News Summary – 27 February 2013 Reply

  1. Effect of #telehealth on QoL of life & psych outcomes over 12 months – #WSD study – patient reported outcomes
  2. Pulse Today reports on latest #WSD study findings on #telehealth – impact on Quality of life compared to usual care
  3. KTN/ALIP/TelecareLIN Feb 2013 newsletter available now @clarkmike < highly recommended #telecare #digicare
  4. #WSD study (BMJ) – no diff in quality of life over 12m for #telehealth group cf usual care for COPD, HF, diabetes
  5. Effect of telecare on use of health and social care services – #WSD findings – updated URL –
  6. 5 #WSD papers published to date on #telehealth & #telecare – 15 expected across 5 evaluation themes – latest list
  7. ‘Home based #telehealth does not improve generic quality of life for patients with long term conditions’ – BMJ –
  8. @mrutter0502 @TelehealthHull Did the control group receive ‘usual care’ for the trial that was different to ‘normal care’?
  9. @mrutter0502 @TelehealthHull The paper states that intervention & control gps were ‘beneficiaries of Whole Systems Redesign……’
  10. @clarkmike @telehealthhull Not read the detail yet. Define “usual care” ? Massively variable delivery of services even in a single area
  11. @clarkmike @telehealthhull not sure about that, my understanding was that it was more ‘bolt on’ than system redesign
  12. “@clarkmike #telehealth but assume it doesn’t lower QOL either? Did it cost more or less to deploy? Did it reach out to more people?
  13. ‘@goodwin_nick Will need to see further papers & other reports coming in – current #telehealth options not as costly as #WSD period of 08/09
  14. ‘@shirleyayres Thanks for the newsletter mention – Includes reference to your important recent publications
  15. Follow @NHSExpo & #NHSinnovationexpo2013 for the London NHS Healthcare Innovation Expo on 13/14 March
  16. David Brindle (Guardian) covers the latest #WSD report on #telehealth and impact on quality of life via @guardian
  17. @clarkmike @guardian maybe not on its own however with valuable health coaching support to assist with skills in self management it can
  18. @yourcarehome Delightesd to see Click Guide & DSC podcasts mentioned in latest Telecare eNewsletter HT @clarkmike
  19. Feb Newsletter now available – news, events 1200 links, #nhs reforms update on #telehealth #digitalhealth #mhealth
  20. @clarkmike @TelehealthHull Re WSD QoL. @philipshealth Motiva surly makes ve difference. Cancelled out by averaging?
  21. PLOS: A Reality Checkpoint for Mobile Health: Three Challenges to Overcome #mhealth
  22. Exclusive: Happtique releases standards for ‘seal of approval’ for mobile health via @gigaom
  23. @clarkmike @guardian I guess if you research dinosaur tech you get extinct results. @bigwhitewall1 gets 70% recovery (50% national target)
  24. BBC News: ‘TED 2013: Using a smartphone camera/test strip to check urine – how will it compare to analysis machines’
  25. Is NHS facing GP ‘workforce crisis’? – GP vacancy rates, retirement, recruitment & locums via @Telegraph
  26. Eric Topol: ‘Medical technology revolution needs validation to move forward’ – FierceHealthIT:
  27. @nurse_w_glasses Do you have a reference for the Dutch figures? Thanks
  28. @nurse_w_glasses Thanks – can’t find at the moment but will keep on looking. Wonder if it is state cover changes
  29. @clarkmike @shirleyayres @DGFoord @NHSwhistleblowr the pledge site links through to PO and encourages staff to share what happened
  30. @patientopinion @shirleyayres @DGFoord @NHSwhistleblowr Yes, good idea – we need to know about and celebrate successes from pledges made
  31. @patientopinion @shirleyayres @DGFoord @NHSwhistleblowr Would be great to see analysis of how people have made a difference & in what areas
  32. @anniecoops @NHSExpo @GeorgeJulian Will be very difficult to broadcast, analyse, converse and spread consistent messages with 2 hashtags
  33. ‘Managing the “Daily-ness” of #Diabetes Through Text Messages’ via @ScienceLife cc@nhssimple #telehealth #mhealth
  34. ‘@dlschermd The paper is no 5 of 15 to be published on #WSD trial – protocol, previous papers at cc @telecareaware
  35. @clarkmike lol 🙂 if I get there will tweet you 🙂
  36. @dlschermd You get a mention in the latest monthly UK newsletter at – thanks for the great recent articles
  37. @markhawker Don’t forget constraints of RCT when looking at #WSD – also, read papers alongside protocol
  38. @clarkmike Oh yes, I’ve read the other papers. It’s the logic I’m more concerned about, rather that the limitations of RCTs.
  39. @markhawker The #WSD compares the TH group with the control group – the paper reports on whether difference between groups on QoL etc
  40. @clarkmike Will have to explore fully. I just couldn’t make out the conclusion as didn’t seem to follow from anything they actually did.
  41. @markhawker Anecdotal often suggests benefits – in trial, people not ‘sold’ the telecare/telehealth and don’t initially know group
  42. @markhawker With RCTs, depends a lot on levels of ‘usual care’ with the control group, Paper says both gps had education, self-mgmt etc
  43. @clarkmike Appreciate the trial is just that; can be difficult to reconcile with real-world experiences. There’re more papers to come?
  44. @markhawker We are at paper no 5 – 15 expected in total. There were 5 evaluation themes to cover variety of issues – see protocol
  45. .@clarkmike Yes, agree. But the conclusions appear to state a ‘finding’ as the fact that telehealth doesn’t cause harm. If we draw an …
  46. @markhawker We had 8 #WSD events around country during the trial – leads from the 3 sites reported how different trial was to real world
  47. .@clarkmike analogy to raincoats it’s like saying they don’t keep people dry, they don’t have a hood, but at least they’re not bright green.
  48. @clarkmike I’m not calling the #WSD, at all, it’s just the presentation of finding could be a little better. Though, have to take all of …
  49. @markhawker Not able to recruit existing TC/TH users into trial because of bias. Therefore had to go thru’ complex trial recruitment process
  50. @clarkmike the papers as a coherent whole. Enjoyed reading the qualitative paper, some great findings!
  51. @markhawker Trial recruitment for each person took several weeks – in real world, could put in TC/TH on same day
  52. @clarkmike Interesting! Are these reflections in a paper somewhere? They’re really good from a practical perspective.
  53. @markhawker I suspect that the ‘harm’ reference because some sources have aluded to this – came up at the recent Pulse Roundtable
  54. @clarkmike Grand. Will see if I have access tomorrow! Thanks, Mike.
  55. @markhawker We had lots of coverage from WSDAN events through the trial – DH archived a lot – some coverage in my old TelecareLIN n’letters
  56. @markhawker Go back to this page… and work through 2008-2010/11. I can probably fill in gaps, find presentations etc
  57. @markhawker Don’t forget, also looked at sites not in trial (incl Barnsley, Hull)
  58. @markhawker Is alarm smoke, telecare? – Researchers decided on protocol – there was a TC/TH group – removed from protocol (group size)

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