m providing on paper.
  27. @markhawker Certainly interesting to look at new ways of recruiting as most studies are done via LAs, HAs, NHS, vendors and partners
  28. @clarkmike Sadly, my experience wasn’t great but is a very powerful tool for ‘targeting’ people. Particularly by age and geography.
  29. ‘@DrAnnaDixon – congratulations – joining @DHgovuk as Director of Quality & Strategy & Chief Analyst
  30. RT @NHS24: People who are Deaf can contact NHS 24 using a face to face link via video or webcam technology
  31. ‘All hands to the admissions pump’ – 4 Berks CCGs/social care investigate options to reduce admissions – Pulse Today:
  32. GP Contract latest – BMA’s 8000 GP survey response to consultation
  33. BMA response to GP Contract consultation – concerns over remote care monitoring, improving online patient access
  34. ‘BitterPill: Why medical bills are killing us’ – extraordinairy costs of US healthcare via @TIMEHealthland
  35. Cross-platform Blue Button – access to personal health records | Government Health IT
  36. Look out for #mhealth developments from Mobile World Congress –Barcelona 25-28 Feb – follow #MWC13…
  37. ‘Charities say millions without internet access will face benefits struggle’ via @guardian
  38. ‘Pioneers from around the world are showing how to improve health care’ – Lord Darzi via @Telegraph

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