News Summary – 21 August 2012 Reply

BBC News: ‘Diabetes rate in Scotland continues to increase’

‘NHS ‘brand’ could be sold abroad to generate income for hospitals’ via @guardian

@skimmingstones1 10,000+ in B’ham OwnHealth – telephone support for LTCs

@skimmingstones1 Discharge – ensure any modified pathway is tested with telehealth, be careful about timing of discharge & range of services

@skimmingstones1 In the US, VHA often introduce telehealth in the hospital for continuity as people are discharged

@skimmingstones1 Look at medication, education, pulm rehab, home support etc – individuals will respond differently to #telehealth

@skimmingstones1 Be clear about likely beneficiaries, parameters to check and how long #telehealth in place, ensure infrastructure in place

RT @StuartBerry1: Are you involved in Telehealth ? COPD ?Interested in evidence based medicine? Comments please simplestuffblog.wordpress.c…

NHS Info Centre – Statistics on Smoking: England 2012: ‘About 1,260 hospital admissions a day due to smoking’

BBC Click new video: ‘Latest tech keeping the elderly safe’ #innovateforage #telecare#telehealth #mhealth

‘Obamacare could lead to an exodus of GPs from the UK’ via @guardian

RT @mHealthInsight: Kaiser Permanente shares their vision of the future of Healthcare

‘Patients’ Believe Tech Can Fix Medical Errors, says Survey’ – Healthcare Informatics

‘Patients must have control of their medical records’ – BMJ (subs) – by Mohammed Al-Ubaydii, Patients Know Best #nhssm

‘NI high dependency unit offers cutting edge patient care’ – telepresence robot #telehealth

RT @WEL_Being: Do you live in West Sussex? If so you or a loved one could qualify for Free 13 week #telecarepackage. RT if you live in the area!

RT @jimeaston8: Fantastic morning with Shahid Ali’s practice in Bradford experiencing their work on patient centred consultations and telecare. Brilliant

‘The benefit of apps in healthcare’ @guardian

RT @amednews: Technology that can track when a patient ingests a pill is being touted as a way to tackle drug nonadherence

RT @NICEcomms: Last chance to join our committee advising on the use of medical technologies. Nurses, researchers, NHS managers…

RT @ehealthnews: Call for proposals Challenge 5: ICT for Health

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