News Summary – 1 March 2013 Reply

  1. Reading: Findings and Lessons From the Enabling Patient-Centered Care Through Health IT via @clarkmike
  2. Reading: Findings and Lessons From the Enabling Patient-Centered Care Through Health IT via @clarkmike
  3. Want to understand the new NHS landscape-whos who & what will they do? Excellent slideset & narrative from @clarkmike
  4. Via @HSJnews – Free on Why innovation is a must-have – how we drive it forward @MilesAyling
  5. @clarkmike @HSJnews @MilesAyling @nhsccpress dixon has understated threat to reform. New EU rule proposals will make reforms worse
  6. @clarkmike intro to @richardchaynes who runs the Community Gateway – we’ve been having a lovely debate about innovation & #telecare!
  7. @clarkmike many thanks mike for follow Subject close to my heart and hopefully have something interesting to share soon and value ur views
  8. Commissioning high-quality care for people with long-term conditions – @NuffieldTrust
  9. @markhawker Mark you could be mixing #telecare and #telehealth here – significantly different. LA’s should not assess for a service
  10. @clarkmike True. I guess I thought I’d see whether there was a broad approach in #1care (e.g. @clarercgp @amcunningham) although would …
  11. @markhawker Check SCIE, TLAP, DH sources for assessment of need in social care – covered by legislation, guidance etc
  12. @clarkmike be more part of LAs, as you say. It’s on my list of things to ask. Little (academic) things on it, probably more in real-world.
  13. @markhawker Telehealth is pilots & small programmes only in UK – will have local criteria for access to a pilot/programme. Not ‘mainstream’
  14. @clarkmike Yes, see what you mean. Came about because of Bradford’s free service based on assessed need. Just wondered what that was!
  15. @markhawker A lot of #telecare also provided through Housing – sheltered, supported, extra care, special schemes etc – part of whole service
  16. @clarkmike Yes, have links there so will follow-up the question with them, too!
  17. @markhawker Local authorities have statutory responsibilities/duties to assess need (not service) – covered by various legislation/guidance
  18. @markhawker Local authority responsibilities currently being consolidated in England in Care and Support Bill following Law Comm work
  19. @markhawker Considerable local authority case law and ombudsman reports on ‘assessed need’
  20. @markhawker I’m not aware of guidelines – probably in research projects though? @clarkmike @clarercgp #1care
  21. @clarkmike If you have any links, do pass them on otherwise will have a search this afternoon.
  22. @clarkmike Thanks, Mike. Will follow that this afternoon! 🙂
  23. @amcunningham @markhawker @clarercgp Local authority #telecare covered by legn/guidance. #Telehealth is projects in UK – covered by protocol
  24. @markhawker Start with SCIE assessment for social workers – may be differences in Wales, Scotland, NI
  25. @clarkmike @markhawker You’re right to highlight the difference. Media are tending to conflate & confuse the two.
  26. @HolyroodConnect Yes, sounds an excellent event – can you DM? Thanks
  27. #FF First stop for all my assistive technology queries as he will find out soon! It’s @clarkmike
  28. @yourcarehome Thanks for #ff but anxious about what could be coming!
  29. Successful applicants announced for stage 1 of @dhgovuk £50m dementia environment funding – 42 NHS & 74 social care
  30. An electronic temporary tattoo that could track health metrics – Wired…
  31. @clarkmike fascinating article, Mike. Thanks for sharing
  32. ‘Personalisation of #socialcare in England ‘at high risk of failure’, Norman Lamb told – @CommunityCare
  33. ‘PatientsLikeMe Is Building A Self-Learning Healthcare System’ – @Forbes and
  34. @julie_pearce1 @clarkmike @uk_james We have developed a Service Map which could be adapted – highlights the gaps & overlaps. It’s a start.
  35. ‘AstraZeneca, Exco InTouch, tackle COPD with mobile health’ via mobihealthnews #mhealth
  36. @diarmaid Hi Diarmaid, good news about live stream, always do a great job – hashtag for ALIP showcase is #ALIP2013 – I will be there

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