News Summary – 28 February 2013 Reply

  1. CNN Tech – Will your phone know you’re sick before you do? – body hacking and #quantifiedself #mhealth
  2. Access, Interest, & Attitudes Toward Electronic Communication for Health Care Among Patients in Medical Safety Net
  3. ‘How grandparents are being replaced by Google’ via @Telegraph
  4. ‘New tablet app technology has potential to quantitatively measure neuromuscular defects’ via @imedicalapps
  5. Scaling #Telehealth Programs: Lessons from 3 Early Adopters (Partners, Centura, VA) – Commonwealth Fund
  6. @tonyupward morning do you follow @clarkmike such a great resource for all things tech and telecare/health his fingers always on the pulse
  7. @uk_james #Kent_IntCare2013 Interested to hear if a single CCG is taking responsibility for integrated commissioning across whole of Kent
  8. .@clarkmike no, but 4 CCGs in E Kent working together as a federation, with @Kent_cc @KentSocialCare #Kent_IntCare2013
  9. @uk_james @Kent_cc @KentSocialCare So, one CCG in East will work as lead commissioner with 3 separate CCGs in West for integrated working?
  10. @uk_james @Kent_cc @KentSocialCare Are 4 CCGs in East Kent pooling money with social care for integrated working/lead commissioning?
  11. Latest @NHSCB Board Meeting live streamed – Robert Francis joins the meeting…
  12. Enhanced quality standards RT @clarkmike: Latest @NHSCB Board Meeting live streamed – Robert Francis joins meeting…
  13. .@clarkmike working together on this at the moment…. All 4 EK CCGs in the room with @KentSocialCare talking right now #Kent_IntCare2013
  14. @clarkmike will need to see how picture emerges, early days for CCGs. There is a N Kent Alliance – Swale, DGS and Medway #Kent_IntCare2013
  15. .@clarkmike there is one Kent HWBB – with 7 sub-committees – local HWBBs developing. Includes district councils too #Kent_IntCare2013
  16. @uk_james #Kent_IntCare2013 Will each of 7 sub-HWBBs have JSNA, pooled funds and lead provider(s) for integrated services?
  17. @clarkmike not quite – but looking for opportunities to pool where it makes sense #Kent_IntCare2013
  18. #Kent_IntCare2013 Overall PCTs had £85bn & CCGs will have £65bn. How will 7 CCGs use money differently for integration cf 2 PCTs? @uk_james
  19. BBC News – ‘Mid Staffs administration process starts’
  20. @clarkmike tweet discussed – answer “no” but look how the 4 @KentSocialCare can develop #integratedcare blueprint #Kent_IntCare2013
  21. @uk_james #Kent_IntCare2013 So is it 4 Lead CCGs working across 1 local authority with 1 7 HWBBs with unidentified £ for integrated care?
  22. @RachWilks7 Thanks for the newsletter mention – available since 2005
  23. @clarkmike no problem I find it very useful thanks 🙂
  24. @clarkmike £ being identified across stat orgs at CCG boundary level – work in progress at moment to identify #Kent_IntCare2013
  25. Important to include #socialcare early with NHS metrics in @NHSCB #NHSCB@tkelsey1 – transparent & widely available on multiple platforms
  26. #Kent_IntCare2013 Is it clear how 4 1 1 1 CCGs will do better at establishing future integrated services with less £ than 2 PCTs? @uk_james
  27. @uk_james #kent_intcare2013 Shouldn’t commissioning structure be driven by coordinated care? Care is created at interface of user/caregiver
  28. @clarkmike think we’re saying same thing – #integratedcare should be created through integrated commissioning #Kent_IntCare2013
  29. @uk_james #kent_intcare2013 Integrated care thru’ integrated comm not worked v well as model thus far-need to work from individual as well
  30. @uk_james #Kent_IntCare2013 From tweets so far, difficult to see how Kent will get to integrated commissioning/care – is there a roadmap?
  31. ‘@RoyLilley For info – my slides of NHS reforms and signpost map to key links
  32. E-Health Insider: ‘NHS CB gets patient ‘insight’ via app’ – @tkelsey1 @NHSCB
  33. ‘Will #mHealth certification process weed out the weak apps?’ | MedCity News: via @medcitynews
  34. RCT study about the use of #eHealth in the home health care of premature infants – interesting conclusion
  35. Remote monitoring & meds adherence – ‘50% Pts with chronic condns do not take meds as prescibed’ via @eyeforpharma
  36. @alexgraham186 Many barriers come up in these programmes, always interesting to see if HCPs are supportive or not
  37. @clarkmike absolutely I think often they are the key. for all the research in HC IT and HCPs, no one has a foolproof method for integration
  38. E-Health Insider :: ‘Patient guidance for records access’
  39. Study: Impact of care management processes and integration of care on blood pressure control in diabetes
  40. @clarkmike @uk_james mike agree – we do need a road map. I think the foundations and ingredients are there, needs bringing together.

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